Mark's Flight to Savannah, Georgia


there's headset there in front of you

can grab that and we'll grab the door

I'm going to get things started

well a couple checks real quick like

and check all my lights make sure they

all light up we'll get some a/c going

here in just a moment okay we're gonna

start so I gotta just press the start

button here on this this one okay and

off we go I'm gonna introduce fuel at

12% throw the light off I can hear it

yeah I can see it in a white line


I see going

what your models mm

battery recharge

right engine


I'd get it a little closer to see him


yep you put that sit on all right

all right you got me

it's running my daughter told me last

night she's a dad don't touch anything

all the charts for mayhem which is good

okay if you look out across the top of

the wing I'm going to do the lift up but

there it was okay traffic Turkey 2-0

doin runnin runnin left across one fun

way to three hey traffic bunny 5 - is

there one here for four mile final do

three warning check our stall system

check it's gonna be a pusher it's gonna

push the stick over here next okay I can

sort taxi out and get all my uniform

cortex just degree staple generators of


four of us 400 pounds of fuel

a little father connect never likes it

up there

and money dear one uniform one mile

final two tree Gainesville



okay you comfy oh yeah

cancel treasurer turkey to zero to one

run now turning left face run play dead

three games them need a water or

anything you let me know I can grab them

I appreciate that here I'm good right


so here's the chart there's where we are

on it

right we're just taxiing out to run

white 2 3 have you been to this Airport

before I have not been here before stamp

said the FBO and that was really nice

there's really cool it's pretty cool

get another Turkey to 0-2 and Romeo

turning final runway 10 three games on

okay so got a guy just coming in to land


well Cherokee hazel traffic mooney there

one uniform clear tea tree breaks like

the chatter a little bit yeah

yeah the runways get a little bit of a

slope to it that it's cooler is that

yeah it's somewhat unusual I would you

see it on occasion death

so 196 miles down to Savannah understand

Isaac nautical mile yeah

okay just get out of the way it's gonna

work out Wow

Gainesville traffic compared three Ninth

Circuit departing runway two three

exiting to the southeast on the

throttles up a little bit off would you

a while

v1 rotate

laughter coming up

I think how quiet it gets oh yeah that

you just it is leaves the sound behind

you little does

like takeoff checks down real quick here

before it going

Atlanta premiere 3 9 0 Gulf Mike

after hearing a nurturer go fight win

front foot one seven three six one seven

three six Circle Mike

okay trivia tree energy golf micro

contact to mount somebody games order

forecasting 3232 Savannah the direct

Anthony direct Colliers direct climb and

maintain 7,000 types by level 100 0 10

minutes Kendrick death has Rick Collier

up to seven thousand and one nine zero

the finals are coupling there both Mike

Rebecca's directing a hit record at this

time maintain them come

Kendrick Collier 7,000 sir got my okay I

got a fine it'll show me at that point

in his 935 six-30 Jolly Roger clear

signal to exciting them I'll take that

the orange point $3 approach to seven

will conduct our 16.3 de jour Julian

okay that's it buddy awesome oh yeah

that's pretty it's pretty quiet

you know once once buildings up and let

the brakes go all that sound just kind

of stays behind him

because it all happens pretty quickly

I'm gonna circuit Savannah called up

here and then a breakout 5k flight

follow dialog III Romeo Roger break our

resistor me just maintain VFR

before you traffic to for miles

Shelby's found altitude indicates a

treat now I will look out for that uh

7000 repeat that

Romeo think he's are gonna pull his

prison pull the power back here to make

sure we don't over speed okay little

very easily over speed of course surplus

of a stable of 250 knots below 10,000


yeah kind of hazy today a little bit

okay yeah all right come here zero go

flying climb and maintain one zero

thousand heads out ten thousand circle

imagine one zero seven contact approach

24 points yeah set the altitude selector

we see that on your screen in front of

you there is blue ten thousand the upper

right corner okay that's it so that's

the altitude I have selected the

airplane is gonna climb to that altitude

you're here here we'll go with Mike Hong

tackle into Center one three four point

two v10 34 Tuesday up like a day Atlanta

premiere three Ninth Circuit off mic

8,000 climate ten thousand between

Michael and here on the main site level

one manner hero flight level one nine

zero zero fine so off we go

right 24:42 leave final one nine zero

