Flying the Bonanza to the Cayman Islands

20:19 was a wild year but now it's 2020

we're leaving this frozen tundra

wasteland it's actually a beautiful

winter wonderland someplace warmer we're

heading across Cuba to the Cayman






gravattack over there for the oil temp

to come up




okay so we're leaving snowy South Dakota

at the Cayman Islands kind of my

favorite well one of the filling I don't

know it's a close eye with st. Bart's

been to be playing the Cayman Islands

and it's st. Bart's for my favorite spot

in the Caribbean if today is New Year's

Day and basically they didn't have any

parking available in st. Barts it's a

very very small airport I'm headed to

Nashville tonight gonna meet up at Owen

and lucky locking bringing a Lancia down

so probably take both of those down

there and then head down to Spruce Creek

tomorrow for lunch and on to the Cape

Island Surya head over Cuba we got our

over flight permit all that kind of

stuff got our handy AOPA Bahamas and

Caribbean pilot guides this is kind of

like right in the middle of the Alaska

trip still a ton of cool content coming

from Alaska landing on a high Oh a

landing on a golf course and landing

everywhere stuff like that it's awesome

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benefits stay tuned we're gonna head

down to the game

I remember back in like April I was

going to fly the dc-3 that we took to

Europe for the first time got a cylinder

changed number five he was the third one

on the right side that we've changed so

far the one in the front on the right

side recently discovered a crack between

the spark plug and the fuel ejector just

put on a new cylinder so that's why

today we're flying along at 3,800 feet

about 75% horsepower the brake in that

milk new cylinder as we head down here

to Nashville and beyond to the king


Ashville freshman teams of three six of

a know tell Papa 5500 420 this hurt

there were three six seven notes up off

Nashville ready park tonight got a


okay playing around my future write it

on top line out 702 pop contact Nance

with heroin 18.66 seventh up good night

seven tens of three six of a hotel top

or a base 2:07 hotel Papa Roach is all

right Cordova a1200 take to directly

Hotel pop but gets anyone feel at a

signature smell of chips okay we made it

to Nashville we got checked into the

hotel landing here is kind enough to

pick us up at the airport

we got undressed for the cold here in

Nashville it's a balmy 40 I don't I

don't I can't use my watch but it's 49

degrees so I I was nice enough to loan

him my coat I don't need it it's 49

degrees so we're gonna bite to eat get

to bed and get our really early tomorrow

morning they head to the Cayman Islands


it's a little rainy today we're gonna

make a quick stop for some cheap gas

service we bought 10 gallons here in

Nashville at 750 gallons so we're gonna

head over to McMinnville Tennessee and

buy a whole bunch more for 378 gown then

we're gonna head down to Spruce Creek

get lunch stop it's a Fort Lauderdale

Executive to pick up a life raft and

head on to Grand Cayman

got the first officer doing the walk

around today BBC words a three six seven

hotel Papa there are 36 Hotel Papa to

Romeo November Charlie Airport via the

National five departure radar vectors

have filed maintain 3,000 departure

frequency will be one 18.4 and squawk

five five three seven good to Romeo I

remember Charlie by the Nashville 5

radar ventures have filed three thousand

one twenty two point four five five

three seven three six of our top three

take 702 popery back correct ground

point of your taxi I grab air pours you

up seventh over here at hanker - we're

ready cash for we're going up to three

thousand already got that in there I'll

see what the hell that Nashville 5-2

here for ground zero one two one canal

vectors two

you know November and Charlie grab it

hits a three six seven hotel bombs ready

to taxi Oscar signature everywhere three

six seven Oh tell Papa Nashville ground

are Jerome i-20 Center taxi via kilo

tango five zero seven two zero Center

kilo tango five zero seven three six

seven hotel pop-ups deveneux tell Papa

he really found a beachhead currently

northbound on tango 4 drop Mike it will

follow the beach at okay controls are

free correct answers are all good little

instruments gatherer on the fullest tank

we were in on the other tank for a

little bit attitude autopilot Saul good

I'll do a run-up here


and that's all good in light here behind

a falcon Southwest and a beach yet love

the smell of jet fuel the morning oh

yeah look at a little bit of weather

today so it's nice to have Sirius XM on

board because we've actually got old

picture of all the weather before we

even leave the ground so we can see it

right here we don't have to get to like

you know several thousand feet in the

air and then wait for it to all load

because we can also see it for hundreds

actually thousands if we wanted of miles

so yeah but guys landed on Tuesday right

r20 Center and every fifty thousand

right now it's our only two zero right

the winds are one seven zero apses

cleared to land


every successful self on financial too

early to do a hundred mana point to 0.36

a bunch up up 36 I'm hooked I'll pop

around my to zero Center for only

hitting clear for takeoff to zero Center

clipper takeoff three six seven on top

and left crosswind yeah everything is

fear we've got power and everything

Southwest three one five three two how

much easier of centered line of a wave

help us three one five three two

