The Florida Keys, The Overseas Highway, & Key West


the Florida Keys a tropical paradise

home to some of the best fishing boating

snorkeling and scuba diving in the world

in this video we are going to travel

from Key Largo down the Overseas Highway

to Key West and show you this 120 miles

of tropical islands by drone by car in

underwater will also give you tips on

restaurants resorts picnic areas water

sport rentals and show you some

entertainment options in what to look

for yes this video will be a little

longer but I think will be a helpful

tool as you plan your trip to Florida's

exotic adventure land so come with us as

we explore the Florida Keys the Overseas

Highway in Key West we start with the

sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean in Key

West now if you missed the sunrise due

to late night partying on Duvall Street

don't worry you can still see the sunset

of the Gulf for many of the early years

of Florida Key West was the largest city

in the state however it went into a

decline in the late 1800s at that time

it was only accessible by water Henry

Flagler an East Coast developer changed

all that in the early 1910s when he

built the overseas railway which we will

discuss further when we get to the bahia

honda bridge for now though let's go to

Key Largo to the entrance of the keys

and make our way down the Overseas

Highway to Key West as you drive over

the jewfish creek bridge from the

mainland you take your first glimpse of

the keys via the bohemian lifestyle of

adventure waiting for you when you

arrive at Key Largo route 1 turns to the

south and becomes the Overseas Highway

at mile marker 106 the mile marker

system on the Overseas Highway it makes

it easy to find locations along the way

it shows the distance you are from Key

West the mile marker corresponds to the

address on the Overseas Highway check

out this great picnic area on your way

down the keys rails Waterfront Park is

an 8 acre dog

we park with picnic tables benches boat

launch in swimming area there was a

movie titled Key Largo filmed at the

Caribbean Club the song key largo by

one-hit wonder birdie higgins reached

number 8 on the charts in 1982 as great

as a scenery is above the land it is

even greater under the sea John

Pennekamp coral reef park where you can

snorkel or scuba dive on a molasses reef

take a glass-bottom boat tour or kayak

through mangroves it was the first

underwater marine park in the US also in

Key Largo you can go on deep-sea fishing

charters where you can catch mahi mahi

tuna tarpon and grouper check out Key

Largo fishing adventures at mile marker

99.7 next stop on our journey

I love Mirada which means village of

islands often referred to as the fishing

capital of the rural it hosts several

fishing tournaments a year bone fishing

in sell fishing can be found here the

coconut Cove Resort in Marina situated

on a 7 acre tropical island with ledges

and sweeping palms overlooking the ocean

and is pet friendly


Theatre of the sea where you can swim

with a dolphin or sea lion take a

bottomless boat ride experience sea

turtles fish sharks stingrays alligators

and birds so much to do here check out

their website


there are two great restaurants at mile

marker 83 wale Harbor seafood buffet and

Wahoo's Bar and Grill which is pet

friendly across the street is a Publix

in history of diving museum as we move

further down a la mirada I would pass by

another popular option for destination

weddings the Islander resort


another nice roadside Park with picnic

tables is at mile marker 80 and across

the highway is the americaís resort

where you can relax by the pool emits

palm trees overlooking the Atlantic also

Budden marries Marino with an outdoor

cafe party boat fishing charters hotel

accommodations scuba and snorkeling

trips and boat rentals


and speech boardwalk reopened in 2019

being rebuilt after Hurricane Emma

destroyed it in 2017 it has a 300 feet

of boardwalk with six pavilions covered

picnic tables a restroom and parking

lots at both ends the beach is good for

shallow swimming and his dog friendly

the channel number 2 bridge has

convenient fishing platforms mangrove

snapper and gag grouper roam these



just further down is the channel number

five bridge important for boats with 65

feet of clearance also as known as one

of the better fishing spots in the keys

with abundant Jax tarpon and rich

wildlife we now travel from a la mirada

to marathon Long Key Bridge connects

Long Key with conch Key roughly halfway

between Miami and Key West it is the

second longest bridge in the keys at two

and a half miles

the older bridge now a pedestrian bridge

and bike paths carried the overseas

railroad from 1907 to 1935 it also has

fishing platforms it is part of the

overseas heritage trail a multi-use bike

path that is currently 90 miles long and

will eventually run across the complete

106 miles of the Overseas Highway little

conch Key has vacation rental as you can

see on VRBO comm as we start to approach

marathon the overseas Heritage Trail has

a nice paved path along the curry

hammock State Park trail through a sandy

shoreline in mangrove Creek the Dolphin

Research Center here offers interactive

