Landing in Naples, Florida 360!

November 3 9 0 golf mic descent of

maintains level 2 1 0 my thought was to

1 0-0 my number 43 tag a whiskey contact

Miami Center one to eight point two to

twenty eight twenty two three angle

whiskey every dick spirit a 5/8 contact

Miami one to eight point two to one to

eight point two to seven is a 58

American 84 contact my stretch

Jacksonville center one to five point

one seven one twenty five to one seven

American 88 for Legion 757 contact Miami

center one three 2.35 30 to 35 750

selling today American 2381 a set of

maintain flight level two three zero I

get 2381 to set of maintained by level

two three zero second 2381 to fund of

maintain flight level two three zero


dragon 2381 to Senna maintain Bonneville

two-30 dragon 2381 descent of maintains

wonderful two-30 American 567 contact

line B to the 1/3 2.35 30 to 35 area 567

pammi happen once a tiny taken is -4 0

through Center American 567 2667 to 300m

2381 this may take multiple three five

zero acknowledged when I done American

567 1 3 2 point 3 5 4 0 0 obj 178 Miami

Center Roger Center Burke and 2564 or 3

7 3

later for as low as three threes here

about a throw for my recent rudder might

be Sarah might have a sneaking around

I'll get you in one minute please do not

ki up right now a mere three nine zero

golf Mike November zero golf Mike

contact Miami Center one three two point

three five thirty two thirty five thirty

to thirty five zero off Mike a day no

one same but I gotta hit you offered

Dana by Miami prepare three nine three

golf Mike 30.6% in flight level two one


November 3 9 or 0 golf Mike Miami center

crosses Euler added maintain one one

thousand four Meyers altimeter a for

Naples Outfitters 3:09 ok Tyler at

eleven thousand double O nine circle

Mike step to 11:51 contact Miami Center

one to eight point two to twenty eight

twenty two will see a definite 1151 we

did 757 descent amazing one five

thousand Orlando out four three zero one

to thirty twelve to one five knots and

Allegiant seven five seven okay well

welcome aboard for the picker three

arrival into Naples Florida it giveth

eleven thousand feet at Zeiler a little

bit behind on that descent they've kept

me up pretty high so I've got to

accelerate out two weeks accelerate my

decent rate - I'm in heaven

November for eleven hotel Charlie's had

a three three zero four two one zero

November four one one hotel Charlie

Miami Center Roger cross the dialer

added maintain one one thousand Naples

altimeter 3:09 Zeiler at one one

thousand one a filter

whether is obviously severe clear today

beautiful day

find a from Indianapolis we've not had a

single pump


every 7 miles out still I could see

sanibel island right now but

visibilities uncharacteristically good

out by 794 squawk three six six six

three six six six software 794 we are

coming down a west coast of Florida we

are just just a beam Sarasota Florida

right now it's off to my left


Center frontier flight 2746 trees eroded

setting new by little tube real frontier

flight 24/7 27:46 Miami Center Roger

American 567 to center maintain 1 5,000

Orlando altimeter 3 0 1 to maintain 1

5,000 exposit another allegiance of 757

contact Miami Center one to 7.2 27 to

Xena senpai smelling it

thirty-six miles out 12 minutes

stuff with 794 2 centimeters a flat

above two three zero three zero seven

nine going out of service

use caution for bird and wildlife

activity on and in the vicinity of the

airport craft Rolla clearance delivery

are combined on frequency 121.6 advise

on initial contact you have whiskey

table tower information with P 2 0 2 3

Zulu when 2 5 0 at 9 or visibility 1 0

sky clear temperature zero

visual ending in departing runway 2 3

remark silver glitter others and

clearance has been issued self refuel

are that are for loosers for LZ or force

or so or DME out of service

use caution for bird and wildlife

activity on and in the vicinity of the

airport craft all o'clock with what

everybody was in the province e1 idea

they say 1 1000 environment for Myers

altimeter freezer 1 0 turn 50 knots

Avila 794 180 degrees frontier flight

27:46 expert ID sensor bottom up to 6 0

4 traffic exercise your toothpick

subscribers run 5 times over so random

point 381 Felicio 232 up on down 200

American 2381 Miami center Roger

but by 2/3 and runway 5 or the same

runway just opposite in

American 567 contact Jacksonville

correction contact Miami Center one to

seven point two twenty seven nose hole

tear America 567 six thousand six

hundred feet long

okay so the altimeter three-zero-zero


November 3 0 3 9 or 0 golf might contact

