What to do in Ocho Rios Jamaica

hi everyone it's dawn and I hope you're

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recently a subscriber asked me to do a

video on what is there to do in otro

Rios and Jamaica and that as a cruise

port so I thought I would tell you some

ideas that I had coming up right after




right off the bat we have to talk about

Dunn's Falls it's the number one tourist

attraction in the area everybody goes

there so keep that in mind it can be


it can be a steep climb if you're not

very good mobility wise also if you're

picturing yourself by yourself

relaxing in a pool taking selfies

getting your photo taken in a pool

surrounded by the waterfall yeah it's

not normally like that it's pretty

crowded there it can have huge lineups

and the lineups can wave all the way up

Dunn's River Falls from the start of the

day all the way to the finish of the day

so if you're thinking it's gonna be you

by yourself you probably might want to

think again another really good thing

that you can do if you're a little more

adventurous and physically fit is do an

ATV or a 4x4 excursion through the rain

forest you get to get up higher you get

to travel through the area once you're

up high you can sometimes get some great

vistas up there if you're a photographer

and just or just want to see the scenes

and the nature around the area it adds a

little bit of action a little bit of fun

and you get some great views while

you're on earth not quite that

adventurous how about a nice leisurely


cruise around the coastline of Jamaica

you could add snorkeling into it if you

wish to or you could just stay on the

catamaran some of them offer lunches

some of them will offer champagne on

board lots of different options while

you're in the area but you can just

cruise around the coast and soak up some

Sun if that's something you're looking

for again if you're a little more

physically fit and a little more

adventurous how about the Blue Mountain

downhill bike ride now you'll notice I

said downhill because what they'll do is

they'll drive you up to the top of the

mountain and you basically ride and

coast your way down past waterfalls

flora nature some great scenes you can

see possibly see the cruise ship from up

there on your way around as well and

it's not as strenuous as going up but

you are on a bike and you do have to

pedal it's not going to make its way all

the way down so keep that in mind it's

it's a little bit strenuous but not as

severe as you would think when you hear

mountain bike ride because it's majority

of it's all downhill another really

great one especially if you're a

photographer or just looking for maybe

something unique is it you were there

during the evening if you don't have to

be back on board by five o'clock and you

can go into the evening hours

head to the luminous Lagoon or maybe an

overnight trip or if you're having to

stay at a hotel when you're gonna make

the luminous lagoon is pretty amazing

it doesn't just glow in the dark that's

not what you're in it when you think it

actually lights up as you move through

the water so as you move your hands back

and forth that causes the luminous


don't ask me exactly what causes it but

it's really neat to be there and if you

happen to be there on a rainy night it's

such an amazing thing to see rainfall in

the water because each splash ignites

the water into a colorful splash of

light and it's pretty cool to see that

so if you

for their and I eater you ever get a

chance definitely head down to the

luminous Lagoon feel like still taking a

dip a little bit of an adventure but you

don't want the crowds that are there at

Dunn's Falls well why not head to the

Blue Hole it's a beautiful little area

that you can get off to it's usually not

as crowded you can high dive off the

water cliffs if you want there's a rope

swing out that you can swing into the

lagoon and basically just have a nice

cool relaxing dip and almost feel like

you're on your own private desert island

just you and whoever happens to be on

your tour with you for all you nature

buffs out there who just want to get

close to as many animals as you can why

not head to Dolphin cold the experience

there is really well run they have

dolphin swims or just dolphin shows but

you can get rid of clothes and dolphins

it's always a fan favorite for kids kids

love being able to swim with the

dolphins and the trainer's there are

really really great for making sure that

you have a good time and being able to

interact with the animals while not

putting a lot of stress on the animals

as well so you can tell when an animal

is okay doing what its won but if they

have to call it over and over and over

oh and it doesn't want to come they

don't do that they'll let it be by

itself they're not going to over stress

the animal they're gonna let it be on

its own which is one thing that I really

admired when I was there at dolphin Coll

it's also a place called rain forest

adventures from there you can do like

Cool Runnings the toboggan race down the

hill where you can even see the ship

from up there you have blue to rafting

through the waters you have a zipline

course and you can just walk around and

see different things in nature so

there's all kinds of things to do in the

rainforest adventures if you hit up in

direction you can basically do one two

or all of it whatever your heart's

content another place to get close to

nature and take a look at some of the

beautiful scenery around is the

enchanted garden and aviary there you'll

see kind of like a little miniature

version of Dunn's Falls you won't be on

the climate up there but but it's a

waterfall nonetheless and there's a bird

aviary where all kinds of macaws and

birds of all colors will be around and

the fauna there has a wide variety of

different flowers that are always in

bloom in Jamaica and if you're just

looking for beauty and relaxation that

it's a wonderful place to spend an

afternoon and just walk around the

grounds and lastly most people are

looking to go to each of some sort of

sand in Jamaica of course they're known

for beaches it's beautiful beaches one

Beach - that maybe get away from a

little bit of the crowds would be one

that's off of the path a little bit but

it's still kind of well-known but very

very rarely is it crowded or overcrowded

except maybe during the Blues Festival

or reggae festivals that they hold on

the beach once in a while this Beach

it's called James Bond Beach and that's

right it's it's because one of the films

from James Bond who's actually filmed on

this Beach they do have memorabilia I

mean there because their cabin there for

ordering the bars and the drinks and

food is mmm his Moonraker tavern so you

know James Bond reference but it's not

in your face you might see sign saying

a-teams Bond name of something but it's

not all over the place you don't have to

worry that you're gonna be inundated

with just James Bond music playing on

the speakers and all that no no it's

nothing like that it's just James Bond

Beach and it tends to not be as crowded

as many of the others yet it's still

nice beach with crystal-clear water so

if that's your idea of spending a good

afternoon or a good day in Jamaica why

not head off to James Bond Beach and you

can say I was on the beach where they

filmed James Bond movies so there you go

there's just a few things that you can

do from Jamaica otro Rio's foul-mouthed

all those areas around there you can

basically do a lot of things it just

have to look for them you don't have to

stick to the tourist traps you there's

also food tours and shopping tours and

there's all kinds of history things to

do so you know don't be afraid to google

it and find out exactly what suits your

tastes before going there don't

necessarily just rely on the offerings

from the cruise ships if you feel a

venturous and you have enough time to

make sure you're back to the ship before

it leaves

check out Jamaica because there are a

lot of fun things to do I hope you liked

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