Top 5 Things to do in the British Virgin Islands

discovering new places and cultures

meeting interesting characters and

having exciting adventures around the

globe is my mission I'm traveling to

Terry and I invite you to travel the

world with me I'm traveling to Tyrion

I'm discovering nature's little secrets

in the British Virgin Islands whenever

you visit the British Virgin Islands

there are five things that you

absolutely must do number one go sailing

or diving with steady trade winds came

currents and nearly 60 islands it should

be no surprise that the BVI is the world

sailing capital and for you divers there

are more than 100 exotic dive sites here

with the most intricate coral reefs

number to visit the world-famous bath

on the edge of the beach in Virgin Gorda

are the baths which are many pools in

between these huge granite boulders that

formed on the beach nearly 70 million

years ago so go explore swim and be

amazed it is geological wonder

number three relax and indulge in a spot


I'm ready scared relax what better way

to relax on vacation than getting

pampered treat yourself to a massage at

one of the world-class spas and

experience a Caribbean style of tropical

serenity number four delight in the

delectable lobster and seafood that is

plentiful when you find yourself hungry

after a leisurely day of sailing and

exploring the different islands choose

one of the many restaurants and delight

in the catch of the day island hopping

is easy in the BDI whether you're

sailing yachting or taking a ferry visit

the different islands to discover and

appreciate their natural beauty and


but whatever you do when you come to the

British Virgin Islands

now when you're in Tortola you have to

swing by the off the wall bomba shack

decorated with brawls and panties from

tourists who had a little bit too much

bomba punch I had the pleasure of

meeting bomba himself in his moon park

across from his bar and he revealed to

me why it is filled with women's

undergarments when I talk to the girls

you know a lot of girls break them and

say what could I give you a lesson give

me what you get and they give you their

panties they get naked for me oh I'm

scared of you I'm not drinking that tea

I'm not taking a juice you don't have to

drink to do that to me anyway after

talking to crazy bomba I needed to see

what all of the hype was really about so

I went across to the bomba Shack where

Britney the bartender taught me the

secret to making bomba

I'm the punch so apparently this Bamba

punch it makes you sexy oh you know what

I like Papa punch already have even

tried it

oh pretty

feeling good it is now clear why the

bombuh shock is a place not to miss

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