ZADAR, CROATIA: Old Town, Beach & Delicious Food | Croatia Vlog

morning we've just had coffee on our really lovely

balcony and now we're gonna go and explore old town. And get some more coffee!

In this episode of our Croatia travel series we spend the first full day exploring the

charming, low key old town of Zadar, cooling off in the

crystal clear waters of the City Beach and of course trying delicious Croatian

food. After arriving in Croatia late the night before we'd already had a glimpse

of just how beautiful city was and we were so excited to spend the day

exploring. Let's go find some breakfast

Look at the color of the water! Wow, you can see right to the bottom. It's so clear. I'm

gonna swim in you later! So we're back at the sea organ, I'm not sure if you can hear it

behind me warbling away. The sound is caused by the water pushing air through

some tubes were running underneath us inside here and it's making that....

I don't even know how you describe that sound...that's the sea organ!

We're going to have breakfast picnic at the sea organ. We've got these little chocolate pastries

I think it's chocolate anyway. Good? This here is Greeting to the Sun which is

where we were last night, and can you see now it's just solar panels in a big

circle on the floor. You've got greeting to the Sun here and

the sea organ other there.

We're gonna go for a little walk along the promenade now. It's so warm, the weather is

absolutely beautiful and even though it's all the way back there l

can still hear the sea organ.

You can see along the coast here there's lots of steps just going into the water

because you can just go swimming pretty much anywhere off here. They have got a

beach somewhere but you could just go here if you wanted to. We've reached the end

of the promenade and we've come to this small marina full of lots of little boats

and lots of little fish! I don't know if we can see them really. Time for lunch!

When researching recommended places to eat, Restaurant Bruschetta cropped up time

and time again so we were eagerly looking forward to trying it for our

first lunch in Zadar.

We've got bruschetta - it's tomato bruschetta.

Octopus carpaccio, we believe it's called

fresh tuna octopus salad

seafood spread and seabass which one actually what's it's marinated in but

we'll find out

and we also got some fresh bread. That lunch was lovely. I'd say my favourite

things were the tuna - it was really nice and smokey -

and the marinated sea bass because anything that tastes like vinegar is

going to be winner for me and tasted quite strongly or vinegar and pepper.

and the bread actually was really nice; the homemade bread it was really lovely

and perfected for dipping in oil and vinegar. The octopus carpaccio,

that was really nice. I was really thinly sliced octopus, really tender, really lovely

not even the vaguest bit chewy.

And then we had wine, which was nice. A local wine from Zadar. I dont know a great deal about wine. It was kind

of a mix between dry and sweet so quite nice. It's 33 degrees and it's lovely but we're

absolutely melting so we've just been back to the room to put on our swimming stuff and now we're going to go

to the beach! the City Beach is a short walk from Old Town and has

amenities such as showers changing rooms food and drink. The beach has a blue flag

award meaning that safety cleanliness and water quality are a very high

standard. If you have your heart set on a white sand beach then this Pebble Beach

might not be what you're looking for however what it lacks in sand it makes up

for with it's stunning crystal-clear water

I'm so relaxed from the beach and now we're going to go find ice cream!


I've got Snickers and cookies and Aaron has got what you got lemon and chocolate

it's gonna be so good mmm

the cookies one is amazing. Since we last picked up the camera we went back

to the room got showered got changed and now we're going to get back out and

explore some more of Old Town because they're still quite a lot left that we

haven't seen. We were just walking along the streets and noticed to the left

there's just some random ruins it looks like you can go in them as well

this is five well square. The Venetians help the city eight by building these

well heads when they were under siege from the Turks. You can go straight from five

wells square here down the steps to another square here

Under this floor there's some ruins

you're gonna go through those gates there to the park from five well square

you can access the beautiful Queen Jelena Park which is the first public park in

Croatia. you've got a nice view of the lands gate and the marina

yes we found a lizard and I guess there goes this is not holiday without at

least a handful of lizards. Now we're gonna go and find ourselves a spot

for sunset!

This will do!

Dinner time!

we just got seated and we've got such a nice view from our restaurant table

that's appetizer was my favorite thing that I've eaten so far as being in

Croatia for one all day it was fresh tuna with soy sauce and it came with

a sheep's cheese I don't know exactly what it was but it's quite

sharp and tasty. For my I had truffle gnocci. I've never had truffles before but

they're not too expensive in Croatia so I thought I'll try them. It was in a

rich creamy sauce and tasted very garlicky which i think was probably

the truffles. yeah it was good the appetizer was best though. I had the

octopus salad to start. I should have read the menu more thoroughly the salad

also contained potato it's a little bit different wasn't what expected thing

still nice but wouldn't have it again from that place. And for main I had

the mixed shells and crustaceans which was pretty good

oh gosh that's my favorite thing of the day. It was in a tomato and wine

sauce it sounds really good and then just used all of the other table brea

for dunking in that, so yeah it was great. I could have happily just had whole bowl of

that sauce with nothing in it it was so good

we weren't able to see all the sights of Old Town on our first day however as our

trip was based in Zadar we'll be covering more of the city later

throughout our trip series, as well as visiting other destinations as day trips

from Zadar. Thank you for watching and we hope you stick around to see more of our

trip. I could have spent all day probably just sat on the

boat going backwards and forwards