Landing in Disney World! Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and More! - New Flight Simulator (Multiplayer)



hello youtube this is crosscheck and

welcome to another very exciting video

this time i have quite a

big curiosity regarding disney world

uh so we're going over to orlando

florida we are inviting

a good old majestic crash so he can

show us how flying around that this area

is done

anyway uh what i want to know is what is

the level of detail that we can find

in disney world and can we actually

do some landings inside the park i think

that is going to be really interesting

okay so we are now on the cockpit it is

a little bit dark so we spawn with the

flashlight on uh it is a really nice

effect that it has

but yeah it's uh the the

sun is just about to rise and

i i just want to see a little bit of uh

not night flying but it's kind of dark

and the sea how it becomes

more well clearer and sunnier

if that can be said anyway

yeah let's let's go for it let's see

what is going on over here in

disney world and uh let's enjoy



there is something about the night sky

in the new flight simulator

it is just

very very impressive

and the night illumination you can be a

little bit exaggerated maybe

but i i really dig it to be honest

it is not perfect but

it is really nice i i

love the dynamic

how well how does it the contrast

between different types of illumination

i i really like how it looks


all right so we are now reaching uh


and we can see the the main

ball here in epcot uh

it's been a while since i've been at

disney and uh

i i don't really know much of what is

going on there but i

i think it can pick up a couple of

places but definitely the

this ball in epcot uh

is one of the main visuals i still have

of disney world

alright turning into final

we don't have much room to play with and


looks kind of weird where we are gonna

be trying to land

but i think it most definitely is

manageable all right here we go

there is something odd about the night

illumination sometimes it's just

floating around

there we go okay okay

oh here we are okay anyway as i was

saying uh

there there seemed like orbs floating


but i assume that's going to be fixed

with time

let's turn around

so yeah it is it is kind of weird now

that we are

uh down here uh clearly

this is not handicrafted

this is the ai building the world

but being honest it's it's just amazing

and here we have majestic crash

crashing of course

oh boy oh boy

okay here he comes again let's see how

how he does this time oh man

okay he now did a pretty good job

that's awesome look at that isn't that


wonderful and yeah as i was saying i


uh if you are really close to

uh these places i mean it's it's

level of detail is not there that you

would expect in

a triple a game or in indie game

for that matter uh

but that being said

oh no but just to crash again really

oh boy all right here we go

but anyway yeah as i was saying i mean

okay okay everything looking good

there we go yeah considering that we

have the whole world

with at least this level of detail i i

think that is

very very very reasonable and and maybe


i i may be exaggerating some other parts

of the world

have even less detail but that being

said there

is a very nice amount of detail in the


and from as an example from this height


or this altitude everything looks really

really really good

it is until you land in there and uh

see it up close and personal that it

looks kind of odd

anyway there goes me just a crash ready

to crash uh somewhere else so

let's tag along see see what he's up to

i'm sure it's gonna be something really



okay so he wants to take me into the the

entrance of the

what is it the magic kingdom he wants to

see if uh

there is these uh the text the

on on the front that says magic kingdom

so we're gonna go and check it out


oh that was an actually nice landing

and would you look at that i mean it

does look like

a very

crazy computer did this but nonetheless

i think it is a

reasonably uh good job that's that's


but yeah from here on i mean it can just

get better

so that this is actually quite


all right whoa whoa there's something

really weird going on

on the back wow that's that's pretty


anyway let's let's go and i think uh the

next stop is going to be

um what was it called

animal kingdom i think

i think that's how it's called


nope i lied uh next up is the magic


of course uh i want to go and check out

the castle

which actually is

is right there just right there

if i'm not mistaken we should have a

little avenue

in the middle where we can do the


so here we go approaching to

the castle of in the magic kingdom

it is pretty crazy that uh once you are

uh closer to the terrain everything

looks like

it has melted or something like that

that the castle looks from the distance

it looks

all right but uh yeah

right here it looks pretty crappy

but still i mean i'm i'm still impressed

a machine doing all of this it's just

it's just impressive it's pretty

impressive and it will just

get better and better but with a little

depth of field

you get a pretty nice uh picture


that's nice

all right time for takeoff there goes

majestic crash

oh that was close wasn't it okay let's




i see we have a little

speedway or something like that right

here uh maybe we can do a little

little race let's go and check it out

i want to see how the aircraft behaves

if you try

doing some ground races i think that's

gonna be interesting

all right i think uh third person view

is going to be

better suited for this um

no flaps and the idea is to keep the

tires on the ground if not you will be

disqualified and yeah here we go

race is on

majestic crash just seems to not be able

to keep


and winner

of course couldn't have gone

any other way let's now chill oh whoops


all right so uh yeah let's now take off

from here and uh

let's see let's see where we go next

if i'm not mistaken uh where were we

going now

i think animal kingdom now i shouldn't

be lying

i think animal kingdom is next let's get



we're gonna complete the turn and after

the turn we will be taking off


wow that was closed majestic trash


it is actually a little bumpy but i

think it could be a little bit more but


i think it's okay


okay so we spotted uh this i think it's

kind of something similar to the everest

uh to mount everest so yeah i don't see

anywhere else

to land in front of it but here on the


we will be able to

okay so full flaps and here we go



all right not a problem

i actually do like very very much uh

what we got there


okay so uh we got something

else we found it is like the waterworks


i don't know how it's called but we have

some water slides


we have some really big water slides uh

they seemed

pretty landable from the top let's let's

go and check them out

okay they may actually not be very

landable after all

majestic crashes going for the for the

crash of course

and oh boy here we go okay stop stop

stop stop

there we go

and majestic crash is now going for the


he uh he thinks he can do it

good luck majestic crash nice

and of course we end with a craft

oh that's silly goose anyway guys ah

yeah uh i hope you guys enjoyed if you


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