Flying Over Niagara Falls in A small Airplane

hey guys what is up John here from y8

Mike alpha calm today he's definitely

are gonna be taking you guys to Niagara


it showing you how to comply with all

those special air traffic rules flying

over Niagara Falls super easy to do

we'll go ahead and show you how it's

done so hopefully something you can pull

up here and your own airplane and fly

over this evening balls alright so we've

departed Buffalo Lancaster Airport we

are underneath the class Charlie shelf

right now we're gonna go ahead and call

a buffalo approach to start with 2615 is

the current frequency they're using over

this area we'll go ahead call level a

bill we're underneath the class Charlie

airspace and we'd like to go ahead and

fly over the falls today purchase

terminal one eight six Bravo papa

twenty six Bravo papa will approach

multimeter three zero two Niner three

zero to nine this terminal 186 Royal

Opera is currently six miles to the east

of Buffalo look up to Y over the fall

today at 3,500 criminal six five of

papas fog zero for two when I didn't

remain clear of class Charlie airspace

zero four to one with the ideas and

always clear the class earlier space

four one eight six Bravo six Bravo poppy

for resume own navigation of the for

every service you know six mile well

proper if you want to cut through it

that's fine six proud papa Rogers a gift

six bottle Papa just be advised there

are multiple departures off of runway

three-two alright so we've got to wear

any communication initially we were

cleared it because we had to clear the

Russian airspace she went ahead this

abruzzo navigation so I'm gonna go ahead

and climb up into the class earlier

basically don't need to cut through the

surface area at all but we want to go

circuits of altitude here we want to be

up at 3,500 were cutting over the balls

in I'd rather have some altitude as

we're cruising over all these houses

here though sounds like no proper scope

national airspace we just double checked

with her and we'll keep an eye over

those chargers 24:02 buffle approached

by president having rector to finally go

ahead and dial up the next frequency for

us there's gonna be 22:05 that's the

seats out for the falls and once we

report a scenic falls on site she'll cry

go ahead tell us hey report when you

have the scenic falls on site and then

we'll go ahead and report that show

switches over to see tab so we can

contact buffalo perch again on 26

fifteen or twenty six six we're leaving

the fall 26-6 is preferred at this time

that's what they're currently using for

that area that's pretty good see but of

course 26:15 will get a hold of buffalo

as well they'll let you know what

frequency is the appropriate way to talk

to a buck so we are we gonna be crossing

into Canada we're gonna be crossing the

border and although we're going over the

border we're not really leaving US

airspace Buffalo approach still control

that airspace

you're not gonna be charged by Transport

Canada per flying in there you're still

gonna be talking about flow approach or

talk to the sea top of the area as

you're flying over the Falls it's 3,500

MSL or above we'll go ahead bug 3,500 on

here to remind ourselves and we'll use

that as a floor approach crate direct

jobs so join the localizer now Xia

personal falls here pretty easy to see

him you'll see that steam rising there's

a couple smokestacks so if you use but

it is pretty easy to spot the falls with

all that fist being shot up into the air

there's this people under 130 knots as

we're going around here then this

airplane oh we could almost exceed a

hundred thirty knots but not quite so

we're not too worried about it we're

gonna be going slow anyways then Alta

helicopter tour traffic put the USA

campus stays pretty low down there

that's why we have this 3,500 foot

altitude restriction right so we're

gonna be staying above 3500 feet at all

times that's our hard floor and we'll be

talking about sea tab 2200 5 to the

other aircraft in the area just to

coordinate with them and let us know

where we are in relation on that

racetrack pattern used to be of our

reporting point so you could use them

above that chart that they have in the

church supplement we're simply giving

your position in relation to the

American Falls or Horseshoe Falls

paintballs whatever you want to say

ultimately on the day the idea is just

work it out amongst yourselves you're

about 3500 feet you're not gonna be

talking to a person

they're not gonna be writing any radar

services it's just up to you to not run

out anybody else nobody else are they

gonna be to the left or right we're

gonna be making right here turn around

Bravo pop are you familiar with the

Falls procedures six Provo Pablo six

grab the prop Roger so regardless of

where you approach the vols prop of the

south from the East Oakland or wherever

you're helping from it's usually best to

talk to Buffalo perverse that's gonna be

the easiest thing get that squawk code

they'll get you tagged up as scenic

Falls or going over the falls one point

we're climbing 1-0 thousand we headed

and then he'll probably ask you at some

point are you familiar with the Falls

procedures make sure you're not going to

be going too low you're anything crazy

and convincing all the tour operators do

anything scary

and then if you're unfamiliar with the

procedures you can love no so they'll

probably tell you to report seeing falls

on site so I'll just wait for her to

tell me that then we'll go ahead go over

see tap if you're not familiar with the

procedures or your apps of question is

still it'd be a good time to let them

know I write up a pretty familiar but

hey you know keep a close eye on me or I

have this question could you answer for

me really quick if you have a zero to

turn writing three three zero them if

you have questions about the procedures

they can't quite figure it out calling a

flight school in the area is a probably

