Summer Flight Around Cape Cod, Breaking in New Engine, Boston Airspace, Landing KHYA!


hi everybody welcome back to another


i'm just holding short runway 2-0 here

we're gonna make sure there's no cubs or

anyone on

on a uh final here and we'll get our

takeoff checks all set

so uh free takeoff laps will be zero

make sure it'll be rich

carly off transformers an altitude

heading bug we don't need her and now

doors waters are locked

lanny lane is on strobe is on and our

time for takeoff is 8 56.

and we are going to cape cod today

mixture carb lights trim fuel and flaps



there's our runway all right we'll do

our normal takeoff

we're at air speeds the 63 74

and 90. that's good take off power from

me pressure and temperature both look



i'm out around 80 not 80 miles an hour

70 knots

generally about 10 degrees pitch up is

what i'd be happy with

hampton traffic skyhawk six sparkle fox

on the upland off of 2-0 climbing

through 600 feet under par straight out

departing area to the southampton

we'll go right here towards bedford get

ourselves ready for this

boston bravo mumbo jumbo coming up

okay so uh let's see here we're going

towards bedford that just keeps us

near a class bravo shelf where we can be

at 2500 feet and be okay

we're not going to try to go over it

because i don't want to deal with

landing the engine and we're not going

to go to the east of it because i don't

want to deal with flying uh

over open water all right so now we're

on with a boston approach

and basically we need to tell them what

we want to do

xbox approach good morning good morning

approach echo foxtrot just about four

miles to the southwest of the hampton


lake vfr flight falling to barnstable uh

hotel yankee alpha

um ideally going underneath the bravo to

the west would like to stay out of uh

the higher altitudes than out of the

open water six parker foxtrot

forecast radar contact six north of the

plum island airport

three thousand six hundred boston

elephants three zero three three

so what was your type aircraft again

decision altitude checks uh

three zero three three and we're cessna

172. uh happy to go underneath the 3000

shelf uh if we need to to the west of


yes foreign roger uh traffic's very

light they might be able to get to uh

something close to the box

sounds good thanks echo foxtrot

so we're going 120 110 knots over

through the air

our propellers at 2600 rpm

all right so with 903 is on well we got

to our cruising altitude

good morning so you're uh supposed to

leave it at full power

if you can without overspeeding the prop

for 20 minutes and then bring it back

100 rpm every hour skyhawk 1301

2000 feet all right i want my phone


so the plan today is to fly down to

barnstable uh

barnstable okay probably way of saying


echo foxtrot contact approach one three

three point

zero one three three point zero can a

six four clark

awesome number six four echo foxtrot

level three thousand seven hundred

number six four echo foxtrot boston

approach clear through bravo air space

go direct boston then direct to hyannis

and the boston altitude 3033 maintains 3


3500 direct boston and direct hyannis uh

and cleared into the bravo six sparkle



welcome back everyone uh just under

eight miles out of uh barnstable hyannis

airport which is right here this is uh

cape cod

getting down to about a thousand feet

setting up her left face for runway six

just leaving the engine as high as

possible through every phase of flight


at 5 000 feet to work with on runway 6.

i have to pee so bad

ah it happens every flight every flight

uh when i get closer to the ground i

swear gravity pulls more or something

probably because uh when i'm up high my

brain knows there's no bathroom so why

even think about i need to go to the

bathroom but then

when you get down the ground you see all

the available bathrooms

approaching you and you get the feeling

in the pants this plane's got some nice


moon roofs which i think is funny all

right see when i start thinking about

other things

i don't think about how about ftp it's

i gotta fix my posture in the planes

it's so bad

traffic not available

still getting used to this plane what do

i have to talk about

very close to getting my commercial

rating i just really need

a few more time in in complex airplanes

and i need some

uh to get my night cross country down

but once i get done with those i should

be really ready to go

november 6-4 echo fox to griffin

aviation on one two two eight five okay

so keep coming all the way down

i'll be right off until all right thanks


all right approach end departure end is


all right last check mixture carb lights

trim fuel flaps

and full power

all right engine power is adequate

attempts and pressures are good this

plane just loves to fly

i'm big on that



getting a little bumpy up here but uh

you're too bad all right we got some

altitude behind us we'll bring the nose

down just a bit

i think it'll be really nice if we just

kind of like go towards like

the like east here and kind of check out

like the coast a little bit

and then uh before we head up to uh

back up to hampton probably take around


hour to go back up to uh to hampton

maybe a little less so let's go uh for


let's go to like 11 15 here


all right now you guys can see a little

bit more of the scenery out here

level off here 2 500.



