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hey everyone welcome back to first hand


today is all about sunshine and sand I'm

going to tell you all about Marco Island

Florida but this isn't one of the big

Atlantic coast spots like Miami Fort

Lauderdale or Palm Beach so you may not

have heard of it before nope

Marco Island is a lot smaller a lot more

laid-back but it still has all the Sun

and sand and water that you could want

for me the easiest option to get there

was flying in the southwest Florida

International Airport Fort Myers it's

about 50 miles from Marco Island but my

shuttle driver said that a lot of people

actually fly into Miami Miami's a

hundred miles away so it's pretty far

but it has way more international flight

options both airports have private car

services that will take you to Marco

Island and that's what I did but

honestly I think a rental car would have

actually been a better idea Marco Island

isn't very walkable especially in the

Florida heat so having a car to get

around to the stores and restaurants is

a huge help I actually ended up renting

one when I realized how spread out

everything was my biggest piece of

advice is that if you want to spend time

at the beach stay somewhere in South

Collier Boulevard on one side of the

road you have the big resorts and

beachfront condos some really fancy

places on the other side are some other

condo buildings most of them are pretty

nice with a limited beach view but they

aren't right on the beach

for half my trip I was in a beachfront

resort and other half I was across the

road of the condo obviously beachfront

is usually better and more convenient

but it's also way pricier but if you're

staying across the road from the beach

make sure you have a beach access path

that you can use my condo had a private

one we could unlock with our key and

there are only two public ones on Marco

Island and they were way further away so

make sure there's one that's close by to

you it gets super hot so you don't want

to be carrying all your stuff too far

that's not fun at all the beaches are

definitely the major draw on Marco

Island way down at the southern end you

have South Marco Beach it's got one of

the only public beach access paths so if

you aren't staying beachfront this is an

option for you one thing that sets it

apart from the rest of the beaches is

the rocky outcropping right at the tip

it's a great spot to snap a pic of Marco

Island or to do some shower the great

thing about Marco is that it's got miles

of beautiful uninterrupted Beach great

if you want to take some nice long walks

along the Gulf Coast

I started at South Beach and walk north

you've got the water on your left

beachfront hotels and condos on your

right and the sand under your feet as I

said the beachfront places take up

almost every square foot of real estate

but don't worry the beaches themselves

are all public so you can walk along

them relax there or take a swim the only

thing you can't do is use their

umbrellas and chairs as you'd expect

they're pretty protective of those

one thing to keep your eyes open for as

you walk are sections of the beach that

are blocked off with tables those are

where the sea turtles have come up on

the beach to lay their eggs it's really

cool to see nature hard at work so

obviously make sure not to go in those

areas since we don't want to disturb the

little turtles another thing to do while

you're walking down the beach is some

shelling Marco Island is famous for its

shells and you're gonna see ones of all

different shapes sizes and colors keep

your eyes open for them as you walk down

the beach and bring a bag or a bucket to

hold them because you never know what

kind of cool shells the tides gonna

bring in okay so if you've made the walk

all the way down the beach you see some

turtle spots picked up some shells seen

plenty of sand and water and now you're

at Tigertail Beach Tiger Tail has the

other public beach access so you

probably get why I said to make sure

you're staying close to a beach access

it's about three and a half miles

between Tiger Tail and South Marco so

not a lot of public options Tigertail

Beach isn't actually on the Gulf it

borders a small Lagoon not ideal if

you'd rather be on the main beach but if

there aren't too many people there it's

nice and peaceful with plenty of birds

and other animals hanging out okay so I

had plenty of time to walk the beach do

some swimming and relax but I wanted to

hop on a boat and get out on the water

Marco has plenty of options for fishing

charters shelling cruises or sightseeing

trips and a lot of them leave from Rose

marina it's on Marco Island but not very

close to the beach so you'll want to

drive there the tour I went with was

Dolphin explorer I put a link to it down

below in the description I highly

recommend it the name was pretty

accurate because we saw a ton of

dolphins on our trip some even came

right up to our boat to play and swim

along with us really cool to watch

the crew is incredible really nice

really informative definitely a

naturalist style tour with some people

that really knew their stuff we learned

about what the Dolphins do where they

hang out and the names of the local

dolphins in Marco Island another

highlight of the tour was driving

through the mangrove islands along the

coast there one of the things I really

like about Florida and not really

something you see in the rest of the US

and if that wasn't enough we even had

some time to stop at a small island to

do some exploring the search for some

more shells and take a swim overall an

amazing tour and worth every penny

I love eco tours like this and this one

went over and above my expectations it

was a great afternoon on the water so

we've talked about the beach in the

water but what about if you want to

stick to dry land well there isn't a

whole lot to do khal ears the main road

and is mostly filled with condos and

resorts you've got a few stores and

restaurants there but they're pretty

spread out the city center is the same

unless you're getting groceries or

dinner there's not a whole lot else to

do this mostly you'll just be driving

through it on your way to get to some of

the more interesting spots because it's

right on the coast you know that my food

recommendation is going to be some CT

one of my favorite things to get

whenever I'm down in Florida is Gruber

it's fish so you can get it prepared a

lot of ways but I'd love to get a

breaded or blackened grouper sandwich


so that was my first hand experience in

Marco Island Florida and I really

enjoyed my trip the Sun was shining the

beach was beautiful and it was very

relaxing it's a slower and more

laid-back place you aren't gonna find

many well-known tourist sites or lots of

nightlife if you prefer a faster pace it

may not be for you but if you just want

to have a nice relaxing vacation by the

water then you're probably gonna like

Marco Island personally I love spending

so much time walking up and down the


searching for shells hanging out with

friends and family and of course

swimming in the water that's it for this

city guide hopefully it's useful if

you're planning a trip to Marco Island

if you have any questions ask me in the

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