for minors approach 1 2 5 point 1 5 25

15 sir got my good day 1 0 0 1 0 speed

our discretion over 1085 over Simon a

6-1 Delta Sarah 5500 November $91 fear

for my ultimate or three zero zero

matter maintain VFR three zero zero one

dose their worship three bigger killers

verify for me you're not one anymore

approaches you're going to terrified and

out perfectly your Vic go from four bars

approach primary three nine zero golf

Mike 13502 7-eleven with whiskey with

three Victor kilo reset transponder

squat four seven five three and I did

four seven five three four fifth prefix

kilo over three nine zero got Michael

Myers approach good afternoon cross

either at or below one 1000 percent of

maintain 5,000 okay sigh Loretto center

below 11,000 down to 5,000 zero five

four day five sorry I missed the turn

they turn right direct RSW out of those

turn Airport twelve mocking shove them

up steps Govich at 85 right turn over

get a fiber from the right turn direct

to the field I would say these five

right turn to rescue

and the victor kilo-alpha Punta Gorda

what was your full coughing fit skills

here at 18 3 big deal

there were three major key Loretto

contact seven northeast of the Punta

Gorda Airport TURN RIGHT heading two

seven zero two seven zero ridiculous

number five eight kilo descend and

maintain 2,000 descent maintain 2005

zero frigid 85 Airport twelve o'clock

six month in sight virginity five clear

visual approach runway six convict our

g'day visual put zero six contact

towered over ten eighty five four miles

road stock 605 s7 testing 3500 plus 7000

hitting one three two one Christian

November six row four five seven four -

automatic zero zero Niner three zero

zero nine F alpha 7 and there already

make tequila research transponder one

more time for me to walk four seven

seven one and I do four seven seven one

four three they can feel sorry I

terminated your callsign Baksh another

flag to give you an explorer no problem


number three victor keeler radar contact

five east of the Punta Gorda airports I

want to get you west of the airport you

Clipper feet on course okay oh five a

kilo turn left heading two one zero two

one zero four five five

Brooke sublist 794 one six thousand four

one one thousand two our fifty knots is

tiny with Romeo SS 794 four layers

approach Roger play golf Mike's into

maintain 5,000 we're going to golf like

down to five thousand four fires protein

over four one one hotel Charlie's out a

15-3 to cross Tyler at one 1000 which

over for one 100 tell Charlie for my

report Cedric rush 529 four thousand

fairly 5.9 Fort Myers approach Roger

five-zero Kilcher not sitting 180 180 0

by the he'll never dine at 4500 Senate

maintain VFR 2500 that maintain 2500 VFR

now for 904 5 0 0 suppose this whenever

victor cool headed service number 6 2014

4 miles approach Roger

number six one day for Victor Percy

direct Sookie sorry spoke wix1 it over

every six or four five seven Percy

director SW joint both flight plan route

to right now seventy adjoining flat ban

through moments of Southwest 794 to

Center maintain 5,000 5 m + 794 before

one one Hotel show leader said in

eighteen five thousand ten to five

thousand 102 Charles Irving 529 reduce P

2 2 1 zero flow to tempo time

precise approach to pepper to see the

food of the shara 5.5 hundred single

ms70 surge adults here for my approach

Roger in April winning was only five

when to buy discretion one way to three

win two five zero another ninety five

number five five eight kilos four miles

from Fiverr turn left heading one five

zero maintaining out 2,000 to establish

on final approach course please be a

while runway one three approach okay

five miles of fiber and one five zero

across two thousand clear to the V or

approach 500 at we get 1674 out of porn

Agora fifteen hundred forty two thousand

number three nine Eric off my contact

approach one-one-niner point seven five

1975 for Zerg of my allegiance is

shooting for five super Callanetics at

my gate $5,500 in smoke number three

Papa tango is a you question pop out of

the corner yeah five thousand five

hundred number three Papa tango climbing

can be a four or five thousand five

hundred report established at that

altitude where for that five hundred


precisely three or four kilo content

approach one two five point one five one

two five one five zero four kilo just be

two three nines for listening three two

zero Vaz maple therefore decide in the

turn 11 o'clock 5 miles 3 2 0 return

advice but yeah we've got inside things

SB 229 Roger cleared visual approach

