Family Flight to Galveston


hey Jacob tell everybody where we're

going yeah why are we going we're gonna

go see the lights

you buckling up Jacob yeah you ready to

go flying now that we got all our waters

all right let's go let's go Jacob hey

back here

Galveston see the Christmas lights huh

yeah watch out it's time to go to get

some guys we can go down and see the

Christmas lights but first we're gonna

set up here we're gonna do a little

family portrait our first big trip

together down to Galveston


Jacob's gonna sit up front with daddy

you're gonna be a dad some other dad


and he's like no that's his dad

who said that


only daddy only daddy his dad dad only

his dad is dead dad he called me dad dad

bears is ready to go flying - he's

already on the wing


you hold I'm mispronouncing board goods

you're my cameraman gonna hold it okay

don't touch it now you can just hold on

to it


but I did you say excuse me me sit on

your ears Matthew

what did you say Farley you tuck the

back here yeah we're trying to figure

out if his headset is okay stop it

the radio in an airplane is just for

talking are you we are gonna go down to

Galveston to see some Christmas lights

are you ready to go Jacob are you

excited but this is about how we do it

this is so how we do it but we're not go

that way backwards we're gonna go we

gotta go this way then we gotta turn

around go that way okay

yep crossed over bent over left downwind

you have to go take off take a turn take

a back and then we're gonna take off

right that's exactly right big boy

you're gonna do we'll do a run-up and

then we'll get out of here right

no it's his up front with Daddy he's

gonna need it in a little bit

you can you can sit up front on the way

home okay gonna sit up front with me

Matthew on the way home and then you'll

be daddy's camera man then it could be

my cameraman what are we waiting for

well first we're waiting for him to land

and then we're gonna do a run-up okay

but aren't you gonna close the window I

am after we finish our run-up and then

to the wind here kind of all right here

we go guys here's a run-up

let's magneto the truck they're both

right Magneto

the drop back to both good drop back up

it looks good fuel pressures good oil

oil fell on her head temp everything

looks good they look good to you Jacob

yes sir alright everybody ready back

there buckled up are you ready mr.

Matthew okay close these windows Jacob

but now we can go huh alright nobody

talked I just gotta do radio work now


northeast of traffic Bonanza five-0 form

on Charlie's departing runway 35 for the

East North Houston okay fillers

out of here

and now we are off guys got a positive

rate here coming up well at least we

know which way the wind is blowing at


a lot of smoke

we'll fly around it but we can see it

oh they're just doing some burning wider

traffic gonna have the seventh 7/7 x-ray

brother hey let's try to land runway

two-seven might do all right yep that's

downtown and you can see the Galleria if

you look closely you can see the tallest

building in the world on to downtown

settings right there baby I think I can

don't the trees look tiny guys



this is Lake Houston up here

oh they're coming in to land this way -

it's a little bit common right under

some traffic yeah we need to be careful

now we get were under the 2000 bail here

kind of disconcerting for them to like

be so many please right here I know you

see a ball there's one two three or that

I can see as long as we stay under 2,000

feet we're good yeah

well baby at like 11 o'clock yeah I see


lots of airplanes out here

yeah well 1500 so well focus on that one

cuz it's freaking me out

buttercup if you want me taking a little

bit I hold on to it okay don't don't put

your don't put your hand on the lens

though put it up here

you see all this traffic right here like


everybody wave to everybody on the

airplane over there you see him can you

wave to everybody on the air but that

just looks too close that's pretty close

all right well we're almost out of the

2,000 foot bail here and then we're home

you're welcome one that one uniform is a

Cessna 182 we're two weathers into their

play I went or Alex Lou a pair up front

of us I see him you see him yeah is he

like right this I got okay thank you


yeah we're on our way to the ocean I'll

show you once we can see it okay don't

pull this court there's two airplanes

out there

where's the other one to release the

other one is I know but he's on a little

headed back to the airport so he should

be pretty close to him

now listen Scholz field automated

weather observation 2 1 5 2 Sulu when

two eight zero at zero Niner visibility

one with the zero sky conditions clear

temperature 1 8 Celsius

dew point zero six Celsius altimeter

three zero one to burn marks density

altitude 100 Galveston Shoals field

automated weather observation 2 1 5 -

Sulu when two eight zero at zero Niner

visibility 1 zero sky condition clear

Chargers water date Celsius 2.0 lakhs

Celsius given three zero one two four

marks density altitude 100 sinkholes

field automated weather observation

are your ears popping Jacob no are yours

Oh fine to yours daddy yep

buying art as well

Charlie problem

alrighty zero brow attacks to the

parking this trick one single I would

text the parking with you at six nine

traps no factor runway one for clear fee

option and buys on your missiles like a

win two eights or opener

the guy below is climbing too hard


no he's down he's down there but he's

going parallel with us


but we're going we're going 20 knots

faster yes off you 16 contact Keys

departure time thanks for coming in

myself he's probably doing all right

Jacob this enough okay okay

galveston tower bonanza 5:04 one

charlie's 15 miles to the north east

you buzz your phone and Charlie ident

there's a 4-1 Charlie North the airport

I show you at 3,750 right at 3600 DFM

insight I have the traffic in sight

before I announce Bowen Charlie enter a

right downwind fur on my 360 manners

rotate right now.before up my three six

I got that traffic inbound it okay the

Cherokee what is your number

November 478 Lima sure your port seven

eight Lima is number one you're number

two I'm probably about the way yeah I

was just going with you nor the traffic

inside I'll be in shortly

Lima jerax port seven a liver are

surviving bound to the airport expect

runway three six I advise expect to reap


that's so cool what

but that airplane was talking and we can

hear it yeah

okay guys what we are here

all right so now we gotta be quiet let

Daddy do his thing okay let Daddy do his

pilot thing a pile of thing

there we go

see the beach

I thought ferris wheel do the ferris

wheel up over there guys Wow hold on to

that camera

people on the beacon slurps coming down

and a bright Sun huh

I see the cars yeah you see the tower at

the airport yeah we get a little closer

you'll see it see the big bridge

we're over to the right over the order

this God must be


I can't get to me are you Matthew Oh

that's okay because we gotta go all the

way down to the end anyway

we're gonna see Christmas lights three

guys excited yes

we're landing


I don't know where he wants me nerd off

he didn't say

bananas 401 charlie straight ahead term

right at Delta Jack's park aeri pointing

right at Delta XE street parking

that one's clothes sweetie

it's too cold outside it's a waterpark

and it's their first time in Galveston


with everybody you see the pyramids over

there that's moody gardens right there

yep there's three other bonanzas here

Ruby tails make that three now four

three B tails and an 8:30

look look the guys the guys uh guiding

us in

how you doing yeah beautiful out I know

but we were going over to Moody Gardens

how do we get over there that okay oh I

appreciate it thank you




well we made it back we went all the way

down to Galveston was a good flight

great play lots of traffic up because

the sky is clear but unfortunately

because of we're really really exhausted

kids I did not get to change the

batteries and the GoPros so I did not

film anything on the way back captured a

little bit with my cell phone we'll see

how that turns out but other than that

nice smooth flight all the way home made

a beautiful landing everyone's home safe

it was a lot of fun so with that I'll

say good night and see you guys next

time thanks for watching