thousand eleven point there are three

six seven hotel bottles riding the one

one zero one one zero cement tough up

there are three to close the bumper

contact Barger a better purchase imagine

public a day National Department Anza

three six seven hotel Papa 1500 clinic

three thousand at the term 1 0 then

three six seven hooked up up a national

park radar contact

and we'll say goodbye to Nashville

number five is still the hottest by just

a little bit that's fine not fully

broken in my free time okay love like

five thousand be there in like ten

minutes ish there's never no tell Papa

to right on course of course no problem

good direct activate

and in the GPS is your aim yeah baby I

like have no snacks back for this trip

Owen Oh No yes you really dropped the

ball I don't know it happens it's gonna

say I'm starving it's almost breakfast

time yeah we don't really have plans to



yeah there's a big bag like a Christmas

bag yeah there we go help me out with

that I can't take all the credit

what's your mama still Thank You Jill

yeah this one's open because I got two

Oreos a permit bark Oreos people cream

Oreos some mystery Oreos eret cake oreo

I didn't I didn't know if any of these

things existed I just thought it was

just between like regular and double

stuffed yeah so yeah I know we'll be

doing on this trip

Merry Christmas Wow

why have I never seen this photo that is

a lovely photo I don't even I don't even

remember taking it yet the bear take it

well thank you guys

I'm gonna wait a minute fourth out if I

can find one right here oh that's lucky

yep to lock you down in the lamps there

you and it disappear Nick does it does

no ESPN nothing no it's like the time we

work out perfect well seven Oh tell Papa

Koenig left the center one to eight

point one five five vote for senator 367

hotel Papa 4,000 will do

three six seven up second that's a

robbery suspect on that d3 approach

natural to do not do you got the coal

well you know them I got the weather

won't like that so I'm not about epidote

ups I only have the weather now if I

could on mp3 911 here baki sounds pretty

sharp on the radios okay so rocky like

basically kind of I mean so he's been

like flying with me for years they're

like rolling out to something and he's

just throwing up and I just kind of

glance over and smirk started on this

private what like this year

what I better be was still stood yeah so

he like reset his private instrument

he's flying around in like Lance tears

p2 tends like all kinds of creepy noises

oh I miss you I drove up in the day I

could go ever to McMinnville Warren

County Memorial Airport automated

weather observations one five two three

Zulu win Tom visibility six missed sky

condition broken at 1,000 way to the

Nebraska was broken

mm x 1200 mark the heavy there and for

your position straight down to the

airport and I have a class here for in a


so if I think you don't have any ride

reports see it's been a smooth ride so

far you have until Papa cross will go

out at 4000 Arnav - three approach into

a forward County will give at fourth

down they don't have to three not give

up we're good at 3900 years as we Ross

will you

once we cross it inbound we get head

down to 2,800 but we'll just follow the

glide slope which should be just a

little bit after that booklet past okay

hey Carlos will do outbound we could go

down to 3900 I'll put it in there but

we're not gonna move an inch right now

you're gonna hold it I'll be history

current really critical janitor yeah for

now and then I'll start with a manifold

pressure that way we keep the internal

combustion pressure up a little higher

bustin events happening now further

before top dead center so we get a

little higher pressure - I'll bring get

that cylinder

the locky is holding thousand feet above

us and will pass right under him in

about 30 seconds here you stand there he

is again

oh yeah yes we have another self pop

somebody for you to prove no delay on

your down time can't voice and I got one

more trying to get her thought about

Warren Annie makes me feel traffic many

hands at 7:00 Hotel Bob's got a 10 mile

final runway two three in Warren County

McMinnville yeah there's the airport

will continue I can't so watch your

feather people and I would go a couple

hundred fifty here set up at hands of

three six seven hotel Papa can't fly fr3

fix the motor but Rogers won't be for

with our key letter is this where we

came for the this is where I came for

the Eclipse this is where deputy not so

much comment below if this is right

about this video plz maek things

hey Sherman full flaps break the power

back a little bit don't think this is

where I came for the Eclipse maybe it is

we're not gonna make the first turn

office downsloping are annoying - oh

okay very nice I've done this before

just a couple times possibly uh actually

you literally hear a couple times

still not sure it like really if if this

is where I came to watch the Eclipse

comment below

daylight's coming off the Caliph lap so

bad I think this is where I watch the

Eclipse is this you really really don't

know that was all no I'm sorry graphic

it cuz I'm gonna lie on one plate

maderas all down


what's up yo they only have a hundred

gallons of gas left so we're taking 65

you can get 35 and I know can you get

two Spruce Creek I'm 35 of extra gallons

it is here let me tell you real quick

it is 465 nautical miles so you have

three hours and seven minutes for us yes

ready to roll

everybody's buckle let's rock and roll

okay everything's agreeing wins

