Panama City to Destin flying along the beach

to nine City ground director and that

would you like flight following for that

yes please that'd be great just verify

your type aircraft and altitude one more

time four minutes alright so we are a

piper Comanche which is a PA 24

chocolate company and you ready for taxi

alright I myself do run up so y'all

anytime ok committee a-29 pop when you

ready runway 3 for taxi via Foxtrot and

Julia Fox charge Juliet is showing the

most fuel and is showing 15 16 17 so

about 17 gallons attendant gallons an

hour we won't be a half an hour so we're

going to use approximately 5 gallons of

fuel we have 15 so we have enough time

there and then go there again just that

one tank with 15 left over so we should

and it will be Tyndall departure for

advisories 1 to 0.82

all right anybody because if you don't

have a following


all right so we are going to run this

thing out


all right make sure all the things are

open today yep okay go in close the door

give it a nice big pull good and then

this close here and then this watch your

fingers there and then this goes like

this to get it out my way from now when

you need it in flight you're welcome to

use it good

7:30 powered man Jane zero through nine

Papa's ready to go on three four I mean

Kate to accuse my Papa Panama City Tower

left turn on courses approved only three

four cleared for takeoff left-hand turn

on course clear for takeoff runway three

four Adriana


all right so poor all right I have to

push this mixture in and get the fuel

pump on other than that that's about it

we're gonna head to the beach that's

gonna be fun

I'm Oh like that feel like I have flown

forever but I did not that long ago all

right let's see let's put the you'll

come on mixture in this except so much

powers we got


all right air speed set 1565 Stephanie's

gonna want to fly here but pull off on

the lights get that but okay I was weird

I'm gonna trying to trim it more next



here coming up


alright here's a up and locked that's

what we want once we get to 500 feet

we'll go ahead and make our turn


if a trampling does if you need to is a

hot one


all right so we are 500 feet we can go

ahead start taking our turn we're gonna

feel pop off


like I said we're just gonna hit earth

deep beautiful day


now we're basically on course now but

that's not what I want


I want to see that pretty water


and it's hot so you're probably gonna

get a lot of terrible so get the bumper

you have a great place seviper marker

thank three help can i Papa rescue one

marker thank you what is Tyndall not

everyone yeah that's what he's saying

that I don't think that's right

departure Comanche 39 Papa headed to

dance then via the beach 1500

occasionally six dingo with detail

approach minimal video tender two niner

niner cleavage I think six finger with

you where you read at different I think

that and I think take a whiskey your

clear direct l have I am you airspace

please summary zero to none or Papa till

departure identity report and you said

you're gonna hit the beach and then that

be greatly appreciated yes just to head

down the coast there and then ending in

a full stop and that's an exact all

right we're gonna post model way back I

should already on that all right


all right



autopilots got the airplane that's 17

I'm going to go ahead go down a little



2400 rpm 22 systematic mining services

how far oh it's not be phenol oh do you

plan to go for turning around for did I

just offend it off you heading there

just one second let's take your time I

should know how far uh southeast bound

you're planning to go right so I need to

take a right-hand turn and head out so

we're gonna go ahead go there now I

didn't I thought but we're gonna head

down the coast right now that's okay

you're may enjoy the view

thanks sir nice now we're gonna have to

drop just a little bit six finger would

do you depend allows the direction

maintain that or so all right what am I

forget this is some film buff is off


we're in the heady mode I want to get

out to the hold on but I want to get

down to 1,500

after 1700 it is alright we're about to

hit the coast if that's okay with you


alright we're doing 132 miles an hour

which is because I got to dial back a

good bit cuz I'm in no hurry guys I want

to see this view I let me see the big

chart please we'll call it 2050 bureau

one two twenty three four


they were very nice they're like okay

judge me this cool now let's see I don't

see much in traffic zipper out there and

that's probably airport people other

than being hot as crap it's a very nice

setup here we're nice white oh yeah yeah

this is West Bay and that's the

intercostal waterway to the right


all right I've got some mixture set kill

the engines doing a little bit hot but

not too bad cause it's hot day okay

saying give me a break let me expect now

this is as good as it gets guys yeah a

nice flight along the coast pending in

fantastic matter fact in a minute I'm

gonna hit direct to Destin


Piper two-niner Papa via for traffic

good hop the one at two o'clock ma one

of the hats my look there's maneuvering

type notes he doesn't mean we're gonna

keep an eye out for thing for help


there's this Pierre part right ear I'll

get in

right down there I think that's Pierre

Park yeah

yeah yeah that see the wheel

quarter-mile piers opposite direction no

joy in the traffic um look I'm after

1700 you know what's that outfit is that

father - Nana Papa negative I'm not

getting in and out the to grade on it so

it's probably better to or helicopter

one of these I wanted they usually

travel at 500-thousand usually between

400 and 800 feet now we should be good

thank you very much all right guys I'm

gonna pull off to the side just a little

bit more just a little bit well this is

what I've been wanting to do since I got

here is this too high for you guys you

can see cool

hi four to nine Republicans like that go

and approach one 32.1 everyday 3210

thanks for help


I go on approach man tasers gonna Papa

with you 1700 attitude that's exactly 32


your current I sense then I'll get a

list of thing over here we'll hit this

well look at the frequencies two over



they're using one for

all right so I'm gonna have to come back

in and then do an approach stops away


who it is hot up in here

I don't think anybody's gonna argue me

about that


that's the only thing right I mean it's

smooth it's nice and beautiful view I

mean what do we want I know we are 27

miles or 14 minutes



doing a ground speed of 135 miles an

