Prophecies of Egypt unfolding now — and what's coming





all right just mixed in some peat moss


worm clippings warm uh castings that i


worms for my fishing and uh

bone meal and blood meal rock phosphate

and a couple other things and so we're

getting this

greenhouse ready for fall planning but

it's time to answer your bible questions


i'm gonna run in and take a shower and

change clothes and be right with you

okay got my greenhouse all ready to go

for fall planting and we are going to

cover a fascinating subject today

prophecies of egypt fulfilled i mean


right now prophecies of egypt being

fulfilled i love bible prophecy

you know god didn't try to prove that

the bible is his word with

prophecy except in a couple occasions

but uh nonetheless it's filled with

prophecy the prophecies are not there

to be dramatic and to be

convincing they're there as god

addresses through the prophets the

nation of israel

and gives them warnings of judgments are

pronounces future blessings that will

come upon them as a people

and so the prophecies are just a part of


message to the nation of israel about

coming judgment

or coming blessings but there are many

many of them

in the bible and this is one of them

being fulfilled

right now so if you live in egypt and

there will be people in egypt who will

view this

uh did you know that you were in the

book of

isaiah quite a few times and here's one

of those times when there's a great

prophecy okay

let's turn to isaiah 11

it shall come to pass in that day that

the lord shall

set his hand again the second time

to recover the remnant of his people

that's the children of israel

the second time he took them out of

egypt the first time in about

1500 bc which shall be left

from assyria and from egypt and from


and from cush and from elim and from


and from hameth and from the islands of

the sea that's

everywhere beyond that was reached by


which would include uh all the

continents of the world

and he shall set up an enzyme so what we

read in this verse is that god is going

to bring the jewish people

back to israel uh and and egypt is part

of that

and he shall set up an enzyme for the


that's uh like a sign uh national flag


and he shall set up an enzyme for the

nations and shall assemble the outcasts

of israel that happened 1947-48

especially it happened again 1995

uh and it actually happens every year as

israel brings

jews in from desperate plights around

the world

and gathered together the dispersed of


from the four corners of the earth many

many bible prophecies tell us that

in the last days god is going to bring


from all the nations the jews

that he has scattered there going to

bring them back

to jerusalem and jews used to

for centuries would say next year

jerusalem well

this year is the year they're in

jerusalem have been there for about 70

years now

but they shall fly up on the shoulders

of the philistines

toward the west so in this future event

israel is going to expand to the west

what is west right now that is

gaza they shall spoil them of the east

together who is east he describes them

they shall lay their hand upon edom and


that is uh jordan and the children of


shall obey them that is the area

in southern jordan is going to be


by israel and the lord shall utterly

destroy the tongue

of the egyptian sea now i gave you that

earlier part to let you see the flow

as we come into the prophecies of egypt

the lord shall utterly

destroy the tongue of the egyptian sea

and with his mighty wind

shall he shake his hand over the river

so the tongue of the egyptian sea is

associated with a river which would be


and shall smite it in the seven streams

so where the sea and the river come

together you see that in the text

he said there's seven streams and make

men go over dry charlotte

he just said that the the nile river is

going to dry up in the seven streams

and men will be able to walk across it

that's how low

they will get okay here's a map i will

bring over for you to

see if i can get a hold of it there it


this is a map of egypt notice how it

said the tongue

of the egypt of the egyptian sea notice

how there's a tongue

right here can you see that tongue

sticking down there

and there are seven streams these are

two of them

seven streams across here where the nile

spreads out in this delta a very rich

area and dumps into the sea and the sea

backs up

into these uh canals

backs up into them and then the water

coming down

the blue nile coming down

joins with the sea water there at a

certain point

this very rich fertile area right in


so that's the tongue you see the tongue

of the egyptian sea now i looked it up

and what is interesting is that

the seven mouths the seven

are listed uh here they are i won't try

to read

these egyptian words but you can look

them up

for yourself and their name after cities

that are located there

on the tongue so the bible was

predicting this

20 800 years ago

and the seven smite it in the seven

strings make men go over drought shall

there should be a highway

for the remnant of his people there's

going to be a highway that's going to


across that area which shall be left


assyria so highway from assyria

uh and through israel into egypt like as

it was in the day that he came

up out of the land of egypt isaiah 19

the burden of egypt behold the lord

writeth upon a swift cloud and he shall


into egypt and the idols of egypt shall

be moved at his presence so there's

going to be an

earthquake that's going to shake the

idols of egypt and the heart of egypt

shall melt in the midst of it

it's going to cost fear among the


and i will set the egyptians against the

egyptians civil war

is going to occur in egypt and they

shall fight everyone against his brother

and everyone against his neighbor

city against city and kingdom against


and the spirit of egypt shall fail in

the midst thereof and i will destroy the

council thereof

and they shall seek to the idols and to

the charmers and to them that have

familiar spirits

and to the wizards and the egyptians

will i give over into the hand of a

cruel lord

now this happened in

the third century bc 300

bc uh the ptolemy empire came in

after alexander the great failed uh well

