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q7 is the largest ski resort in Summit

County Colorado spread across three

mountain peaks this epic Pass Resort has

a relaxed vibe and offers fun for the

whole family

there are several learning areas and

intermediate trails but also expert

terrain with five hike two bowls

Keystone has an award-winning terrain

park in the longest riding day in all of

Colorado with night skiing under the


we are Jeff and Jennifer with snowboard

traveler welcome to Keystone today we're

at Keystone we have a beautiful sunny

day a little bit of fresh snow so we're

excited to hit the slopes Keystone

Colorado is a two-hour drive from Denver

International Airport along i-70 travel

times can vary significantly with

weather and traffic keystone is a 15

minute drive from nearby Silverthorne

and is one of the only major ski resorts

with free parking at the base they have

handy wagons for hauling gear and family

members River Run village is the main

base area with several condos shops and

restaurants there are outdoor games and

other adventures also nearby the

Keystone trail map is easy to navigate

across durka mountain north peak and the

outback there are hike to routes for the

five bowls of south north Erickson

Birdman and independence the first of

Keystone's three mountains is der cub

named after the founding family with

beginner and intermediate runs there are

two fast lifts at the base area the

gondola or summit quad Express the

gondola has a mid Mountain learning area

or you can continue to the top adventure

zone this is a centralized area with six

lifts and summit house inside is a

cafeteria bathrooms and a warming area

durka mountain also has kid topia the

world's largest snow fort next to the

tubing park

off the summit the schoolmarm learning

trail is the best for beginners and


it has rest areas and KITT adventure

zones along the way this trail takes you

down to a 51 terrain park with 100

progressive features all levels of

terrain are in one place the learners

can easily progress up from beginner to

advanced the park has a dedicated a51

chairlift for easy laps and the

intermediate i-70 rails are fun to

cruise through before the go-devil trail

after riding on the first mountain head

down the back of durham toward north

peak keystone snow making and grooming

is exceptional making for enjoyable

cruiser trails at the bottom is labonte

smokehouse barbecue with sun chairs to

relax and work on that winter tan North

Peak has a handful of intermediate rails

winding around the side of the mountain

there are several expert runs the main

face including long cruisers glades and

moguls at the top of North Peak is the

outpost with the timber Ridge food court

for lunch

there are several food options and a

comfy fireplace you can also come back

later for dinner at alpenglow Stu Bay

the highest Triple A four Diamond rated

dining experience in North America last

head to the Outback the highest lift

access mountain at Keystone there are

groomed and mogul runs but we spend most

of our time here finding powder stashes

in the trees Outback has

intermediate and advanced terrain with

numerous Glade runs porcupines glades or

badger are two of our favorites

beware of the Griz glades with the

coyote caper cat track at the bottom

requiring some skating as a snowboarder

after riding the lifts on the three

mountains it's time to earn some turns

the best part about Keystone is the hike

to terrain it covers 1,000 acres across

five open bowls yes you will be hiking

at 12,000 feet so pace yourself with the

altitude the one-mile hike from outback

up wha pity peak is the easiest route

and reaches north and south poles

there are beautiful views of 10-mile

range across the valley South Pole is

the easiest and worth the extra effort

to get to the far side of the bowl into

wombat chutes this leads into mr. Toad's

Wild Ride creakily a thrilling narrow

choose-your-own-adventure ride

after writing north and south poles try

the 1.5 mile hike from north peak to

Erickson bowl and Bergman Bowl that's a

lot of work but you have an amazing view

there is often cat transportation you

can take for $10 we recommend hiking

farther to get more wide open turns and

untracked snow before hitting the trees

below all the trails funnel back down to

lift access the last Bowl independence

is hiked out only so we recommend ski

touring equipment split boards or a

guided cat tour after exploring all

three of Keystone's mountains head back

to River Run village for opera before

venturing back to the mountain for night

skiing there is several restaurants and

bars in the village with operate

specials so grab a pint and try to

tackle an enormous plate of nachos

keystone is the only resort in the area

with night skiing much of durka mountain

lights up at night until 8:00 p.m. so

you can truly get in a full day of

riding on the slopes there is one other

activity we recommend at Keystone school

marm has a special place in our hearts

because right here is where we got

married many many years ago you can't

beat the views tying the knot at 11,000

feet with a reception in an

award-winning restaurant and has gone to

like getaway car thanks for riding with


at Keystone Resort in Colorado we had an

awesome day days here and hopefully

introduced you to your next favorite


we are Jeff and Jennifer with snowboard

traveler and we will see you at the next