How to Get from Denver Airport to Breckenridge

heading to Breckenridge Colorado this

year since it's not an airport in Summit

County many fly into the Denver Airport

just two hours east of Breckenridge this

quaint mountain town sits at 9600 feet

above sea level and is home to a

world-class ski resort the two main

routes to Breckenridge from the Denver

area are i-70 and highway 285 I 70 is a

straight shot to the mountains and 285

will take you an extra hour but it's the

best alternative if I 70 closes or jams

up with hundreds of thousands of

visitors each year to Breckenridge

planning your trip in advance as

essential there are a dozen rental car

companies available at the Denver

Airport and this is a go-to for many

travelers however the town of

Breckenridge has limited parking and

free parking is nearly non-existent with

little to no parking structures in the

area and a ton of extra cars almost

year-round you may want to think twice

about renting a car for your vacation

the town is finally getting a parking

garage but that means the largest in

town parking lot will be closed for the

next year luckily Breckenridge is very

pedestrian-friendly offering a gondola

to the resort from town and a free bus

system known as the free ride with

multiple routes 17 hours of service time

during the busy season and no cost to

you this is a great option and allows

you to not deal with the headache of a

rental car

uber and lifts are another option and

are the newest and seemingly easiest way

to get around but they're unreliable

when getting up to Breckenridge there

are search prices during weekends late

nights and the holiday season so expect

to pay a lot more than you originally

thought when booking a car if one is

even available

sher cellos are the most popular means

of getting up to breckenridge from the

Denver Airport your most affordable

option is a drop-off at the Breckenridge

station located right by the base of the

gondola on the north side of town if

you're willing to pay a little more you

can get service straight to your door

with shared shuttles you won't have to

worry about waiting around long to catch

a ride and you'll get to enjoy free

Wi-Fi and beverages while on board with

shuttles even the Denver Airport heading

up to Breckenridge throughout the day

peak 1 Express services more flights

than any other shuttle provider if

you're looking to step it up a notch try

private SUV and charter services private

charters will allow you in your large

group to get up to the mountains in your

own vehicle while private SUVs are

perfect for your family you will set

your own schedule and pickup time and an

hour of stop time on the way to your

destination is included in the price

you can grab a quick dinner along the

way pick up your ski rentals for the

week or buy groceries at city market

before you get to your Lodge call peak 1

Express today if you have any questions

about traveling to Breckenridge or to

schedule your safe reliable ride to the

Rockies you can also visit us at

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