How do horses earn a spot in the Kentucky Derby?

more than 20,000 foals

at age 3 only 20 can compete

history beckons with each step

Hucky derby kentucky derby is a

combination of a lot of things that lead

up to something magical on the first

Saturday in May every year since 1875 we

have continued the tradition and it is

truly one of those once-in-a-lifetime

events they have to be at their best on

the first Saturday in May no other day

works you have to have luck as well as

skill from the competition to a distance

that they've never faced before and then

the the added pressure of 170,000 people

screaming the ones that because you

break the gate

there we got paid with a great line it's

the best greatest two minutes of sports

but it's really great three years in

sports the decisions make from a time

that folks born our decisions that will

lead him either to the path to the gate

of the door before not you get one

chance in your lifetime to win the

coveted roses around your neck each year

20,000 foals are born about half will

ever make it to the racetrack as we go

through the road to the Kentucky Derby

we narrow that down to twenty horses in

the starting gate just making the

Kentucky Derby starting gate is a

tremendous accomplishment for any owner

trainer breeder horse but being

competitive in the race is the ultimate

goal winning the race is something that

everyone dreams about the road to the

Kentucky Derby is a series of 36 select

races that will help determine who gets

in the starting gate on the first

Saturday in May horses will accrue

points by finishing it in the top four

of those races and our resin star states

the first two races start at Churchill

Downs for the Kentucky Derby it's the

Iroquois for the Phillies and it's the

Pocahontas for those starting points at

Churchill Downs start the official road

the Kentucky Derby all races are one

mile and over all those races geared

toward finding those most likely to

succeed at a mile a quarter on the first

Saturday of May

if you run well in a race like the

Iroquois you have that additional

confidence going into the spring of your

horses three-year-old season that your

horse has already performed over

racetrack where the Kentucky Derby's

help and so if you won the airport and

you pick up the first points you know

and you get to winning into the to the

Breeders Cup at least that you'll have

that box checked off the doors to handle

Church oval service the road to the

Kentucky Derby series is must watch TV

you will learn the names of the horses

their connections the trainers the

jockeys the owners you never know when a

horse might create a huge impression

with a breakthrough performance you know

this year's road to the Kentucky Derby