runway 3 - content APIs tower one 28.5

take their physical doTERRA field to

finish it approach premier 3 names work

off mic seventy one hundred two fifty

five thousand with whiskey number three

now is your golf mindful Mary coach

Roger reduce speed to two one zero

slow to 210 so I got my before golf

uniform turn left heading 1 4 0 without

for a number for 8 uniform a primitive

turn letting one four zero four zero

turn for you number one one one Hotel

kilo turn right hitting zero five zero

going right zero five zero four one one

one Hotel kilo number 3 goes here turn

left heading 1 3 0 our way up 3:03 golf

here so just three five six up six down

hopefully get is 35 for my special Roger

reduce speed to two one zero

solve the two ten to thirty five forty

addition to maintain 3,000 3,000 for

exact at five forty number three golf

Shira just maintain 2002 south

four fires over four level 6,500

attending to 5000 and with whiskey

before lemon Hotel Charlie full marks

for Roger number 3 goes here

proceed back towards Naples and Baz and

sight in the turn twelve o'clock six

months I have the Naples in sight I just

understand the rescue safer

number three golf here proceed him down

to Naples clear visual pressure on wait

two three clear for the facial 2 3 so 3

golf us I did a 540 reduce speed to one

seven zero flowing one seven zero exits

at five forty number three gulps here

maintain one five zero announcer greater

till five mile final content Naples

Tower one to eight point five I do have

four jets to follow Oh give it all she's

got free golf here number zero of my

term apply heading 1 4 0 vector across

maple shop maintain 3000 140 down to

3,000 there got Mike's Lakota 540 dish

and maintain 2,000 turn him mounted off

doily down to mm I'm sorry booked the

rest because they're just 540 turn

inbound that Austrian descent of

maintain 2,000 inbounded off boy down to

2,000 research at 5:40 jet age 3/5

decent of maintain 3000 so maintain 3000

3500 won Hotel kilo quantity of barbara

plusted altitude roger going 7500 111one

Hotel kilo number for golf uniform turn

lessening zero-niner-zero for 8 uniforms

here on i-20 number 5 3 4 8 uniform

affirmative ahead full column has



run way inside if it helps for exist at

5:40 visited 540 curve is approaching

only 2/3 maintain 180 or not still 5

mile final content Naples Tyrell 1 28.5

going to tower 180 knots to 5 final edge

of 540 CSX rail no problem number 3 to 4

fly heading to a 2-0 content approach

one to five point one five

once your five point one five to it do

I'll be heading fifth at pixel so that a

uniform flight heading zero four zero

zero zero four you see number zero golf

Mike expect vectors for a left downwind

two to three that works sir got my

number three Papa tango say altitude

grappa taco is stop this you lost to the

5 over 5 so you Papa tango Roger

it's a lot easier to do a left hand

pattern than it is a right hand pattern

because the left hand pattern I can keep

the airport in sight the whole time

right hand pattern I'm looking across

the airplane and I can't see how this

works out just fine for me number seven

and three Papa tango content - under one

tree two point four one three two five

four three Papa sakalava kp2 number zero

golf Mike turn left heading 1 2 0 left

what two zeros are going get it's 3/5

descend maintain 2200 some 8 8 2004 one

one hotel Charlie descent to maintain

3000 procedure egg Naples direct Naples

descend to 3,000 water till charlie

Stapleton cipher is 35 it is 3/5 turn

him down an awfully clovers approach

runway 2 3 turn it off slowly off the

waiting for visual take 3 history it is

3 5 maintain a 182 or not so far my

final one eat till 5 mile final 935

number one Hotel kilo content approach

one to six point eight what hotel he was

going on one twenty six twenty everyday



get its 3-5 content naples tower one

28.5 really real character 35 number

zero golf my turn left heading two zero

five zero zero five zeros there go fine

okay no you set this on a down one

pretty wide one but fine come on w15

alpha six oh I'm ready we'll talk about

the Alpha film Irish approach Roger


number zero golf Mike traffic 11 o'clock

to 12 o'clock three miles southbound

altitude in case mm okay we're looking

for circle

okay if your porn up there until their

traffic areas as their golf bike traffic

in sight as well as the airport at site

number zero Dolph Michael Roger expect a

base turn to one of your mom's Roger


number one hotel Charlie turn left

heading two zero five zero left zero

five zero one Oh tell Charlie the live

departure two to four tracks at one

