FINALLY Visiting The GREAT BARRIER REEF! You HAVE to See This in Australia (Sharks, Turtles & More)

Good morning adventurers. It's another awesome day here in Australia. Got up at the butt crack of dawn

6 a.m. not that bad

We actually went to bed early but I slept horribly you guys I got this bad cough. I'm trying to get over

Today, we are marking another thing off of our bucket list

If you thought we were coming to Cairns and not going and visiting the Great Barrier Reef?

You are wrong (You are almost..!)


Almost right.

You're wrong but is school holidays right now

We had a heck of a time finding someone that could let us on board

We were emailing and calling people last minute being like, please

Can you squeeze us in and finally we found a tour that's gonna take us out there

So it's called the Great Barrier Reef for a very good reason.

It is the largest coral reef in the entire world

It stretches over 2300 kilometers and can actually be seen from space

We're boarding in about 20 minutes

But there is a little cafe behind us that might convince Eric to get a cheeky little coffee and then we'll be sailing off

Well, we found our vessel

This...a bit smaller than I realize

I knew that it only allowed 25 people on the tour

But I just didn't think about how that would mean that the boat is really small

So we might be getting a little seasick

Maybe, but

One thing I really like is that it has a hole covered back in so no sunburn for me today

We're officially sailing y'all we've got about two hours or so did they say get to the reef?

We're on one of the slower boats, but it's more chill not slow, but chill, you know, the other boats are speeding past us

They're a lot bigger than this one.

Y'all it has gotten crazy out here

It's super windy and these waves are a bit intense

The entire front of the boat is just getting doused with water. So everyone had to move to the back

It's a little wild. I'm very glad that I took my

ginger pills

I'll open the last 'til we get to the island 'coz it's still a good bit away

We have arrived at our snorkel spot and we are actually going to have a couple guys swimming around in the water with us

Which we've never done before, I think that's gonna help

There's supposed to be a bunch of really cool

parts to the coral reef here where I like you can get really close to the top of these really steep drop-offs and they say

It's perfect for seeing all kinds of amazing fish

Apparently, they spotted a turtle when we came in and they're gonna try and find that for us and direct us to it

Oh my gosh, we've never seen the turtle in the wild. That would be amazing to happen today

That's the beauty of having a guy they're gonna be able to show us a bunch of stuff

But we're gonna get geared up and get our snorkel on

Holy cow you guys that was amazing

But we've worked up an appetite and they have lunch here waiting for us and we're gonna be the last people eating

So we're gonna run in there

Yeah, Eric has been out, about 20 minutes longer than anybody else

Just getting all the shots while I'm like, all right

There's less and less food

But I'm sure it was totally worth it 'coz I think he got the badass stuff down there

You guys saw that turtle out there. Yeah. We're just hanging out. Yeah, it was very cool

We saw so many things and there's so many bright colors and the turtle

We are back on land

Thank goodness.

Yeah, there's actually a little island called Green Island

That's just off of the part of the reef that we were snorkeling at

But they actually have a resort on this island.

It was created obviously over a long time

There was just like a little bump in the ocean and debris would catch there and eventually it formed this whole

Sandbar, the I guess now island and then birds flew over

And then they thought you know what this sandbar could use?

A resort.

But it would be a pretty sick place to stay. Yeah, I think we're just gonna mosey around and explore the island a bit

The reason the crocodiles are here is because a guy back in the day would go and capture potentially dangerous crocodiles

Not a guy

the Crocodile Hunter, the original

The Original Crocodile Hunter

would go and get these guys that were causing trouble I guess and then he would bring them here

And I think they said that they have the largest one in captivity in the world

His name is Casius and he is 5.48 meters

Or about 20 feet. Yeah, that is a big ol crocodile

Also, look how old he is.

110 years old!

Sadly you have to pay to enter the crocodile Park and it's 20 AUD a person and

That gives you an all-day pass which is probably pretty good deal. But we're only here for another hour

So probably not a good idea for us to do it. No, but if you come here do it

Yep, let us know how it goes

We decided to come into the resort, grab a frosty beverage

the wine was the cheapest and it actually sounded pretty good so

Yeah, nice and cold

we were walking around the beach and it was gettin' hot out there ooh baby, and

The last time we're on a boat are when we were sailing around the Whitsunday. They got a pretty wicked burn. Yeah

She was peeling today from it, but you're looking pretty good now

Maybe that saltwater washed it away

I'm very scared of the Sun now. It is very mean here

There are also all these little birds roaming around and

I think that they just get in the way of people because I was walking I felt something I kicked something fuzzy

And it was one of those these little birds I felt so bad

But yet some of them look a little mangled because I think they get beat up by the other ones and kicked by humans

We're heading back in we're almost on the mainland, but we've got like a bit of a downpour going on

Kind of soured the mood a bit

It's a little wet, everyone had to pile in here

It looks like we've sprung a leak

this water's coming in from all angles, but we're nice and cozy right here

Yeah, and our skipper is doing a hell of a job. He just got it out on and there's no big deal

Good luck with the YouTube stuff.

Keep traveling.

They were super nice on this boat.

Well, it's probably the highlight for me.

Yeah the crew was

Fantastic, and there were so many there were four of them. And there were only there were a little less than 25 of us

So it was a super personal experience. It was awesome.

We're back on the mainland

It's nice to only spend a day on a boat instead of multiple days because it gets a little hardcore

We've been on a boat a lot and they're just - my poor tummy just can't handle it anymore

But that was our last day here so last day on a boat. We will be heading down to Melbourne tomorrow very excited

We will be flying Qantas

Which I think is one of our favourite airlines ever and then we will be doing way more fun stuff down there

But if you guys get a chance to go on one of these cruises out to the Barrier Reef totally worth it

I'm so glad that I saw the turtle because I've never got the chance to swim with the turtle

I almost saw a shark, but I - right as I got out of the water they started circling around the boat

Swimming with sharks

Definitely would have been a highlight but swimming with turtles was a very nice alternative maybe a much more pleasant alternative actually

But I hope you guys enjoyed all the underwater shots and the adventure today, but I think that's gonna do it for us

We got to go home and do a little bit of work, do a little bit of packing, cook a little dinner

Today though

Was totally awesome

You saving that one up?

That was the one. I heard somebody on board one of the crew said that

I was like I'm gonna use that later.

She did she told that to me. She wouldn't tell me what the joke is

There you have it

That's a good one, right?

That's good, I guess

Alright. Good night adventurers.

We'll see you on the road.