four one one thousand 'evil banking

climate enemy care for loud independent

right now out of eleven thousand seven


every care for tea for 76 country ticket

44 76 atleta center welcome call the

maintain flight level treat 3-0 be

defined by approach were you just doing

that on your own

hi they wanted the best for years

down and if you see this cloud deck

coming up here yeah so we should shoot

right through that but be a little bit

clearer above

that's me checking the oxygen supply


they're 44 76 you can do some normal

feet there we go yeah guys tell how fast

you're moving would you break through

that letter that's our stick that's like

the best view yeah

clapping through 15,000 feet now Wow

yeah we've been there for six on it's

all under one more note hopefully I get

a nice view of the coast yeah welcome

massacre committed feet zero one one

three zero one one thing seven twelve

hundred eleven thousand five one four

thousand two hundred Atlanta sinners

mama maintain flight level two three

zero maintain three zero zero not the

greater so we're gonna get run along the

Georgia South Carolina border okay down

Savannah okay that's kind of a different

way that you would travel by car to go

to span you got to go through Atlanta go

to Atlanta you go down to make it and

it's got a cross over and go to the echo

that way

we're going over the ground 329 2442

contact for approach 1 1 ain't funny a

teenage Delta 24:42 name would you

select the news you like to do out of

the acceleration so the client

so would you select as they're out here

blank ready to copy

okay go ahead Zerg oh boy reserves off

like this two new frustrating into

Savannah so you are now cleared to

Savannah via direct a lot intersection

that Lima Oscar tango tango Sierra in

Savannah vor then dress the field ok

director plots Savannah enter the field

turn off mic okay so let me put that in

Sicard 44 76 contact atlanta center 1 2

5 point 6 you watch how that helps us

hitter what you eat plate 1 get it what

do you want sir got my good day - inna

Road Atlanta premier 397 off my flight

level 1 9 0

- better runner so would you select the

new altitude the airplane will do

nothing because you haven't told it how

you want it to get to the new out ok so

you need to be you need to select one of

the boats and then one of the boats

would be vertical to be where you dial

in the vertical speed it would be pitch

where you set a pitch ro would be flight

level change where you pick an airspeed

option old climbing climber design

header spoon squad 7 1 1 7 so right now

if we 14,000 seed selectors that flight

level 1 9 0 I can run the altitude

selector all over the place sure every I

won't do anything ok

budgeting tentative Ronald a little bit

here couldn't want to exceed nine 300k

twenty knots indicated so we're going

for 24 knots over the ground

Wow yeah

this trips gonna into soon dad is 21

minutes yeah

so the 9930 to defend me the Jedi to

arrival maintain three one zero not the

reserves all the speed-up Wookiee out

cemeteries are one three

145 miles away from Savannah and Wow


this is great I never dreamed when we

did the merit badge

think about 39 years ago then how would

we do with this I mean at that point I

was 33 right yeah that's awesome and

it's so funny because you know so many

people I mean by a vision for a long

time was like looking through at this

windshield had ice on it

yeah bit layer of ice yeah so I can see

colors and things like that but no real

definition of branding so to get the

transplant and it's not perfect now and

it's you know it's still I still could

never get a driver's license ranked that

but there's so much more capability than

I had before and I just wanted to

realize this dream this is this is

incredible oh that's all hand I'm

telling you this is that's awesome so

what did you lost your eyesight after

nineteen to turn at what age I was

really that was from burns at that point

and it was not until I was 37 years old

that I got a diagnosis of really what

was what was going on and I mean I had

probably 17 different cornea operations

and by the time I was 10 years old and

the corneas would always reject and so

nobody ever knew why and then when I was

I was like I said I was 37 almost 38

years old and I decided I thought you

know I suppose see what's available and

if there any news any new things going

on and so I went to Emory hospital in

Atlanta and they're a teaching hospitals

so they're really kind of cutting edge

on some of the stuff that's happening

and they said within five minutes they

gave me the diagnosis that I had never

gotten in 37 years Wow

and they said also

there's probably a way we can improve

your vision you know though we went for

it and it was a success it was a success

yes you know some people would think

