Eight Sights at Big Bend National Park


Big Bend National Park is a big park

he has three distinct districts the

desert the mountains and the river it's

almost like having three parks in one it

is the only national park with an actual

border crossing coming in from the north

from the town of Marathon you drive

through a big expensive desert there is

a little fossil exhibit that was kind of

interesting but you end up in Panther

Junction where there's a small garden

and the roads split off to the other

parts of the park the river section is

the most fun to visit it's got three big

areas the gayest Canyon area and the

bokya is crossing with it the Hot

Springs area which is a trail that leads

you to a a nice hot spring by the side

of the river and the most beautiful part

of Big Bend a must-see sight the Santa

Elena Canyon you notice a canoe on the

other side

and the other side is in the Mexico and

I think that's the canoe that comes over

they have a little display of a little

knick-knack gifts things and you can put

money in there and take what you want

and they come and cut the money every

now and then very interesting concept

Bocas Canyon on the southeast part of

the park is a beautiful Canyon that's

carved out by the Rio Grande on the one

side of the United States on the other

side is Mexico the parking lot has a

nice overlook that overlooks up and in

the Rio Grande and the hiking trail that

goes along the riverbank is absolutely



a donkey in the middle of this path here

is it domesticated or just sort standing

there Loretta thinks it's a statue but


okay so why is there donkey while Kia's

crossing is the only ninja national

border crossing in any of the national

parks it goes from the Big Bend National

Park into bulkiest del Carmen we go

through the US side where the Ranger

tells you about certain things not to

take back and they basically tell

exactly what's gonna happen we get to

the Mexican side then you walk down this

path and you hop on a little rowboat and

you pay five dollars for them to roll

your cross and later on for them to roll

you back it is a very short crossing

right across the Rio Grande and is

everything very relaxed this crossing is

not open all the time so you've got to

check the schedule before you go all of

this is extremely relaxed it is a very

very quaint way of crossing the

international border but it's not by

road it's not by train it is by boat now

because of the huge National Park on the

US side as well as the huge Nature

Preserve on the Mexican side it is very

difficult to go anywhere even after you

cross the border the desert like

environment is extremely harsh on both

sides so even if people are going to

cross the border illegally they are

facing a tremendous odds of survival

across the Big Bend National Park so

there is a really much problem with

illegal crossing at this

or the border we are now in Mako we're

going to go to this town

you call this thing's called meheeco

hi guys folks we're having Mexican food

once you cross the border you're

supposed to go through this little

trailer here to go through Mexican

immigration when we got there there was

nobody there as I said everything's very

relaxed so we decide to have half lunch



josè Falcon restaurant here in bacala's

Mexico and this is interesting name

because Jose's after you CNA miss

penalty but the sound cool so it seems

like Falcone Natalia mopping with a cozy

is it just interesting combination this

town basically lives and dies by the

tourism that's coming from Big Bend

right after 9/11 when they closed its

border crossing the town essentially

disappeared it's very difficult to

actually make a living here because the

nearest town for them to get supplies is

literally 200 miles away that's how

isolated this town is so I hats off to

all the people who live there and make a

living there there was a man on who is a

father of the person that owns a place

and he just having a grand old time

playing his guitar relaxing singing way

out of tune but it's all very fun to



the hot springs trail which is a trellis

by the river that leads to a little hot

spring that people bathe in and is just

super relaxing and the trail goes along

some cliffs that is also very

interesting to look at and it's just a

nice relaxing walk without a doubt the

highlight of the park is Ascenta Elena

Canyon which is at the end of the Ross

Maxwell scenic drive we're on our path

to Santa Elena Canyon which has cliff

walls there up 50 hundred feet on both

sides 17 miles long where I just amount

of it

coming up is a Rio Grande seafront and

the mouth of the Santa Elena Canyon

which as I said before is 17 miles with

sheer cliffs on both sides yes and it

takes about a three-day float trip I

think to go through the 70 miles know

where to take out in between the Santa

Elena Canyon Trail is a fabulous hike

that takes you a couple of miles into

the canyon along the way there are some

fabulous views looking from above

back at the Rio Grande


and I can see the reflecting pool that

the waters really really still and it's

almost hard to tell where the wall

starts and where the water starts but

you can see the cliff on both sides of

the center tonight Elena Canyon Trail

and much to our surprise because we

haven't read about this before that this

is very echoey here echo Wow it's a

canyon neat you can see here the fossils


oh then to symbolize it there was a

seedbed here you see the shells

Chisos mountains

rising all the way up to seventy six

hundred feet elevation has the only

lodge and restaurant in the park in an

entirely different climate zone we're in

the middle of the Chisos mountains and

though is quite interesting because

we're in the basin and we're surrounded

by the mountain if you look all the way

around we're surrounded by mountain

range and this is sort of like you can't

really see this from the outside you can

only this is sort of like a little bowl

okay that we're in Windows trail is a

fabulous trail that meanders about four

miles into the Chisos Mountain and you

see this beautiful window on a cliff

edge right at the end of the trail which

is a great reward Big Ben is a very big

Park and got lots of trails many of

which are not covered here because of

time but one of the trails that we went

on that we enjoyed a lot was a lower

borough mess of hora which meanders

through the desert into this cook area

with a beautiful rock formation that is

a big waterfall when it rains just

beautiful trails in this Big Bend

National Park Big Bend National Park

slow remote it takes somewhere to get to

because of driving across the desert but

it is a beautiful park with mountains

the rivers and the desert zones which

gives a lot of diversity lots of hiking

trails lots of place to see I hope you

get a chance to come and visit because


with it


we are on our way to visit all the

national parks in the United States

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