8 Amazing Places in OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK [4K]

so you're going to Washington you're

thinking about maybe going to Olympic

National Park but maybe you don't know

what you want to do there well the good

thing is no matter who you are it is

definitely an amazing Park for you so

Olympic National Park ranks on the top

10 of almost every list out there of

national parks because it is such a has

such a variety of different atmospheres

and climates and ecosystems within the

park and so it doesn't matter if you're

a climber or if you're somebody who just

wants to go on easy hikes there's

something in this park for you so in

this video I talk about eight of my

favorite things to do in this park I

tried to go on varying skill sets so

some of them are more rigorous hikes

some of them you can just drive up in

park but of course I couldn't name

everything that is enjoyable in this

park so if you know of anything else

that you are excited to do or that you

have done please remember to comment

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destination number one was cool a lot

campground as you can see here it was

very cloudy when we went on a nice day

this is a great spot to see the sunset

over the Pacific Ocean but if it's

cloudy like this it's also nice to go

down to the beach collect driftwood

start a fire or walk around and find

some sand dollars yeah so this is kalila

camp coal a lock coal a lock campground

check it out we got lots of trees all



so in the park there are also a lot of

wildlife so here you see some Roosevelt

elk and some ducks right there just

hanging out right on the side of the

road so after saying just one night at

Kalia campground our next destination

was hall of mosses in the whole rain

forest we're gonna camp in this area

first-come first-serve this is the whole

river and then there's a couple trails

here here and this is the trail to blue

glacier that's like a definitely

backpacking chances 80 miles away okay

now this is one of the most famous hikes

you might have seen whenever you look up

Olympic National Park you're almost

definitely going to see a picture of the

HOH rainforest specifically hall of

mosses we see the classic tall

evergreens covered in mosses because the

whole rainforest is a very very rare

ecosystem being a temperate rainforest

you don't really see many of those

around and they get twelve feet of rain

every single year so make sure you're

going during the dry season


so hall of mosses is a relatively easy

trail we did it in about 20 to 30

minutes and overall you're going to see

a lot of people of varying ages on here

so it's not a difficult trail it's not

marked as something that you need to be

an expert climber or hiker for anybody

can go on this trail and enjoy this and

take some amazing pictures so there are

a hundred 30 species of lichens ferns

and mosses covering these massive

evergreen trees and of course there's so

much other wildlife here this is an

amazing place for so many different

reasons and the trees are so incredibly

tall so the Hall of losses trail was

pretty short and because of that we're

going to continue on to the whole River

Trail right now we're gonna go in about

two and a half miles whole thing is like

18 miles up and back but obviously we're

not doing that today since it's already

early afternoon right now so I'm gonna

take this couple miles and then we'll



now the next destination is sort of a

longer hike as you're going along the

whole river trail which as we saw

earlier is an 18 mile trail we want a

few miles in to get to the mineral Creek

Falls so just a little bit farther away

from the crowds and hall of mosses you

can get out here and really start to

immerse yourself in the whole rainforest


destination for then is the whole River

we were camping right next to it in the

HOH rainforest campground and as you can

see here the river was really really

really cold it is glacial water coming

from the top of the mountains and you

can also see the top of the mountains

from this you know where we were right

now it's snowy on the top its melting

coming down so 48 degrees is very cold

water but it was so warm out we had to

go for a swim


all right so we just left the whole

rainforest here we are at Lake Crescent

we're gonna go up a hike to Mary meter

Falls and then up to I think storm king

peak right now it gets a nice overlooks

overall it's a little cloudy right now

as we got here it's a little bit cooler

because I think we're slightly higher in

elevation so this is the lodge area if

you're at Lake Crescent lodge or

anything like Lake Crescent Resort ish

thing it's gonna look like this turn


check it out so you're gonna have like

that building right there and then you

get these little tiny cabins over there

where people can stay just I guess

another option if you're not willing to

go camping

so the lodge as you can see is a nice

place to get away from the outdoors if

you're trying to go inside and get a cup

of coffee or a drink just hang out by a

fire for a little bit


almost a 1-mile almost almost almost



so as you can see from that footage this

was definitely a very strenuous and

advanced hike I don't recommend it for

anybody not comfortable with Heights as

you can see there were ropes there so

it's a little bit dangerous at points

and then at the very top is a very

narrow Ridge so we made it to Deer Park

campground and as you can see it's a

little foggy over there over there it's

much more clear and you can see the

mountains and then there are according

this sign right here there are three

different spots there's a B and C each

of them I think there's like 14 total

sites at Peter but really not much so

