you can go inside the pyramids!? | Exploring the Great Pyramids of Giza - Egypt

good morning everybody welcome back to

Egypt today today we are going inside

the great Herrmann's well it's gonna be

a good day yeah welcome to the Great

Pyramids of Giza everybody there is so

unbelievably big so cause this is the

biggest one Pharaoh

I have to put the name up probably

saying it wrong but this is actually one

of the natural wonders of the world this

gigantic one just here and honestly this

video is doing it no justice it is



a touch a pyramid Wow look how big these

blocks are that's insane Wow can't

believe we're here I know getting seen

that all the time

wow I can't even see the tip we were

right up here at the base


so you can actually go inside two

pyramids you can actually go inside the

big pyramid that we were just at and you

can go inside this one and so I decided

to go in this one just because you have

to bend down and walk for a whole minute

in this one the other ones like two

minutes and I'm like I don't know if I

can go in a tiny hole for two whole

minutes so a minute is good and they

also said the other one is really smelly

I believe we're going inside appearance

Dave I didn't realize you could go

inside like I think this is ultimate

bucket list right here

I'm going inside

we're going in sided to you I just

realize those were going in to where he

was placed with Pharaoh Wow whoa I

thought of steps it's actually like wow

okay this is like living out my Indiana

Jones dreams right now you're fine

you're fine

ratings the hottest breakthroughs like

scaring the host employer again you're

doing fine jets I promise oh goodness

how far we going right now as I said

this is the burial chamber as you can

see there are so many other rooms this

one's locked off but there are so many

other chambers that was so interesting I

think I had a different expectation they

weren't any of the hieroglyphics that we

could see you know they're like plain

walls that we went around twelve meters

down into the pyramid and then the term

where the Pharaoh is it's just like

plain wall was like I thought it was

gonna be really like elaborate I suppose

they would have filled it with treasures

back yesterday and I feel like you don't

know as well how much was taken out of

the pyramids that could have been like

gold on the walls and they've stripped a

clean you never know but that was sorry

I can't believe it we've been inside a

pyramid also I want to show you

something to you guys so see the top

here see this material that's what the

pyramids used to look like they used to

be smooth with like a white limestone

looking color and just erosion has made

it fall down but it's cool because one

of the pyramids still has some of the

lines we can imagine what it'd look like

back in the day Wow

you should come here and film from here

hi buddy what's his name again Alex can

you touch him from the back from the




so I thought it was only like the three

big main pyramids here over three eyes

of Jesus but it seems like there's like

the three main ones and then there's all

these little ones around there's over

120 pyramids whose ride 2003 20 in all

of Egypt




as always I'm I'm not sure why I was

expecting a lot of tourists but like

with Petra velocity Petra in Jordan

there's no one here like literally this

is one of the wonders of the world and

you maybe see a couple hundred maximum

tourists yet at the pyramids something

else that I'm surprised about is that

besides a pyramid and literally just

down the road is Chiron Yeah right there

lies the town was gonna be so close that

you could literally walk from the town

to the pyramids so close I thought it's

gonna be like you know out in the middle

of nowhere yeah they've literally built

the entire city around the pyramids this

is actually the entrance you walk

through here to get to this thing this

used to all be under sand so even the

Sphinx so when the first explorers came

they didn't know it was here and they

found it later without digging but how

amazing are like so this is all one slab

when they constructed it they didn't

even put the construction materials to

stick it in these of just placed on top

of each other when I come here like

restoring it's they're using the

original materials and putting it back

together it's crazy how this whole area

with understand yeah so this is meant to

be the body of a lion so you would fear

the animal and then it would be the face

of the Pharaoh Sidra specter is that the

nose is currently in the Louvre and the

beard is currently in the British Museum


so you can go and see it all say last

fact they carved this entire thing out

of one made out of limestone these

colors and this is the way to get to the

pyramid so before this temple they were

originally making temples out of mud

bricks and then Emmitt up the architect

was saying to the king why don't you

make a pyramid out of limestone and this

is kind of the changing point when they

started making these structures that

last thousands of years it is they're

currently constructing it to try make it

so it won't fall cut this is like when

they used to make pyramid like a step

pyramid rather than the ones that we see

today at the Giza just casually walking

out of her four thousand six hundred

fifty year old tomb

seriously these crowds in Egypt though

we're a group of seventeen by the way



I only just cooked it now it's like

fresh bread really yeah and that's like

a Peter Parker there's some falafel

summarized eggplant sorry the both

conditions are fair let us know what

it's like oh man lunch was super cool

we're just out here next to the pyramid

like kind of a little oasis

we just went inside of ten this is our

tour guide super yummy as well they gave

us magician food

so they call them papyrus Institute's

but this is where you can see the local

writing in fire

on to the papyrus people just super

interesting and of course if you wanna

get your souvenir 20 get your name

written in hieroglyphics this is the

place to go we had to get some up

we weren't even planning on buying

anything and then when we store we were

like okay this is really cool I think we

need to get this you know our future

home one day literally papyrus from

Egypt on our wall so this is what we got

so this is the paper so they showed us

how they make it there so this is what

we got

so it's a story in Egyptian so we have

King Rama seized just here and I'm so

sorry I forgot I'm the goddess of Ibis

and he's bringing her flowers and if she

accepts it they will fall in love and

obviously she's accepted a taking all of

the flowers so yeah this was about fifty

Australian dollars it yeah we got like

the bigger one it's maybe an e3 size of

course it's not promised tanis's yeah

you can you can see the paper actual

plant believe like this is I thought was

really cool thing to get but anyway guys

right now we're going I hope you guys

enjoyed this vlog we are now on a night

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and we waiting for a train we are

heading to as winners so it is a 12 hour

train ride orgonite they told us that a

lot of the time the trains aren't on

time so I'm really interested to see

what time we actually arrive