FREE things to do in Breckenridge, CO


what's up guys so today we're going to

be making a video all about the fun

stuff that you can do for free in

Breckenridge Colorado we're gonna be

spending the day here with Zuko and we

don't really plan on spending any money

so the first tip is that there's a free

satellite parking lot and there's a bus

that'll take you into town for free


right now we're right in the guns I look

completely for free and it's an awesome

view of rhetoric


when you get off at the top of the

gondola almost everything costs money

however walking around and enjoying the

beautiful view is completely free


if you bring it back lunch you could

save a bunch of money


Main Street is lined with cute shops and

pretty flowers and if you have kids

there's also playgrounds


there are also a handful of free museums

along Main Street


if you're getting tired of walking then

hop on the free Charlie that drives up

and down Main Street


the surrounding landscape is really

beautiful so we went for a scenic drive

along Boreas Pass Road which is about 15

minutes south of Breckenridge


there's a bunch of free hiking spots

right outside of Breckenridge we highly

recommend the borough true


there's also free land to park overnight

in the White River National Forest and

that's how you spend a free day in

beautiful Breckenridge yep so thank you

guys so much for watching and subscribe

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bye bye first time using the potty in

the outside and he asked - oh he's

pooping yes


he'll it'll be me out for it did you

hear that oh he's so cute

we are witnessing his first outdoor poop


did a good job