here's your luxury bathroom facility no

running water and there's a little bear

boxes right there so animals don't get

your food but overall it seems like a

really cool campground really hard to

get here though Wow yeah so it's so

peaceful up here there's absolutely

nobody up here right now and then way

off in the distance you can see the

snowy mountains over there actually a

whole bunch of mountains with snow on

them so it's a lot colder up here than

it was down where we were it's literally

right now 44 degrees at the bottom it

was like 64 degrees so you're gonna see

a temperature drop when you come up here

and if you're gonna stay the night you

definitely want a lot of warm clothing


so Deer Park Campground is a really cool

spot although there is no Ranger in the

ranger station anymore so the next thing

you want to do is drive on up to the

summit here so that's the bay up there

you barely see right there and you got

some other mountains over here really

cool view if there were no clouds it

would definitely be a really really

amazing view and it already is amazing

with these clouds so next we have the

rain shadow loop which is at the very

top of the mountain with Deer Park so

you just keep driving about another half

mile and get up to this little half-mile

hike again and give some amazing views

at the top



so we're on Blue Mountain right now and

right now it's a little cloudy but right

before I started filming this it was

sunny and you could see everything but

you could see Mount Baker over there you

can see Canada and you could see like

all kinds of just mountains in every

direction you can see the ocean over

there or at least the bay so really

really cool spot if it's not cloudy

although I feel like it usually is

because you're at the level of the

clouds it's like five thousand eight

hundred feet up here correction it's six

thousand and ten feet according to the

geology marker right like right over


so really really high up and you can

tell the air is a little bit thinner up

here all right grace you sliding down

and we got Ellen taking the smarter way

I don't know what I'm gonna do and then

we got Sean way up in the distance there

alright guys see if we can hit Grayson

here so the good news is if you are not

willing to make the one hour drive up to

the top here and then hike up the snow

to see this view you can also go over to

hurricane ridge although I chose this

one above hurricane ridge just because

it's a little bit farther away from the

crowds hurricane ridge can be a bit

crowded on you know a popular day like

this so if it's too crowded check this

out so we're on our way back to rialto

beach to stay that night there and we

stopped at one of the many little day

use areas little recreation areas on 112

and this one's actually really popular

for recreational crabbing so I'm gonna

see if we're finding any crabs here but

I haven't seen any yet maybe out there a

little bit more so the reason we went

this way was to get away from the main

just driving along 101 through Lake

Crescent if you go back in through the

park a couple times eventually you might

want to go up on 112 and stop along some

of these little County parks and just

get some different scenery

so next we have our Alto Beach which is

also split rock and hole-in-the-wall

three things sort of really close

together you can walk on the beach and

camp out there you just have to get a

backwoods permit and this is a really

amazing spot to see the sunset you'll

see lots of people come out watch the

sunset and then leave others come out

and watch and then stay so we chose to

stay the night this is a great spot to

go out and see some tide pools like I

said to see the sunset to see some gray

whales that migrate up from Mexico

overall just an amazing scenic area with

a lot of wildlife so right here you can

see that is split Rock right there and

you can't really see the side that split

I'll show you that in a second but from

here you will be seeing some of the tide

pools during low tide and then at high

tide you won't really be able to see

tide pools and you're gonna be a little

bit farther away I recommend if you're

going here try to time it so you're here

right around low tide where maybe when

the tide is just going out


oh it's so cool

now the height back there is pretty long

if you're going all the way to

hole-in-the-wall and even though it is

only about a mile and a half it is

through this very soft gravel it's sort

of like quicksand it makes it difficult

to walk sometimes barefoot sometimes for

the shoes but I recommend making the

walk if you can now all the way out here

at hole-in-the-wall this is where you

going to need a little bit of rock

climbing if you're coming at high tide

as we did this is like mid to high tide

right now and so I had to do a little

bit of rock scrambling a little bit of

rock climbing just to get around into

hole in the wall and don't recommend

this if you're not comfortable with it

like I said if you come at low tide it's

much easier to get out there


so this is a great place to sea otters

sea lions sea anenome tide pools with

starfish in them and like I said so much

more wildlife just on this simple little

spot with the tide pools at home


oh yeah there it is that


I agree

so here we were climbing a little bit

more again I don't recommend this we

were kind of high up it's dangerous

so this was a dumb idea you guys should

not be telling this but some amazing

views over there as you can see of the

Pacific Ocean and the surrounding shore

so lastly hiked back the mile and a half

to rialto beach where we made our dinner

in one of the fire pits and then we

hiked back again a mile and a half to

our campsite back at hole-in-the-wall