36 Hours in Redwood National Park: Exploring the Best Hikes, Groves and Trees

Redwood National Park is a series of

state parks and groves located in

between Eureka and Crescent City in

Northwest California while an amazing

park which encompasses over 45% of the

remaining coastal redwoods this park

doesn't get visited as much because it's

outside of the normal touristy areas of

California Aimee and I made the five and

a half hour drive from San Francisco and

spent 36 hours exploring the park here's

what we did we're leaving our hotel in

Eureka and spanning the next 36 hours in

Redwood National Park we got a hotel on

the south side of Eureka the night

before and then headed out early in the

morning to explore the park it was about

a 30-minute drive along the coast to the

sign that noted the park entrance we're

now officially entering redwoods

National Park and then another ten

minutes to the visitor center in the

town of auric basically any time you're

in the park though keep an eye out for

elk as we saw a bunch as we were driving

through in the morning this is our first

stop in the park it's a visitor center

to plan out what we're gonna explore

today and to get the code to go to tall

trees grove the visitor center is a good

first stop in the park is it's a great

way to learn about the area's history

and ask any questions of the Rangers

since the park is big and spread out

making it a little bit hard to get to


after getting the code from the Rangers

we headed out on the 45-minute drive to

the tall trees grove trailhead on the

way up this is the Redwood Creek

overlook it's a great pull off with some

amazing views on to the tall trees grove

the road to tall trees grove has a

locked gate and so you have to go to the

visitor center check in with them fill

out a permit and get the code to go

through the gate and get access to the

trailhead permit is required to come

back here don't come back here without

getting a permit and without getting the

numbers to get into the gate six and a

half miles down a dirt road we went slow

and the dirt road was easily passable by

a two-wheel drive car when we went but

be sure to check if you go after a storm

we got to the visitor center about 10

minutes after they opened I hope you

know in here there's already like five

cars but we're heading out on the 4 mile

trail up to tall trees grove tall trees

grove is an awesome trail easily one of

my favorites in the entire park I have a

video just on this trail in the

description so these clips are just the

highlights this is the famous point of

interest on this hike hits a tree that

you can walk right through this is a

reverse hike so it's eight hundred feet

of elevation down and then back up when

you're coming back to your car after

about a mile and a half walking downhill

we finally made it to the tall trees

grove loop the one-mile loop here is

incredible taking you some truly massive

coastal redwoods some large ferns and

some moss covered trees on the other

side apparently this tree

just came out ground I liked splintered

crazy made it back to the split and now

it's 1.5 miles back to the car

saying goodbye to the Grove now we get

to hike uphill to the car almost out be

sure to take advantage of these benches

when you get them it's steep on the way

up we made it out of tall trees grove

onto the next part of the park thanks

for letting me out from there was about

a 35 minute drive to our next stop in

the park stop number two in the park

Lady Bird Johnson Grove Lady Bird

Johnson Grove is one of the parks most

popular hiking trails because it's a

short gradual trail with lots of

beautiful trees in an easy parking area

we're heading out and go either

direction but we're gonna go that way

the hike is great for families as well

as there's an interpretive guide that

you can buy for a dollar which tells you

all about the area and has different

numbers that represent things in the

guide if you're short on time this is

probably the best thing to do in the

park it's only a mile and a half you get

to see a lot of big trees but the groves

not as impressive as the Grove that we

saw earlier this morning


amy has been reading the trail guide and

she has a fact to share with us redwoods

are capable of growing up to 360 feet

tall and they gave most of their height

in the first hundred years whoa that big

redwood fact thanks Amy

this is a great area right in the middle

of the trail there's some benches some

information plaques and some massive

trees a lot of the information here

talks about how the redwoods were saved

over the last century and I for one am

glad for the work that people have done

is this is an amazing place to explore

another fact for us it's very hard to

kill a redwood tree they're very



it is pretty cool to be able to be so

close to these big trees on this trail

so we are finishing our time in Lady

Bird Johnson Grove amy has one more fact

for us this Grove is over 300 acres and

was dedicated to Lady Bird Johnson in

1969 well done on to the next spot from

there we got back on the 101 and headed

up to Newton B jury scenic Parkway which

is in Prairie Creek redwood State Park

this ten mile scenic drive parallels

Highway 101 and goes right through the

park providing great access to the hikes

and groves look at how this highway that

we are driving right now you used to

look pretty cool I don't think I want to

drive that though what about you looks a

little bumpy while you're on the scenic

highway be sure to stop and take in some

of the groves and short trails that they

have we're doing the tenth of a mile

trail to Big Tree this 10th of mile

trail is one that you must do if you're

driving through this area it's short but

it has amazing massive redwoods on both

sides of the trail plus at the end

you'll gets a big tree which is 74 feet

in circumference and 268 feet tall it's