hour which is slightly faster and we

were to drove it be driving them oh you

gotta start with Michael Cantor you

hours later


all right here's up bikes are on there's

not need to be on but this is Inlet

beats right here that's where 30a starts

right there cool get miss Bannock




yeah that's Rosemary Beach and that's

Alice Beach down here with all the white

that's cool I wish I could see what you

guys are on the way back I'll be able to

see a little bit better yeah you guys

get the cat's view here our bird's eye

view I should say is this where you guys

want me to be


we'll see if I climb to school I did not

anticipate it being this high five

please fire each other way to tell few

more weeks


other fun it is yeah they're kind of

start going Ellen I don't know why it's

your fault but it is I unfortunately

made this this shelf too shallow for

what you did don't know better next time

that would have it perfect though if

that was yeah a little bit perfect and I

could have been pointing right at you

you could just reach back push the foot

all right so 20 miles out the pretty

good bed unsay the school it's got to be

like right over there


opening yep I'm pretty sure that's it

the structures going up next to it

that's definitely yeah yeah but I'm

trying to zoom in on it



I'm in love with the engine right now

it's separate of course the weight is

out in right air temperature is 82 I'm

here but it feels like it's 93 I'm gonna

gonna start right on



that's not a long flight 10 minutes left

so I am enjoy the views while you have

them I didn't know that they make it

this easy to yeah why cuz this is all

controlled airspace they consoled me to

go somewhere else go away I'll jump in

the big lake of it yeah so what is this

picture is that what is that bridge

that's going across to

I'm like 3/4 to the PX spring it's a

beautiful view on everything so that's

usually the one that we come across when

we charge the dose anyways right yeah

just that way this is going north




all right saying it's 17 miles so we're

gonna play the game call and we find the


we'll see who finds it first that's

expensive contest alright so here's the

thing this thing kind of goes like this

and then it kind of gets close to the

water over there so we want to look here

and see where it gets close to the water

and we see over here uh-huh

where's getting close to the water I

think so it's going to be right past

this stretch that's close to the water

okay a little bit of thermals now guys

so we enjoyed smooth air while we had it

when you're flying that's low yet don't

always get this summer heat the

smoothest yeah right when it's hot oh

I'm surprised we had it much smooth air

the flashing

I've been for a while I had an okay over



fine tell if there's out the pretty sure

could have talked about him not there


increasing their blue shirts


okay left turns therefore 0h your cookie



they should be reporting this traffic

here pretty soon right loose huh listen

Ralph dude not a lot but a little



they just have to have a Tootsie Pop

where's my 12 miles our port site in


okay so we're gonna let's take it down a

little bit I think I know if it's that

right there or if that over there only

ten miles away so it's not much

one two guys I'll think so



I said it's running that look like it

could be it there but that's really

close to the I think that's it right


I think I've got inside wait I think I

see you tonight father I think I've got

the airport right yeah 18:45 say Fargo


that's an exact Ranchi 8 0 to 9 papa

I am about 7 miles out to your East End

on . I do have the weather lava camp up

with the identifier for it and we're

using one for looks like there's no

shootin em up a distant era in your left

downwind runway one for report midfield

left downwind 1 4 4 4 big deal Papa all

right leave it up alright so that's it


yep that's the bridge Oh


all right so we're definitely just a 5-1

really makes our right traffic this time

I what Romeo right traffic convention is

pretty distant air traffic at the upper

news of the pattern right turn out

approve runway 1/4 let's pick up thank


we're gonna be right over the water


all right we're gonna get down get down

slow up if I get my here no wind two

threes there was seven and showing

variable between two one zero and two

seven zero you go out over the bay in

turn they come back the gorgeous view


so I'll be able report in midfield here

pretty soon

oh yeah see it clearly be bring them

down the ear in just a second


1 teaspoon of proof a selfie


November a so you get contact they go

departure one 32.11029 father's just

about midfield Besim nitrogen and a Papa

Roger your number to your phone if s not

about a one mile right base I'll be

headed to your left report traffic in

sight I want Romeo be 55 one Romeo

runway one floor clear for the options

Oh way option one for all right that's

tough all right what we're looking at

them is the another airport but that's

the all right look to your left and see

if you can find the traffic I don't see

it can I pop sky traffic in sight looks

like he's really really close to landing

Oh take Matthew kidnap Papa Roger you

are number two you off on the fifth on

short fun swiveling one floor cleared

win okay I'm Papa cleared land

number two one four all right so they're

already lower I really need to be so I

don't need to go any lower I do need to

go a little bit slower so we'll go ahead

pop that in there mixture will go and

put mixture in ROM oh then this guy's is

so stinkin hot we'll go ahead and put

the visual on one for let's start

heading that way a little more slaps in

there that's our fee so on don't worry

if I see what film each one would spin

first one that's the 500 me can make a

left close traffic again in every port

base lady Japan loved one ro BL em close


by folks coming in oh it's so hot I am

burning up it is hot yeah I'm pouring

sweat right now me too I'm Sun legs or

even just like dripping yeah that's a


I complain it look at the copy room yeah

that's really cool useful I see several

it must be really reflected in my scene

but I feel like yeah


now leave what is all this over that

tree line Wow Wow Wow look at this yeah

hey pretty good oh it's not even on the

ground yet right away too hot gotcha you

know I think it's just because it's hot

that was just squirrely 59 pop continue

to turn right out before them straight

into the ramp money for ground point

don't play golf or can I pop really I

don't like it heat stroke