point three four two thousand merchants

for Charlie echo full marks torture

radar contact TURN RIGHT heading three

two zero maintain two thousand three two

zero two thousand four try


number zero golf mic traffic no Factory


number five five pile for reduce speed

to 2 1 0 10 knots eight one five hop off

able throw shelter 5 matter kill golf

8300 for five with whiskey

number five Niner Killa gulmira Storch

Roger number one hotel Charlie reduce

speed to one seven zero one seven zero

Botswana Phil Charlie

number zero golf my dissing to maintain

2000 2000

Oh number two - for Charlie echo climb

and maintain 8,000 8,000 for Jataka

number three Niner zero golf - and

maintain 1500 1500 certify number one

hotel Charlie descend and maintain the

two thousand eight hundred two thousand

two hundred 100 Charlie

number three Niner zero if my turn left

heading three to zero vector base Paz

Naples Airport inside in the turn 11 fog

bomb off left to 320 and desert off

microwave the field site over three

Niner zero golf microns record is

approaching runway 3 2 to 3 content

Naples Tower 1 28.5 clerk to visual 2/3

going to towers or Gough market day

number 2 to 4 we'll go ahead and fly

down runway one for southeast wind is

three to three zero one one side of that

clear across five two three out to the

southeast shuttle bus thank you

Naples tower premier 3/9 sir coughs

Michael left base runway two three

there's a couple birds

there are 7-1 five ltos sequence ready

to go three five contact ground point

six thanks Lu seven zeroes here Bravo

it's good luck turn please heading one

niner zero Noi to tree it's here picture

clear take off that will fix alert pick

up Russell not zero perfect officers

relative hey there's a line down here


you guys are crazy

pretty accomplices here maybe these new

powers down that'll once lose over 1 3 7

3 Romeo tango 4 - Papa - papa

they prepared three mentor golf my

queerness turn the final run five two

three mystery 9-0 golf Mike maples tower

Roger one way to treat your cleared to

lie on the wind is 2 3 0 1 1 2 3 clear

to land

Jerrica FICO hope I'm not make anybody

wait don't want to upset anybody now

feel good when over 4 to pop an April

star when we - 3 clear take off later in

the North approved traffic on four mile

final clear for two three right turn out

1 1 4 2 comma next Senate disdain for me

a tango thinking since we should know

new thing garage thanks number seven

zero zero Bravo good butchers contact

for more time when I point seven five

ophea / departure after one nine zero


seven three seven Romeo tango no delay

Verma - three Clips take off what turns

out these approved traffic I want to

have my phone on with your treats clear

for takeoff Roy tangle a36 pop-pop is

over with them

number three nine zero golf Mike the

traffic is departing party rivals turn

the corner now such a tough go for


six tapas number one now thank you sir

Naples Tower November 4 1 1 Hotel charge

with you on the visual 2 3

five hundred

able to tell another four one one hotel

Charlie's with you on a visual two three

four one one hotel tell you April car

only two three clear to land one two two

zero one two one two three four eleven

hotel Charlie I think November 142

popping starts you're right - not for

the North Course you're positing if

there's irk off my casino we're going to

Naples jet does your golf like ledger

the jet Center and to speculate to know

passive a three Niner zero golf Mike

turn right at two Delta one that's the

first one coming up on your right

contact ground 121.6 Leno you onto the

jet Center have a good day

right it's Delta 1 and then the ground

well but if no desert off Mike thank you

grand premiere 3 9 0 golf mic is clear

at Delta 1 2 maples Jet Center

the full rollover touchline able to

ground the taxi to ramp the Delta cross

for anyone for a double

you're from Asia green and your golf

might confirm you're on Delta R Delta

just called you to maples Jet Center 390

go five turning off my confession enable

jets in early a delta cross roy one for

a delta

okay naples jet via delta across one for

at delta 390 go fine

ok 2 hours 15 minutes 20 to 40 on the

fuel 917 nautical Naples ground November

401 Hotel Charlie switch it out for 3 4

Port Authority for full one hotel

Charlie petty the Port Authority New

York with media alpha cross one for

alpha for three via alpha and clear to

cross at alpha 1 Oak Hill Charlie

all righty there we are

next round two to four choco Bravo



hey p1d fans thanks for riding along

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