Americans Traveling to Cuba (first time)


it is officially 2019 and today we are

filling our first video of the year oh

you're so excited we're starting the

year off right by traveling to our first

new country pressies we're in the back

of a taxi on the way to the airport

because today we are flying to


well our taxi drivers disappeared yeah

the card said Phoebe one minute it's now

been five oh wow he went far down there

dan he's coming back he hasn't even

buckle his belt yeah



in three as it turned out our taxi

driver dropped us off at Terminal 3

instead of terminal 2

I gave him last pesos as we were getting

out of the taxi so now we're walking to

terminal 2 in less than two hours so our

flight takes off we still have to figure

out how to buy an arrival card for Cuba

let's could get interesting maybe not

okay good it we're not sweating anymore

we're very calm everything's fine and we

already have our Cuban visa it was super

easy please pay for it at the gate and

the guy had me fill it up for me $25

person so before I head to the lounge

with olya take a second to answer what

we assume will be the biggest question

in this video and that is how are you as

Americans traveling to Cuba are you

doing legally are you doing illegally

you're in Cancun are you sneaking in

there are a lot of restrictions around

Americans traveling to Cuba but we are

doing it legally when Obama came into

office he made it easier for Americans

to go to Cuba and then Trump came into

office and he made it harder for

Americans to go to Cuba again but as it

stands today as long as you fall under

one of twelve categories you can travel

to Cuba leading when we're planning our

trip we had two options we could either

go as journalists or in support of the

Cuban people most Americans who are

going to Cuba will go in support of the

Cuban people which entails keeping a

full-time schedule of things like

enhance contact with the Cuban people

support civil society in Cuba promote

the Cuban people having independence

from Cuban authorities and result in

meaningful interaction with individuals

in Cuba all this according to this legal

document so because this category is

really broad that's why most people end

up traveling under this category even

though we think this is a great option

we chose to go as journalist because

that's what we do all day every day so

we felt like we had more flexibility to

make the best video possible doing that

but we do plan to support the local

every chance we get in fact in some

cases it's actually illegal not to

support the locals because there's a

very long list of places that as

Americans we can not spend money when we

go to Cuba because that money ends up

funneling straight into the pocket of

the government this includes things like

hotels tour companies restaurants we're

gonna follow those rules and I worked up

a huge appetite talking about all this

they're gonna go to the lounge and I

need some coffee because I've been up

since 5:00 a.m. this morning trying to

make the most of the internet because

we've heard that that is a luxury in



this is all theory at this point but

we're about to see how this plays out in

real life because we're boarding the

airplane take you back may I have your

attention please

the following is a very important group

information announcement relating to

your safety please observe the

demonstration knowing that we were gonna

have little to no internet while great

Cuba we have both just been like

absolutely crazy people this morning on

our phone on our computer an hour up


the Internet's gone and just like had

this calmness

I think it's gonna be really nice being

disconnected for the next seven days

either that or really frustrating we're

very dependent internet we drown


and 55 short minutes later we have

touched out in Cuba catching up


okay I'm trying to be discreet

we made it through customs however the

lady just walked up to me out of the

hundreds of people standing there like

an officer and she questioned me and I

think this camera

I'm being this great in Toyland the

airport probably made it through customs

everything went pretty smoothly except

for Kara being singled out in line I'm

getting asked a bunch of questions there

were literally like a hundred people

standing in this room and a lady came

right up to Karen and asked me multiple

things like more than once like what do

you do why are you here

what are you doing there

but sounds rad everything looked pretty

smooth now we just have to stand in this

really long line to get some cash


after we change money we quickly jumped

in a taxi the head in sit down we shared

with two French girls and came down to I

don't know where we are hopefully close

to our stay one thing that you should

know if you're gonna change money in

Cuba though is that there are actually

two different currencies there's like

what they call a tourist currency and

then there's a local currency so the

tourist currency the see you see is

pegged at one to one with the US dollar

but if you change US dollar you'll pay a

10% fee plus the three percent

transaction service service fee you

basically lose 13 percent when you

change your money and then you have the

local pesos which i think is like 125th

of a dollar so he changed our money to

the tourist money and we're gonna see if

we use some local pesos later this city

is so cool



and this is all for the next few nights

we are staying in what's known as a Casa

particular which basically just means

we're staying in a rent room in

someone's house it's like a big thing to

do here in Cuba but for us it really

doesn't feel that different because we

just booked it on Airbnb like we booked

the majority of our accommodations so

next on the agenda wandering the streets

in the dark looking for a restaurant by

our first Cuban me







but they told me that

I'm still not sure it doesn't look like


vegetables with cheetah I don't

see any

the heat is on the other hand they lived

up to everything that I read about Cuba

get the chicken to be this texture it's

like it was like three days old and

they're like that won't work let's just

go as a deep fryer but each piece takes

you five minutes

you sell the week to redeem the smell



then I get two steps to lift my hands up


reduce of coffee we got it at 5:00 this

morning to make the most Internet

we get to see it my head Scott it feels

like it's really pointing down I'm sure

everyone is wondering what shoes I got

for Christmas this year

I switched from chako's titties