definitely something you have to see

while you're in Redwood National Park we

made it to the big tree of course there

are a lot more groves and trails to see

in this section but this is all we got

to check out while we are in this part

of the park

we're leaving the Scenic Byway there are

a ton of great hikes there if you have

the time but even if you don't get off

the freeway and take this drive it's

beautiful and you'll definitely enjoy it

on to the next spot for us we were

heading on to our next spot but we saw

this sign and amy is a huge fan of

smoked salmon jerky can't wait to try it

so we're gonna give it a try candy this

is smoked salmon here Hey look at that

salmon right really good smoked salmon

candy delicious after grabbing salmon it

was about a 10 minute drive to a coastal

viewpoint this is our second to last

stop of the day the Klamath River

overlook the Klamath River overlook is a

great quick stop and there are amazing

coastal views in both directions here

there are also hiking trails down to the

beach but we didn't go in any of them on

this trip we just took it all in from


on the way to the next stop don't forget

to pull out and take a picture with Paul

Bunyan and his Blue Ox babe this is

trees of mystery it's a fun spot to stop

with the whole family but we're heading

to our last growth before ending the day

from the Kalama the river overlook it's

about a 50 minute drive to stout Grove I

had never been here before though so

this was high on my list to check out

after driving the one lane road to get

to the trailhead we arrived at the Grove

right when the Sun was starting to set

we've made it to the north part of the

park more at our last stop of the day

stout Grove stout Grove is only a half

mile round-trip but it's one of the most

photogenic groves in all of California

we've reached the half mile loop trail

that'll take us through this Grove I

think this must be one of the biggest

trees in the area

there's no plaque or anything but it's a

big tree this grove is located in

Jedediah Smith redwood State Park and it

has trees that reach up to 300 feet tall

I have to say the tall trees trail was

probably my favorite thing we've done

today but this is definitely the best

Grove I agree

Aimee agrees that was a long day one

well we're gonna get dinner head back to

the hotel and we will see you tomorrow

day two we're leaving our hotel in

klamath and we're gonna spend a few more

hours in the park after leaving the

hotel we drove 20 minutes south and then

turned off on the mostly dirt road that

would take us another 20 minutes - fern

canyon you do have to pay an $8 entrance

fee to get to this part of the park but

it's well worth it for how amazing this

area is watch out for elk Phil until you

from here we drove along the beach and

through the water crossing you have to

do to get to the trailhead and I

definitely wouldn't recommend it in a

two-wheel drive car but you can watch

another video that I have in the

description that talks all about fern

canyon as well we're heading out on the

trail it's about a mile and a half

through fern canyon I haven't been here

in like five years so I'm really excited

to check it out fern canyon is where

they filmed one scene from Jurassic Park

the lost world and the entire area looks

like something you would see in the

movie Jurassic Park it's chilly when the

water level is low the best way to

experience the canyon is just to walk

through it all the way back it's about a

half mile to get through the main

section of fern canyon what do you think

of Frank and is as still as good as you

thought it was yeah even better than I

remembered it nice fern canyon is a

truly awe-inspiring part of redwoods

National Park

we're leaving the main enclosed section

of fern canyons such an incredible trail

we're gonna connect with the trail that

goes around the outside and walk back to

the car of course you could just turn

around and walk back through the canyon

that's why I did last time I was here

but I wanted to see this section of the

trail so we decided to head up the upper

part of the trail doesn't give you any

views down into fern canyon but it's

beautiful as well with moss covered

branches and even an elevated boardwalk

at the end right at the end of the trail

there's a cool overlook back towards

where you started we're heading to our

last spot in Redwood National Park the

same fern canyon parking area also has

to trail down to gold Bluffs Beach if

you have the time come down to Gold

Beach you can walk to it from the

parking area or you can actually camp

out here and spend more of the day if

you want to this Beach is an impressive

place to explore as it has beautiful

views and there's almost never anyone on

it but this isn't our last stop in the

park so on to our last stop on the way

back to 101 we stopped off at Elk Grove

and we're doing our last hike of the

trip Trillian Falls Trillium Falls Trail

that way this trail is actually 2.5

miles roundtrip but we're just gonna go

up to Trillium Falls and back and that's

about a mile round-trip as you can see

we did a lot while we were in the park

so we cut this trail short but it ended

up being one of the most beautiful and I

can't wait to come back and hike the

whole thing it's mind-blowing how

amazing the trails in this park are

we've been on some great ones already

but check this out or right next to

redwoods this is a good trail as well

the half mile de Trillium Falls took us

past some big trees and some nice shaded


trillium Falls not a super tall

waterfall but it's pretty cool with all

the fall leaves Plus this trails already

been pretty amazing

thanks so much for exploring with us

hopefully you enjoyed seeing redwoods

national park get up here and see it for

yourself it's amazing part to explore

you can read more at California through

my lens calm and we'll see you guys on

the next video