#LOVEAMELIA introduces the new Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport

it's just so different its iconic

there's no other building like it

a lot of those senior executives or

corporations have access to private jets

of a private aircraft and they want to

go to their destination and be as close

as they can with this little drive time

to where they're ultimately going where

Airport can accommodate up to the G 550

aircraft we service everything from a

Cessna 150 to a large business jet

aircraft it's very dramatic the ocean

all around you and the trees and the

unspoiled coastline and then the land at

this airport and to be greeted with some

of the nicest folks you're ever gonna

meet and then to go into this brand-new

terminal that really is gorgeous it's a

great way to start off any trip





so this Airport were constructed in 1943

during World War two the trained pilots

on the f4u Corsair the neat thing about

all the airports that they built most of

the airplanes back then were what we

call tail draggers and they needed

runways that pointed into the wind so

you want as many opportunities into the

wind to land so we have a runway that

points in each directions of the compass

and you don't build airports like that

anymore so it's been a really neat place

the terminal is a two-story building

that has wings a nose and the tail just

like that for your course air without

course air ahead what's known as a bent

wing where it came out and went up kind

of an inverted gull wing and it was

designed that way for carrier do because

they can follow the wings and the gear

was lower to the ground

it's an easy in-and-out Airport there's

no tower here so it makes it much

quicker we're right under a couple of

major Airways that go up and down the

East Coast so it's a easy drop-in refuel

and go out if you're not staying here I

got a lot of corporate jets in and that

really really boosts the local economy

as well as the airport when you fly in

here you know you're going to be treated

well you're going to be greeted plane

side with a red carpet no matter what

kind of aircraft you're in our line crew

are there to greet you professionally

and see what you need you'll walk into

our building we have customer service

representatives ready to assist you with

anything you need we have crew cars we

have rental cars I'm a aircraft owner

and I have my aircraft here and we've

been here at the airport for years and

from my personal experience flying to

other airports and facilities bent wings

got a beautiful facility and when I've

dealt with bent wing people they're

great professionals they all know what

they're doing they know their jobs and

it's just part of the community and we

all love it we have flight planning room

we have a pilot lounge with a massage

chair we have kitchen facilities we have

everything you could possibly need for

pilots who are here for just a few hours

or maybe just a few minutes they're

gonna be well taken care of while

they're here and the crew and passengers

of course passengers love to come in and

sit in the very comfortable lounge area

and wait for their plane pick them up

with our new facilities we have a very

large meeting room observation deck that

holds 150 people

we have several flying groups coming in

and the next year that have their annual

meetings with us and we're very excited

about hosting these groups at our new

terminal facility pilots love it and

non-pilots alike I think we've had a lot

of visitors that aren't pilots that even

just like to come in and visit and see

the memorabilia that we put into the

airport so it's just a really cool kind

of fun place to hang out it's very light

because it's two stories of glass so

it's always like building we have a

corsair replica hanging

suspended from the cockpit you have to

see it this airport we've got that

brand-new building this is a gem just

because of the location Amelia Island

this is a great place for people to come

to as a destination and the island

welcomes that you've got the hotels

you've got a lot of Beach rental

properties and you got the historic

district it's a hidden jewel you don't

ever have to worry about rush hour

there's no problem with traffic and yet

on the other hand there's great resorts

here fantastic restaurants there's all

kinds of little boutique shops the

second weekend in March Amelia Island

becomes a car central really people come

from all over the world Concord is

probably our busiest part of the year

it's a well-known car show and auctions

that happen here on a million island and

during a five-day period we'll have

several hundred aircraft coming depart

that's a major great event and the

airport is again very critical for that

event because the people that deal and

own those caliber cars generally have

airplanes it attracts the creme de creme

of America there's a palpable energy on

the island you flying in however you

come in it's almost like you cross this

invisible barrier and there's this

energy in the air it's contagious it's

exciting you put all that together with

the hospitality of the island which is

top-notch the the restaurants the

businesses all of them embrace the event

embrace the atmosphere I don't think

there's any place else I'd rather be

that time of year

the future of Fernandina Beach Municipal

Airport is bright we have several hangar

projects under development here we've

got a waiting list of tenants waiting to

come on so we're in a unique position to

grow this airport I'm a little biased I

think this is the best general aviation

Airport because brand-new building all

the facilities all the amenities the

people of course the staff very

professional very customer service

oriented but it's just a beautiful

island I mean you can sit at the airport

and look out and see the ocean I mean

it's just it's gorgeous and see the golf

courses and see all the green and the

trees and it's it's just beautiful