EPIC CROATIAN ROAD TRIP | Zagreb to Zadar w/ EasyRentCars Car Rental | Croatia Travel Vlog



good morning it is a good morning we're

doing something really cool today we're

hired well we only just arrived to

Croatia last night it's now 7:00 a.m.

and we're hiring a car today and driving

to the coast of Croatia to Zidane to

surprise my family they've got no idea

that we're coming down you keep it a

secret keeping it a secret so yeah

that's why we're so excited one other

cool things about today is that a

company called ez rent cars found out

about a little trip and reached out to

sponsor today's video and to give us a

rental car that we could use but we see

that we want to go through the whole

process of using their website ourselves

and to make sure that the service that

they offer is actually as good as they

say it is because they've got some

massive selling points for a car rental

aggregator so they pull prices from

everywhere from like Avis Europe car

Hertz budget sex all of these big

companies so you could only use one

search engine basically that's that's

what they do and opposed through all of

these sites they have free cancellations

and all these other massive benefits so

through their site we have secured a

really good deal with a local car rental

company here we're just about to take

our bag and we're gonna head over and

pick up the car see how everything goes

and then we can talk more about where we

going and what our experience has been

with this easier in cars

Oh Sonic that was really easy actually

I'm really impressed these guys are

really onto it we've got such a nice car

as well to be dub pass our pass out I

don't know how you say it properly it's

an automatic it's only one year old one

of the things that was really that

surprised me

easy rent cars have a price monitoring

thing so we booked the car and buy price

monetary I mean like they guarantee the

best price and I couldn't find a better

price on these guys a website direct and

then they also Auto monitor the price so

within two days or three days of booking

this initially I got an email that was

like we found you a better price and

with rebooked for you and saved us 13

dollars over the two day rental and

everything that went through today was

exactly in line with the lower price

which was even better I'm excited this

is gonna be a cool trip I love getting

out on the roads and also it's gonna be

cool to see your fam so we've been

driving for about 30 minutes now we just

read through this

and we've got a we only got to check it

we thought we might have to pay there

was a big long thing they had a hundred

different like surprises and all sorts

so from our investigations we think that

we're probably going to have to pay at

the other end somehow kind of like when

you go into a parking lot

you take your ticket menu navigation

lady keeps cutting me off like two

others about three times over 50 so yeah

we're what I take it we're on the road

and I think that the next stops will be

going to be coffee and some breakfast


man Croatia is beautiful loving this

driving at the moment it's it's like

we're driving through mountains is all

these like rolling hills and everything

we're going through loads of tunnels and

it's reminding us a lot of New Zealand

actually it's very like very similar

very familiar feel for us I should just

mention as well if you want to sign up

to EZ rent cars they've given us a whole

bunch of coupons that can save you

twenty thirty fifty dollars or something

like that based on how much you spend

and there's also a referral link that

we've got that if you sign up with that

I think you get a thirty dollar credit

straightaway so make sure you check the

link description before you go ahead and

do anything we've just arrived now to

get some food and some coffee and a

quick toilet stop along with all the

tour buses and everybody else as well

these stops are always pretty busy so it

looks like it's a bit stro apparently

and a gas station but hopefully there's

some nice quick easy food some cheap

coffee and we can be on the road again

got a ham sandwich two coffees and two

chocolate croissants for seventy three

Kuna it was really like mountains and

quite dry versus food right now now it's

like Rocky can you stream

okay thanks ma'am and now there's all

these amazing lakes and everything that

man is so stunning

finally being directed off the road off

the highway it's been pretty straight

the whole way really nice clean roads

actually really easy to drive on it's

130 kilometres per hour which for us is

a fast speed to be going on the motorway

so we're like racecars to us anyway very

safe very safe for 130 just feels for us

fast it's not an Autobahn or anything

but we're just yes so now we're waiting

at the toll to find out how much it cost

us to drive there two or three hundred

kilometer worth of Road


now this feels like Croatia walking

along a bit of a surpasses your only

bridge just a walking bridge we've got

the like a small port over that side in

fact all the way around us sun's out

everybody's in like a there's a feeling

I love being by the ocean I just

instantly well sorry I shouldn't see

everybody keeps correcting our English I

love being by the water there's some

really nice little back-alley there we

were on a mission here we just walked

past our like family and friends who are

sitting at the main square which we need

to walk through to get to the restaurant

if they're facing in our direction so

now we try all we can go this way so now

we're walking these little back-alley

lanes they're really cute little small

streets actually around reminds me a lot

of Antibes in France so now we're just

walking these back Ellie's gonna go in

and out avoid the square and back up to

the restaurant so that we can get there

first so we've arrived we may know way

street a bit Street

Dan's gonna hide behind or just in this

direction here I'm gonna still give me a

signal linger behind behind this so we

can see that when they come in they're

on their way now so hopefully almost a



this is just ridiculous we've just been

walking down off the Main Street down

this way but a church on the side Church

on that side and then all over here all

through the gardens here all around this

whole area

it's just ruins it's absolutely insane

and they're not restricted or anything

you can just walk right out right out in

the middle of this whole area all the

way down there down by the ocean or on

this side right the way up to the church

it's just insane lower them some of them

like this one over here I've got

carvings in everything and all there we

go that looks like they're like a lion

or something on the front of it so I've

just explained about all the ruins we

just walked past but what about the

surprise surprise really cute we both

pretty Dane and I predicted what mum and

dad's reactions would be like nothing

nothing like what we thought firstly

it's a boys really surprised and so

happy that we made the effort to come

down so it all sort of it's all worth it

and now we're just we're just walking

with them back to the boat we're gonna

check that out of their cruise ship and

we also want to check out

the see organs yeah hopefully we're

probably hear them before we see them as

well the waters pretty choppy at the

moment because we keep hearing we keep

seeing like hearing thunder and seeing

lightning out here actually there look

at that that's definitely not looking to

flash right now but it's a really nice

boardwalk along here not too busy at all

like walking through the main town there

of course you expected it's a little bit

busier but hitting this way it seems

quite nice quite chilly around Zadar

this is the cruise boat they're on Wow

it's very nice you've just been

listening now probably come here on

camera but these holes along here on the

ground here

they're called the sea organs which are

actually quite loud now and when the

tide comes up like it is now there's

like a sound of an organ along here it

sounds like a little little Orchestra

hmm we just back it up right now

take it all right what a great surprise

it was so much fun that's what I said

saying goodbye but it was well worth the

dry three months until we see them again

23 months till we see them again which

is cool we only get home for Christmas

this year we've had just such an epic

day the car has been amazing the full

service that we've had with the website

with these current cars has been awesome

the global as well I don't know if I'm

engineering the world why doesn't matter

we're out in the world they're pretty

much operate two hundred and something

countries either as well so just

epicness yeah I love a good I love a

good road trip into it like a three or

four-hour drive was just a perfect

amount of time got the chance to seize

it now we're actually staying the night

here so we've just pulled in we were out

to go and it's a wrap mum stop crying

thank you so much watching and we'll get

you in coming