i guess he somewhat succeeded but he


and left his kingdom split into four

parts um

daniel chapter 11 prophesied a detailed

account of those events if you want to

study it

and so the ptolemy empire was set up for

a little over 300 years

uh maybe a little less depending on how

you figure it historically

and uh the that was a cruel lord that

ruled over them

up until about uh i think somewhere

around 10 bc

uh about 10 years before christ uh the

romans conquered them then in the

egyptian will i give over to the hand of

a cruel lord and a fierce king shall

rule over them

says the lord of hosts now here is a

modern prophecy of

of egypt being fulfilled right now

and the waters shall fail from the sea

so the waters are going to stop coming


from the sea and the river shall be

wasted and dried up

you folks living in egypt i know that

right now you're

suffering from a lack of water

in the nile river the reason being

two things there's not as much rainfall

as there was

so the nile is not getting the flow that

it used to

and then secondly ethiopia has built a


hydroelectric dam not yet complete but

it's already catching the rain water and

diminishing the amount of flow you're


the nile is dropping and you are losing

lots of crop land here's what the bible

says it's the bible prediction for you

living there in egypt and they shall

turn the rivers

far away that's what happened that's

your damn right there

they've turned the rivers far away


is going to advance significantly

they're going to provide hydroelectric

power for 75 or 80 percent of their

country people who don't have it now

with this dam it's going to take several

years to fill up they shall turn the


far away and the brooks of defense

that's what would provide a moat-like


shall be emptied and dried up the reeds

and flags shall wither that's the

plants growing around the water's edge

the paper reads

by the brooks by the mouth of the brooks

and everything sown by the brooks that's

your crop land

shall wither be driven away and be no


the fisheries also shall mourn and all

they that cast

angle into the brooks shall lament and

they that spread nets upon the waters

shall languish so you won't be fishing

in the nile therefore

where are they where are the wise men

god marks let

and let them tell thee now and let them

know what the lord of hosts

hath purposed upon israel so what god is

doing here is he's challenging

the wise men of egypt how did you miss


god knew it it's in the jewish bible

it's in the christian bible

how is it you didn't know this was going

to happen god had this thing predicted

for 2 800 years

and the prince of zoan these are

jurisdictions of ancient

egypt are become fools the princes of

nope are deceived

they also seduce egypt even they that

are the stay of the tribes thereof

now here is a very interesting the lord

hath mingled

a perverse spirit in the midst thereof

so god

actually brought a spirit of perversity

uh through the angels in among

the egyptians and they have caused egypt

to air

in every work thereof so do you feel

like there's confusion in egypt like

there's lack of direction

that's because god is actually working

against you

he's allowed demonic spirits to come in

with conflicting ideas

bad ideas and ruining of egypt as a

drunken man

staggereth in his vomit neither shall

there be any

work for egypt so egypt is going to

run out of industry and

as it is right now and people will be

greatly out of work

which the head or tail branch or rush

may do

in that day shall egypt be like unto


it shall be afraid and fear because the

shaking of the hand of the lord of hosts

which he shaketh over it here's here's

something interesting and

the land of judah shall be a terror

unto egypt well this has been

being fulfilled now for some time since


israel beat the sox off egypt when egypt


everyone that maketh mentioned thereof

shall be afraid of himself because the

council of the lord of hosts

which is determined against it in that


now here's a future prophecy

in that day shall five cities in the

land of egypt

speak the language of cana so the land

the language that's spoken in cana

will be spoken in five cities of egypt

and swear to the lord of hosts one shall

be called

the city of destruction so there's going

to be a group of people

five cities in egypt that are going to

be converted

to the lord of hosts and one of the


is going to be called the city of

destruction now i don't know that there

might be a city over there now

called that if there is let me know in

that day

shall there be an altar to the lord in

the midst of the land of egypt

so there's going to be something set up

that's going to express

faith in jehovah god and a pillar at the

border thereof

to the lord so some kind of um

monument's going to be

erected that's going to have scripture

on it uh

that's going to be some statement of

faith the egyptians are expressing in

jehovah god

and it shall be for a sign and for a

witness unto the lord of hosts in the

land of egypt

for they shall cry unto the lord because

of the oppressors

so the egyptians are going to cry out to


ask for deliverance and he shall send

them a savior

and a great one and shall deliver them

that savior is not

jesus christ here this is a this is a

future event this is some individual

that's going to come when egypt is in

its worst state

someone's going to come and save egypt

so egypt is not going to perish and

quite the opposite we're going to see

because the prophecies continue a great

one he shall deliver them

and the lord shall be known

to egypt isn't that a glorious prophecy

if you're in egypt and you want to get


then trust in the lord jesus christ

trust in jehovah god

because that's where you're going as a


shall be known to egypt and the

egyptians shall know the lord in that


and shall do sacrifice and oblation yeah

now that's going to happen

in the tribulation sacrifices are once


again going to be offered and they will

be in recognition of the lord jesus

christ having already come

and they shall vow a vow unto the lord

and perform it

and the lord shall smite egypt this is

this is not necessarily chronological he


backing up and speaking of the earlier

conditions that brought them to this

