Top 8 Destinations in Acadia National Park


often called the crown jewel of the

North Atlantic host Picabia

is a beautiful rocky shoreline with

unique wildlife scenery carriage roads

and culture Acadia is one of the top 10

most visited national parks in the

United States and for good reason in

this video I want to share with you

eight of my favorite spots in this

National Park

destination number one is Thunder hole

where the waves crash into an opening in

the rocks

you created thunderous boom this is best

visited at mid tide although it can be

crowded at times

Thunder hole can be found on Park Loop

Road on the east side of the park and

there is no hike required as there is a

bus stop and a parking lot just across

the road destination number two then is

the visitor center which I always

recommend for every National Park as

early as possible during your trip so

you can learn more about the history the

ecology and the geology of the park and

have a better understanding of what

you're looking at when you're going on

these hikes destination number three is

gore ham Mountain which is located right

next to Thunder hole on Park Loop Road

and is just a five hundred twenty five

foot summit while this summit may not

seem to be an impressive feat and is

relatively low compared to others it

still offers an incredible view of the

coastline including thunder hole sand

beach and many other spots on the coast


destination number four then is Bass

Harbor headlight which was built in 1876

for just five thousand dollars this

iconic red lighthouse is a symbol of a

keen understanding just 56 feet above

average sea level a destination number

five is jordan pond house and trail

jordan pond is a glacially formed lake

that is actually 150 feet deep in the

middle in which you can paddle around

you cannot swim the house is a

full-service restaurant and the

surrounding carriage trails span more

than 45 miles and were originally funded

by the Rockefellers while no vehicles

are allowed on these trails this makes

some excellent and ideal for biking and

hiking okay so now we're headed up to

the top of Penobscot Mountain this is a

little bit of a tougher hike there are

not many people on this trail though so

if you're looking to get away from the

crowds you park down at Jordan Pond go

on a little bit of a carriage trail and

then go up the Jordan cliffs trail it'll

take you up to Penobscot Mountain about

1,200 feet should be a great view up

there and like I said this is not really

a well-maintained trail it's under

maintenance right now but you'll see

that it is a little tough if you're not

really comfortable hiking a tough trail

I would definitely rate this as a little

bit of a moderate to advanced hike so

it's not for everyone


okay so we came from the left when you

go up to Penobscot mountain alright so

so you can see here there is a ton of

traffic everywhere in Acadia right now

they actually closed the summit of

Cadillac Mountain due to congestion

today's October 13th it's a Sunday and

as you can see there are a lot of people

here I imagine to look at the leaves

guys you have to take the shuttle as you

see here it is impossible to find

parking luckily we're leaving right now

but even leaving there's a traffic jam

from people waiting to find other spots

so this is jordan pond right now jordan

pond house parking 30

yeah it's 12:30 and there are tons of


before destination number seven it's

important to experience the local

culture with fresh lobster and seafood


if you're looking for live lobsters over

fresh seafood be sure to stop by Parsons

they have smoked salmon lobsters crab

meat clams mussels and more all at a

really good price so definitely go check

them out if you're up here thanks guys

destination number seven is parque loop

road which is drivable and has amazing

views all along the coastline of this

park you should also be stopping at as

many different things as you can see

thunder hole was one example on here but

there is also the sand beach among many

other stops on park lead road this is

the eastern portion that sees the park

and i definitely recommend checking this

out rather than driving and recommend

taking the free shuttle which was

sponsored by LL Bean which allows you to

stop wherever you'd like along this and

check out any hikes you want including

the sand beach or anywhere else you

think that you want to go and on top of

that you don't have to worry about

parking instead you just hop off the bus

hike around and it runs relatively



where the shuttle runs pretty often and

honestly it wasn't even that crowded in

my road

that's Bubble rock bubble rock south

bubble North summit and parking behind

us double rock is a relatively easy

trail and brings you to the most out of

place Boulder you have ever seen in your

life this rock weighs more than two

African elephants and was carried over

40 miles by glaciers before it was

dropped precariously in its current home


all right it's pretty foggy today but

we're up here at bubble rock now it's

about a 1/2 mile hike pretty easy to get

here and usually have a good view today

it's a little foggy though