CINQUE TERRE TRAVEL GUIDE 2019: Monterosso, Manarola, Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Corniglia

I go anywhere anywhere with you cuz you

filled my mind oh you feel bad my we

could build our dreams - hello adventure

seekers and welcome to our Cinque Terre

a discovery trip we're here for just a

few days so we're gonna try and make the

very most of it and see all five towns

villages towns villages villages that

are heavy so if you've already done your

research you'll know that in Cinque

Terre there are no roads so no cars you

can get here by train or by boat



so one thing to note is that Gingka

Thierry is definitely only for the short

footage and people who are happy we're

taking stairs




it's just behind us here is the Cornelia

they do an amazing bruschetta to really

do it huge you can definitely share one

between two but it's cash only

so make sure that you have cash with you


okay so we're gonna take me panoramic

lane hopefully also has many stairs

we're gonna be fine


once ERISA is a classic Italian beach

front with umbrellas and Sun lounges

covering every square foot


so many stairs so monterosso is

definitely well set up for Taurus I

think that beachfront directly outside

of the station just calls the tourists

to it

and you find it throughout the town

however off the main trail then you find

the beautiful secluded little back

streets there's lemon trees and some

Arthur's growing and it's just beautiful

well worth a little explore



so although there are lots of steps it

is worth mentioning that for those who

find steps a little bit difficult there

are easier access points along the coast

via these tunnels that they've made

another thing to know is during our time

here at Monte Roth that's the one we

have discovered that the beaches are

paid for which is something that

surprised us 20-minute massage

10 euros the beach was actually really

lovely and very well equipped

I always very happy to see there were

changing rooms showers showers on the

beach as well as little private douches

in the lose a lot obviously lots of Sun

beds and umbrellas and also people

offering massages which you quite liked

in you I did like the massage so that's

us finished in mum total so all right

so now it's on to the next place



hello and welcome to corniglia hope that

is how it's pronounced now it's not

there is a characteristic difference

which is as soon as you get off the


there is a huge uphill battle really

well laid stairs so nice and easy to

walk but lots and lots of them so if

you're not really keen on stairs or

climbs and I do not recommend coming

here for the day but it's supposed to be

one of the most beautiful towns in Italy

apparently so we're going to go and

check that out and then we're going to

go on a walk from one town to another

following the routes which is signposted

just here om we have bells again



let's make the most of this night come

on baby take my hand I do have to say

that now we're down in the tower on the

on the waterfront just the sheer number

of tourists is practically off you don't

know people don't do I don't like that

lots of crowds and it looks beautiful

but I think it's that kind time of day

everyone's out everyone's settling down

to eat I would rather keep walking to

the next place and it's still beautiful

it's just not like I'm sick we are gonna

have some lunch a glass of wine there

you are


it's so much harder now to eat you your

heart is falling off in manarola which

is in the middle of the five of the

towns every place would be in so far has

its own unique feel to it and manarola

is no different it definitely feels like

a little warm fishing town with very

high stacked up colorful houses I think

of all the of all the towns where you've

had to climb lots of stairs to get to

somewhere nice I'd say that manarola is

is the best because at the top and

they've got a beautiful little garden

and it's got a lovely restaurant in it

and this looks like a beautiful place to

come and watch the sunset


there's a chief victory adventure

finished two days five different towns

three hours worth of hiking probably a

little bit more than that swimming the

sea a lots of ice cream and lots of

beautiful sights if you found this

helpful please do give it a big thumbs

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