demos in a shallow Lagoon mile marker 54

boat ramp is another great place to have

a picnic a marathon is aquarium

encounters at Marine Aquarium in park

with a two hundred thousand gallon coral

reef tank or you can feed sharks grouper

and eels sea stingrays or snorkel in the

saltwater lagoon we now move to the

final leg of our journey from marathon

to Key West where some of the history of

the keys can be seen through its amazing

bridges the 70 mile bridge among the

longest bridges in existence when it was

built in 1982 most of the older bridge

is still in existence

a 2.2 mile section to pitch a key on the

east end of the bridge was long used as

a fishing pier but was closed to

pedestrian traffic in 2016 however it is

undergoing a 77 million dollar

restoration and is expected to open by

late 2021

the west end of the subway bridge has

been restored and is open to pedestrian



at mile marker 37 is Bahia Honda State

Park this is one of the best rated

beaches in South Florida unlike many of

the other state parks you can camp here

cabins are available campsites available

for small tents up to large RVs there

are two boat ramps plenty of snorkeling

swimming and fishing in crystal-clear

waters fee is currently eight dollars

per vehicle the state park also

maintains the easternmost section of the

old Bahia Honda railroad bridge it was

here that Henry Flagler had his most

challenging crossing for the overseas


the bridge had to be built taller than

any of the other bridges on the railway

after battling three hurricanes in four


the overseas railroad was complete in

1912 that is until the 1935 Labor Day

hurricane ended the overseas railroad

however it helped to complete the

Overseas Highway the top of the Bahia

Honda bridge was reject for automobile



and the complete overseas highway opened

on March 29 1938 we are now just 30

miles from Key West as we cross the

Spanish harbour bridge to Big Pine Key

outside of some coastal areas of Miami

the Florida Keys are the only areas in

the continental US to never report a

freezing temperature never has the

temperature fallen below 41 degrees even

in winter expect highs in the 70s and

lows above 60


this will be our last shot with a drone

at mile marker 13 due to the Naval Air

Station and Keywest International

Airport as we go over the Boca Chica

channel we are now arriving in Key West

before we take you on a tour of Mallory

Street in the ball street I wanna give

you a tip on a great place for lodging

the Ibis bay beach resort rates are very

reasonable although three miles to

Mallory square it is an ideal location

in my opinion with the grocery store and

mcdonalds across the street in a

restaurant with waterside seating on

property rooms with a nice patio beach

view relaxing pool area rentals for jet

skis mopeds and likes in a parrot that

says bye-bye

when you leave also very convenient that

you can park your car right next to your

room as we move to Mallory square in

Duval Street you will find lodging

around here more expensive and less

parking less space so I think it's an

advantage to be three miles away and

just take a moped to downtown

mallory square is the center of Key West

with restaurant shops

theater museums a cruise port in various

entertainment it hosts the sunset

celebrations which begins every evening

two hours before sunset with various

street performers magicians live music

circus acts and storytelling check out

the furry water adventures where you can

tour the waters around Key West on a

jetski parasail or glass-bottom boat

where you can see a living coral reef or

take a catamaran or sailboat for a

snorkel adventure under the sea with

sunset watersports in plenty of options

for fishing charters for a tour around

the island try the old town trolley or

the famous conch train

the Key West shipwreck museum combines

actors films and artifacts to tell the

story of 400 years of shipwrecks and

climb a 65 foot lookout tower for a

great view of Key West the Key West

lighthouse also offers a great view next

to the Custom House Museum

there are several statues which make

great props for pictures


the Key West aquarium the famous Duval

Street starts at the Gulf of Mexico at

Mallory Square and runs for one in a

quarter-mile ending at the Atlantic

Ocean named after the first governor of

Florida it has many of the restaurants

and nightlife of Key West Key West is

also proudly known as the conch republic

which goes back to 1982 under Mayor

Denis Wardlow declared the independence

of Key West from the federal government

in protest to a u.s. Border Patrol

inspection point on US Highway 1 which

was hurt and tourism the name stuck and

has become a banner for this

free-spirited city we have put website

links in the description below of the

things we cover in this video so you can

easily get more info there is so much to

do in the Florida Keys we just could not

cover it all so I'd love it if you could

share in the comments below your

experience may be a resort or an

activity we are Tampa aerial media where

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Tampa aerial Mediacom we hope this video

has been a helpful tool for you as you

enjoy your stay in the Florida Keys

thank you for watching