Exploring Captiva Island in Florida!

hello everyone and welcome to beautiful

sunny Florida I am in Fort Myers Senegal

Island for the next four days and you

guys are coming along for the ride okay

so today we have a full day we're going

to be exploring Pepita island which is

just off of sanibel island and we're not

hop on a boat and go over to a beachy

our destination cabbage tea is out some

distance to the left see that don't load

up there

- Ivan behind it with one white building

on it that's what


12 in recall the island 11 of which are

owned by one family the only one they

don't own is the first one here on the

point one family owns the past the

gardens you gotta decide on how to eat

small mostly little islands where's

lunch anyone exploit

right so we've arrived at the only

restaurant here on cabbage key which

aptly called cabbage key restaurant

behind me you could see a wall full of

dollar bills which apparently at any

given time there's over seventy thousand

dollars nailed to the wall people have

over the years to spin attaching dollar

bills writing their names on it and

leave in a piece of themselves here it's

restaurant this restaurant is also

apparently the inspiration behind Jimmy

Buffett songs Cheeseburger in Paradise

so I think we know what I'm gonna be

ordering yeah a cheeseburger


we're done here beautiful club tango


and today just might be today when Aryan

meets an alligator lovely alright so if

I'm in under step 2 it had to be water

towers which is the last original

standing water tower in this area made

entirely out of wood and it is six

thousand gallons of water impressive

well that wraps up my time on cabbage

speed kind of hop back on the boat the

period a week before an afternoon

instead of an island

we're not going in to Sanibel Island but

we're staying on Captiva Island which

means more time at the beach

so you can't come to the beach and not

collect seashells the Fort Myers and

sent about island areas apparently home

to over 400 species of shells

yeah there's that many in the world and

I'm really lucky because I've got a

shell hunting and things were right here

Sharon of dream travel magazine and

together we are going to go Shelley good

exercises that have been there

come back up

like actually be star on the shelf

as a sheller you also see the damage

that's done to the ocean because you're

always tipping kind of through the sand

and you'll see the debris from the ocean

that swept away here and what are you

going to do with yourself well I collect

them and I put them in and applause and

I have different bosses for different

places that I think I had my goggles we

cooked what stainless ok sure just went

hardcore she's just started talking

about bringing her goggles

I like diving Wow Wow things you learn

about your friends on these trips how'd

you do some stand on the corner of Kiva

dried and Andi Rosslyn which you

consider the downtown core of Festiva

Island here you can find really cool

restaurants shops cafes you can rent

motorized sport equipment so you can

take it out onto the water and really

it's just a nice relaxing spot where you

can just unwind after you spent the

whole day absent something like a little

key lime margarita to

Oh a digger that's been out

we just finished dinner now it's time to

have a search when you're on sativa we

got to go to the bubble room best

dessert on the island what's unique

about the bubble room is decorated an

antique enjoys from the 30s 40s and 50

it has a Christmas theme of year round

the reason it's called the bubble room

you'll see these little bubble lights

people put all the lights on Christmas

trees that's what they did we go on the

second floor you can step out on a

balcony and see Santa and his elves in

their workshop which was taken from

Macy's in New York City in the 1930s you

must walk around all three levels places

really be I don't know what make just

like amazing and awesome and crazy and

weird all at the same time today

clothes your favorite probably the

orange orange crunch I think red velvet

hands-down the best I know it's good

just perfect I only had the chuff Evan

was moist and delicious

I love the key lime as well I concur

light delicious goes down nice and easy

one thing I love most about Fort Myers

and Sanibel Island are the Sun sets

because Fort Myers Beach is a

west-facing beach it means you get some

epic sunsets

stay tuned because coming up next were

exploring Sanibel Island