basically call but you got a lot of

runway in here looking good



oh well I'm on out


Memphis that have been answer 367 Hotel

Bob 1995 now set badminton Edgware the

car taken long south of the megalith

with natural 239 on - we're good 99 -

we're out of 2245 doubt never know tell

pop and once again it's nice to have the

weather immediately on the ground right

after takeoff we don't have to wait to

get to several thousand feet and wait

you know 10 or 15 20 minutes for

everything to load certainly nice the

whole picture right now and it really

matters on a day like today yeah don't

catch up to us hey is that boy he's

gonna race that at Reno this year no

he's gone no he is damn knowledge it

immediately is kind of jealous so yes we

got there to get fuel we had called you

know an hour beforehand before we left

Nashville to confirm that their price

was still 3071 sure as it was mark

they'd never mentioned the old thing out

of the runner yeahlet's of ab gas

remaining with you know no other today

you can hike that's gonna show we're

like yeah just top it all off means of

the tips every last drop you see well

not sure we do every last drop but when

you got about 100 gallons and we needed

about 105 plus locky so we just hadn't

opted me and that will get us the Spruce

Creek and we'll get more fuel there but

probably what to stop somewhere else

with you know similarly cheap fuel

prices so we can get it all at a good

price instead of half of it yeah but

yeah it would've been nice if it could

have told us that one we called then

have a know tell Papa contact Atlanta

center one three three point one one

three three point one seven I tell Bob

g'day Atlanta not every Danza three six

seven Hotel top of five down restate

general tell Papa

and Lenin Center on jars contact Atlanta

Center one to seven points such as

contact Atlanta throat one to one point

zero one to one point zero four seven

hotel Papa here we'll try one two one

two zero seven I told mama why you

monitor guard yeah on one of our four

figures oops

Atlanta approach but in the three six

seven hotel Papa five thousand atlanta

center bonanza three six seven hotel

Papa I'll share one more time

Atlanta hurts Bonanza three six seven

hotel Papa five thousand six seven

themself Papa does it line up those

three six seven hotel top box we can see

one to one point zero four six seven

eight sofa

okay we were training you I want to one

point zero having gotten your career

three picked up an IHOP

so no spill pop on one p one point zero

out of here we got you out there how do

you hear us four seven F up

Atlanta purrs bonanza three six of an

Hotel pop on card how do you hear the

360 no self off on god loud and clear

again one two one point zero it can't be

that frequency okay yeah we didn't

train you on one to one point zero we

can hear you you just can't hear us

okay let's try just one one to six point

nine or seven one to six point nine or

seven four seven hotel bummer

okay we'll try one two six Niner seven

million hotel Papa Atlanta birch Bonanza

three six seven Hotel Papa five thousand


Atlanta bonanza three six seven hotel

Papa five thousand how do you hear the

three six seven hotel pop Atlanta pros

26 ninety-seven loud and clear I'll meet


every agile out there the three six

seven hotel father Roger fighting of

one-30 we're gonna vector east of heart

still today to get you on horse to your

destination and actually we'll go over

top a Hartfield and let's do our opposed

to flying through that precip patient

okay we'll go left one three zero and

it'll pop so lucky couldn't hear us on

the radio that ATC can hear us on and

ATC can't hear us on the radio that like

two years approach don't have the pot

we're gonna actually can't fly afar at

this time it stayed out loud there's no

tell Papa Roger I have our cancellation

is receive do you want to continue a

fight falling that would be awesome so

not to pop you don't switch tape

operations like that and I'll have an

outfit second awesome appreciate

on me yo not too bad are you why you

couldn't hear us on 2275 we could hear

you you should try to come up with 20 to

75 and see if we can actually hear each

other I guess you said you're 170 out

are you broadcasting on 20 to 75 right

now okay we might just be too far away

actually we had a bunch of comm problems

around we had a bunch of comm problems

with Atlanta like just on the north side

of Atlanta we were about ready to squawk

7600 and then finally they get here a

SunGard I'm like another radio but yeah

the attendant hands up three six seven I

would sell 4,000 heading 1 7 3 is 9

remember a320 so far but I don't

approach this in a final subscription

leaving 3500 resume own navigation okay

leaving 3500 out navigation screen you

have an Intel pop survive there's gonna

be an hour left a memory stick with the

traffic's we scream it's gonna take a

bit of a hotel bomb short mile are only

six three degree

okay three green we are on the fullest



that felt not so clear a six degree




so it's been a hectic day we got a late

start there just like one thing

afternoon you know the lack of

sufficient quantity of fuel in Tennessee

we're just going to spend the night here

at Spruce Creek Greg's been super nice

to host us and my senior planes here

well both both Greg's really have been

very accommodating that Greg is hosting

us good night and so uh yeah gonna stay

here at Spruce Creek and head to the

Caymans in the morning is there a

problem with the permit water project