cause i don't care too much










i thought i'd just grab the camera here

and do some handheld shots

kind of show you guys what i'm looking

at so we're pulling up on the tip

of cape cod as you can see


going up on the tip right at

provincetown which is right up here

and so you can basically follow this all

the way around

and it goes even further in and then it

attaches to

boston right around here i believe and

then the whole coastline you see north

of that is all

uh just you know normal massachusetts of


nothing out here nantucket

would be located down here martha's


and where we're at the distance between

here and here

is 15 miles so i would need to be


have more altitude to go do that since

this airplane is being

broken in as you can see i'm running it

as basically full throttle

it can only really be used uh

for cross-country flights uh low level

especially because

you don't want to have to worry about

trimming the engine or leaning the

engine or anything

so to not have to worry about that you

just avoid uh

just avoid it entirely and avoid having

to go to altitudes where you'd have to

lean it

what's up guys uh just about to be north

of uh

hyenas where we just landed awesome

approach november six four echo fox trap

number six foreign approach echo foxtrot

where cessna 172

to the five miles to the north of the

hyannis airport uh like vfr

flight following to hampton new

hampshire that's seven bravo three echo

foxtrot radar contest call five

one mission five three one one

five three one one six mark box shot

so if you look hard enough on these




that right there is martha's vineyard



and then if you look close enough

remember nana julius here


there is an island out there called


you looking for the iron out a lot of

times people will

fly to nantucket and planes just like

this from uh where we live

i'll take the visual but we need to get

through a layer of clouds out here first


i got a lot of stuff going on my ears

right now okay pause the music

which is definitely doable especially if

you don't have uh or if you don't have

uh we try the uh our nav so there's the


you stay at a certain altitude you can

stay within power off gliding distance

of either shore

uh pretty easily so it's really not that

difficult to do and since you're within

the power-up light distance you're not

required to carry

light faster uh life rafts but obviously

i'm just following the coast up to uh uh


otherwise three miles eastbound

indicating 2


inbound one five right altitude are

discussion catch yourself

okay number six for echo foxtrot uh

northampton airport 12 o'clock and one

zero miles do you have it inside

there's a phantom site six sparkle

foxtrot report fox shot

no traffic is here between you and the

airport frequency change approved today


all right so i put 3.2 hours on the

plane today

right if i go to uh three point


tier 57 traffic at two to three o'clock

and three

three point three hours whatever i'm

trying to figure

i'm trying to figure out how many hours

i fly right now to hit

240 hours when i land i'd have to fly


.6 more hours which is a little over 30

minutes obviously

36 minutes so um

i don't wanna i think i'm gonna go back

i have to pee so

bad again why does this happen i wonder

if i could buy something i think that

would help me

i could relieve myself in flight all

right we're gonna bring the power back

just to tad

oh yeah all right all right they're

probably landing

i'll be landing uh 2-0 i would assume

anti-traffic skyhawk 6-4 echo foxtrot 7

miles to the south

descending through 3100 pattern altitude

to land 2-0

hampton i've got some altitude to lose

for sure

again since we're breaking the new

engine we're going to leave it as high

as possible which generally means a bit


air speed so we're actually entering the


which is fine

all right well we're 2 500 still a

thousand feet to go

southbridge traffic uh where 690 bravo

is six to the

southwest uh is anyone in the traffic


if so what runway i love that that's

what everyone should just say how they

should talk in the radio

and for traffic six four eco fox left

base two zero hampton

minimum traffic sky 35 hotel three mile

final two one minute man

camping traffic six marco fox turning

final 2-0 hampton

5-1 for november charlie turning left

downwind we're gonna be heading to the

northwest to boston

all right well there's final there's

about just under 70 knots which i'm

cool with

just getting the use to this airplane so

we'll see how well this

is or how good this is

it's definitely coming from the left

looks like it's not going to be a tail

one which is good

over the trees here

after traffic cherokee four six whiskey

turning a left downwind two zero from

the 45.

and the traffic circle fox gonna roll

the un vacate to the right hampton

hampton six farco fox clear of all

runways hampton

all right well that's that uh will you

flip this way

no you won't all right guys thank you

for watching uh the video

i'm heading back home now uh and

that was a great flight i was just

looking up uh airbnbs

on cape cod because i think it'd be a

ton of fun to fly down to cape cod

for the weekend because you get there in

like 45 minutes which is awesome

turn off the autopilot here and uh drive

my car in i guess but uh thank you for

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