a good idea talk to a CFI in the area

you can also just go ahead call the

weather briefer ask for a frequency for

Niagara International Airport power and

they'll probably put you through to

tower clearance delivery or someone call

up on the landline Aspen if they have

time for suppression they could go ahead

and walk you through the procedures and

how they work of course if you have any

simple questions you can leave for the

conference right below in this video and

that's what we're here for to try to

help you out but of course the real

answers are always going to come from

the FAA terminal six Bravo papa change

to Falls advisory frequency approved so

this whole battery will call you so we

got the frequency change from Buffalo

approach are still about five miles to

the east of the Falls as we're coming in

here we'll go ahead start thinking about

making a radio call as we're gonna join

this right hand racetrack pattern just

upriver upriver dokie use it's actually

more to the southern side of the Falls

the river actually flows south to north

and if these out to Lake Ontario is

exiting at the Rainbow Bridge three


traffic repair huh what to the east of

Horseshoe Falls Jordan the right pattern

3500 pretty amazing that there is clouds

being formed by a waterfall yeah I don't

think I've ever seen clouds formed by a

water bath double three across I had

3000 for descending for approach number

one my gravel board now just cuz you're

cruising around here at 3500 really 3500

and above the apartment ropes still do

apply you still need to respect VFR

weatherman well we'll go ahead and try

to stay at least 2,000 feet horizontally

for this cloud here that's ahead of us


Wow Wow that is impressive


traffic right there oh excuse us out

Horseshoe Falls 3700 there's a waterfall

rainbow waterfall rainbow there's a

waterfall rainbow Wow

so many things that we see in airplanes

is that there's really not worried for

weather that Wow


and so as we come around sir head north

here we're gonna try to not go north of

Rainbow Bridge so we got Rainbow Bridge

that's gonna be the first bridge this

downriver of the Falls and that's the

one that's connecting the US and Canada

there that's the Virginia cross gonna

cross the border you came and walk

across it we'll go ahead and make our

turn to be directly over top of rainbow

for Asian will report Rainbow Bridge as

a B of our reporting point as we're

cruising along here I'm just kind of

bracketing between 3,500 2,600 follows

traffic red bear hawk over in 4h 3,500

now awesomely enough we are the only

aircraft out here right now so at least

only GA aircraft out here at 3,500 above

though we're not super concerned with

the pattern we're flying obviously the

pattern picked up the chart it's wider

and wider the foreign more aircraft join

it certainly need on a nice beautiful

summer time Saturday morning you're

probably going to have a ton of

airplanes out here that you're going to

have to make room for and everybody get

along everybody give each other roof and

right now we try a kind of an

abbreviated racetrack pattern as we

circle around the falls here still

compliant with the procedure of course

but not actually flying out a full

length not really widening out to go

upriver so as you make those radio calls

announcing your position there's nothing

specific in part 93 that says to say

scenic Falls traffic Niagara Falls

traffic Falls traffic whatever it is

basically say whatever works whatever

gets your message across clearly you'll

hear the commercial operators and guys

that fly around there all day long use

kind of a variation the idea is simply

communicate where you're at with the

other aircraft so you can avoid hitting

each other in the air 3,003 something

he'll afford taught me to 2.5 or the

tour is that's ringing at the Rainbow

Bridge 2.5 Sigerson

traffic repair Hoss to the south where

she falls three thousand seven

repattern sag receive traffic repair huh

rainbow bridge 3006 not for a pattern so

hopefully that gives you guys some

different ideas of what those radio

calls might sound link after a few

passes and some great pics it was time

for us to head on back to Rochester

alright our last class at the Falls will

make one last radio call let everyone

know we're gonna start the race track up

here and start heads back to America

back to the east and then we'll call

Buffalo approach on 26.6 sakura-san

traffic right there huh great flow

fridge 3,600 Opie's depart the area all

right I don't see anybody else out here

we are definitely the only ones out here

we can go ahead and switch off see tap

now thank you have a buffalo check all

her tricks everyone one eight six Bravo

Papa approach experimental one eight six

five Oh Papa experimental one eight six

bubble pop a buffalo approach squab

search and stand by white six travel

Papa Roger the altimeter is three zero

three zero three zero three zero is one

six profile Polly for the falls over a

tional we're here we go on to fourth

Buffalo Airport a rad Christina all

course of course first expose Papa so

that's really it

so he flew over the falls we left the

falls we wouldn't had called Buffalo

perch again you could either at that

point go VFR get a B of our squawk code

just depart the area or in this case

we're gonna get VFR flight going on at

your destination of North Buffalo

Airport they got some cheap gas there

and so we're gonna stop off their top

off and then head on back to Canada a

quote for the day so hopefully that was

helpful if you guys have any questions

of course leave it in the comments below

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flight Michael Cobb private instrument

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sorts of courses plus just everyday real

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the comments below and if you can't fly

every day why a couple comp we'll see ya

next one it's not one more time

six to seven I know Papa just karate