place the lord shall smite egypt he

shall smite and heal it and they shall

return even to the lord and he shall be

entreated of them and shalt heal them

so god is in a state of smiting

egypt right now for sin for its unbelief

for its idolatry

but god is going to stop smiting israel

send a

person to deliver them there'll be five

cities initially

converted to faith in jehovah god and


all egypt in that day shall there be a

highway here's

here is a future prophecy there should

be a highway out of egypt

to assyria now we read about that a

little bit earlier a highway

from egypt to assyria if you look on a

map that goes right through israel

and the syrians shall come into egypt

and the egyptians into assyria now that

wouldn't happen right now

a syrian is a syria is run over by

the iranians and by uh

terrorist organizations so that

that prophecy is not being fulfilled at

this moment

it will be the egyptians shall serve

with the assyrians so egyptians and

syrians are going to become united

in heart and spirit in that day shall

israel be the third

water prophecy with egypt and with


so there's going to come a point i'm a

prophet now

there's going to come a point in the


when israel is going to get together

with egypt

and assyria and they're going to be like

a three-fold woven

cord they're gonna be one united group

of people

uh write it down

if you live long enough you're gonna see

it develop i don't know how

i see what's interesting is

i'm giving you a prophecy for the bible

that is not

obviously going to be fulfilled in other


it's not something i've picked out


current circumstances indicate that

that's what's happening

but this is a prophecy the bible gives

and i am

daring and bold enough to say that it is

going to be fulfilled

i'm anticipating that be a third with

egypt and with a syria even a blessing

in the midst of the land

whom the lord of hosts shall bless

saying blessed be

egypt my people listen in egypt

you are going to be blessed by jehovah

god by the lord jesus christ

and god is going to call you a blessed


it's time to get on board get on board

now say bless be egypt my people and

assyria the work of my hands

who would call assyria the work of god's

hands series the work of the devil's

hands right now but it's going to be the

work of god's hands

and israel mind inheritance it will

always be

his particular and unique people

finally isaiah 27 13 and it shall come

to pass in that day

that the great trumpet shall be blown

and they shall come which were ready to

perish in the land of the assyrian

so right up to the point of death and

the outcast in the land of egypt

and shall worship the lord in the holy


at jerusalem oh that's exciting

i'm looking forward to that the bible's

a wonderful book

uh now i went to bible college for

five years i got a bachelor of science


but i didn't learn any of this in bible

college i got out and went to work as an

artist painting pictures and

studying the bible in the evening and

working with military guys and

ministering to them and became a bible

student and

in fact the ways that i learned to study

the bible in bible college were all


it's so much simpler and easier than


sat down with your telephone or your

computer and type in egypt

and then read every time the word egypt

appears see what see the history of

egypt see what god says see the future

it's all there just a matter of reading

it same with any any

concept you want to know just look up

every single time that word appears in

the bible

let me show you uh something here let me

get this bible program up here it is

this is logos bible program

now there are others what's the name of

that when we distribute

uh we don't distribute anymore but it

was sword searcher okay

we used to make available sword searcher


we don't now i don't know why why don't

we make a sword search available now

i don't know okay you can you can uh

you can order one they're not very

expensive at all uh

in fact google does a whole lot for you

so here is uh

611 uh references to egypt you see right


can you see that 611 references and so

i'm in the book of isaiah right now

so we'll come down to uh

isaiah where's isaiah right

right here okay there's isaiah and

there's all the passages in isaiah see


way down through there talking about

egypt and then you can just click on one

like this

and here's the passage in the bible and


here's something i use that's really the

treasury scripture knowledge

uh if i link that to the to uh

the bible right here i can go over here


and uh link that up uh call that a

right here a like that okay so now then

verse four

uh here's passages of scripture where it

says the assyrian here's some parallel


i can flip that and go to that and then

i can go back

uh to where i was if i could there it is

my go back thing

and then over here i can copy the bible

verse if i select

these verses they appear over here i can

select a whole lot of them

they all appear over here and then i can

say copy and paste

file let me give you a new new

file right here and i can say

uh copy and paste and now

those passages appear

in my word document right there out of


see that so that takes me about 10

minutes to get ready

for one of these messages just

look it up and there it is right there

and then you can read through it

and uh if you come across a word you

don't know let's see if we can find a

word here

we might not know okay here's zion if

you don't know what that is

uh you can simply go to google

let's just go to google make it simple

and uh type in

uh zion come on up google a little slow


so type in

zion and uh it's got all kinds of zion

what is the meaning of zion in the bible

right there

uh it tells us what the meaning of zion

is in the bible

and it is actually accurate there's


and that tells you all about zion and uh

gives you pictures

uh there's never been a day when you can

study the bible as easy as you can

now uh so many help is available i've

gotten to where i actually use

just the searches on google now you'll

you'll find a lot of

a lot of corrupt fault stuff but

uh you'll pretty soon detect where

you're getting accurate

and instead of liberal interpretations

all right that is all for today