How to Travel to CUBA as an AMERICAN in 2020 πŸ‡¨πŸ‡Ί | How to get a Visa??

what's up everybody beautiful day sky

here to Atlanta get ready to board - to

Cuba that the visas get some beers

getting prepared you ready to go was an

early morning was about one o'clock go

to Omaha and sat there for a while

flight was at 5:30 trying to get a

little bit of sleep on here because once

we get there when it's going out get

some Street food got a little nightlife

tool we're gonna do we decided it's

gonna be a great day we're doing like 10

15 minutes to our flight straight to

vana hey blue in our you wrote it

another 50 bucks to get a new one

I was pretty paranoid about this visa it

turns out you can just get it right at

the right at the desk

50 bucks pretty easy I'll explain all

that later but let's get these beers

down so to state going

you bring that [ __ ] just to scare me let

me see that

I didn't Rodan in his bag

thank you thank you

what now all right he had to take a

picture yeah wait wait I got a smile

like this you would what

Brady thinks it's 20 degrees out here

well we just showed up in Cuba honestly

it all seems fairly fairly simple from

what I've seen so far up on the board I

said the quotes they said the flights

are pretty much from Moscow New York

Atlanta and Panama Paul there wasn't

many many options that flew in here look

like we're gonna find our ivory in ahead

to our first air B&B here in Havana

Pablo's house I'm not too sure is

picking us up we'll find out some it had

it all arranged already it's actually

pretty busy down here then we're gonna

find out a money exchange and see what

else we can find down here


just got dropped off on the taxi at


beautiful restaurant

this is really cool it's really cool



in white

right to the spiral staircase okay

perfecto so

got a little bit cleaned up making our

first walking tour at about five minutes

to find this spot supposed to take us

around to all the local spots around our

area then we get a nightlife tour

tonight at nine o'clock gigabytes eat

but here's like the first real look at

the Vanna so far since being here pretty

amazing really colorful and lively

people everywhere through these streets


these buildings in his architecture but

it looks pretty amazingly this

bunch of little like buggy taxis old

cars everywhere there's one thing that's

really cool is all the old vehicles that

are around there's a lot like I'd say

newer age like 60s and 70s like European

little cars though about it like 40s and

50s a couple Mercedes much of Chevy's by

the way if the if the videos look like

it I'm trying to learn how to get like

the frame speed and all that and it's a

new GoPro I haven't really figured it

out yet as time goes on hopefully they

actually turn out better

little kids it's kind of nice that I

have this Oh put it in my pocket and

ain't so obvious we're just looking for

this guide who knows probably too late

for it you got to eat to get some street


look at this building right here

of there

all the clothes hanging on the sides

this place is pretty cool first

impressions that's for sure I'd be

telling you mommy

oh yeah what I mean because I know I


every team dollar you know I mean

straight up over here right yeah you

know you think walking around city

bugging the food well take a picture you

should keep that




some of the old hotels and were

strolling into Old Havana



Geeta's sorry just walk like two and a

half hours on that sewer every incentive


shopping is good


we got a new baby flipped and

experienced here - David and his friends

we're pretty much just playing playing

Domino's Pizza from teachers haven't

played Domino's dear I never played it

it's pretty easy to do and this we're

gonna go out to the bar man

but I make a video in here pretty good

that's pretty much like traditional

Cuban house right here apartment get

their basic room basic kitchen in here

good size


they got a little dog running around a

little friendly go I got a bedroom

bathroom I know these guys are pretty

cool they might have set apart this up

to your house on like the fifth floor

and have a good night baby

anybody coming to Cuba be sure to book

these guys experience David the night


[ __ ]



he's taking videos

yeah and I don't have to pay for nothing

so while you want that

this is what happen here is the people

with morning to the Saiga schools you

know what I was all my life morning and

I go to the same school with people a

lot of what you are is not a success a

moody you buy energy cause back home to

go like a four-year college like

$100,000 queue and they have so many

options what is something like I a

worker they have one option I have I can

go to the University one day in the week

I'll finish my career in secures his

free is very good man after my great you

can keep story for you you

when you are a doctor for example one a

one guy who makes no what have you do

you ever have a paramour this guy for

example this guy the guys who worked in

the Torrance a moment not like an

engineer they're the real thing that

should wait on the engineer and more of

us have done the people call here is you

know it's like back home it takes like

two three hundred thousand dollars to go

to school and be a doctor

once you're a doctor to three hundred






we're in this little dance club in Aaron

I'm just like I said this small like the

old sad




even people are retro turn it up Brady

had a great name honestly made up but

the looking local with the local guys

met some cool friends I'm gonna find our

way back home to the to the Airbnb

hopefully all these videos show up for

you guys it's only the first day we've

like been up for probably like 50 hours

straight well your new father's out

there this is the whole cubed blog we're

gonna be for 8 days like share subscribe

and we'll see the next one

and yeah wish me looking at Vanna it's

gonna be a wild trip later