well you did walked out of there with

20/20 so it's not a success but anything

greater than what I had before you know

I can I do a lot of things up close and

one core back to fine yeah so lyrics

anyway buying on 11 pounds let me come

in my iPhone you know I never thought

I'd be able to do that and ever thought

of you'll read an eyeful you know but I

you know I still find ways to adapt to

things spray

so for the for the viewers who are

watching this bark to my right mark and

I meant look at mouthy way to the care

amount of a one-night and mark is a

music producer love my videos and wanted

to produce some original music for me he

had some ideas and he did that and then

we had another viewer in collaboration

with mark put together a video and

thought my channel it's titled why do I

fly let me show you and Mark did the

musical score on that which is fantastic

it's got to be one of my favorite very

well of my stuff and now we have a new

score in the works yes yeah I think it's

gonna be exciting yeah yeah so mark has

arranged for us ticket tour of the Gulf

Stream factory where they built the

Gulfstream corporate jets so we are in

route down to Savannah before lunch and

then adults 22 artists that I maintain

above a 100 year old not a bad way to

spend a weekday that's right

yeah well but I'm glad we put it

together I am see the timing actually

worked out well for me

good your you've got a lot going so oh

we've been cradled in c-46s SP the

tonight to arrival we do a published

feed out cookie I've covered a few zero

one three four mild temperatures hold

like sample asleep Oh we flew up in a

Cirrus yesterday to Rockford to pick up

here oh wow but I maintain one one

11,000 make enough committed man the

mile cemetery actually sent the backseat

of that thing literally but was it

comfortable it was it was actually very

comfortable is it I've heard a lot about

this yeah I thought three Niner zero

Golf Mike brought a lot and it made a

1-1 11 thousand seven outs of your three

zero one four ok lot C 11 thousands here

one for Zurich off-mike okay so yeah

think about the Cirrus is that of course

look me in the back we might have been a

little tailing overall it was it was

surprisingly comfortable so I can go and

I can enter 11,000 feet on my mms okay I

can put it next to lots and execute it

so that all of a sudden creates this

lots point at 11,000 feet now I can

select be damned but the 99 I can put my

outfit duties lecture to 11,000 feet and

the airplane will grab a 3-degree glide

slope to intercept okay and cross lots

at 11,000 feet

it's a very very powerful flight

management system yeah if it seems to be

really it's gonna handles a lot of

things it does it very smoothly yeah

it's really it's it runs a lot of bigger

airplanes so yeah front of the little

premiers not a problem for a tech and

single pilot makes it really nice sure

takes a lot of the workload of what it's

like you've got a lot of ease of flying

there right now I just I just make it

look easy

now it's yeah

so they say about flying hours of

tranquility punctuated by seconds of

sheer terror yeah

my dad was telling me a story about him

flying once

he did something that wasn't all that

great hey I had to look up my face he

said yeah he goes it was utter stupidity

you got me into it but you're skilled

again what is it they say there are old

pilots of bold pilots but there are no

edible license right that's right

have you ever had to pee and fly this

plane at this altitude Delta ninety nine

thirty point back

November 3 9 zeros off-mike got back

throw one three two points matter 5032

9205 see you today

Jacksonville premiere three Ninth

Circuit off mic but level one under Sir

don't like stayin out 200 three zero one

four good afternoon


Romeo one five five three one three

approaches runway 2 8 runway one hundred

years and that whole short operation in

effect in effect no disturbance like

Charlie close with the secular Charlie

to the contract under for misanthrope

you register

fertile land runway one nine drops right

into where we're going okay I got a

rental car set up we'll run into town

grab some lunch and then head back for

the three o'clock to any particular

place you want to go for a plunge now

there's a couple of places I know Danny

this park kind of walk around see what

uh okay have you been in Savannah

just recently a spider fact about six

weeks ago okay yeah it did was about car

and I said after this all their

mortgages that again yeah sure but you

can actually tell us where you'd like to

go you got a got a place you like we

went to a place it was kind of down at

the I think it's the market area they're

going for like a McLaren blonde at 11

there no I do lots at 11:30 off-mike

thank you

there was a place called Belfort that we

went there are a lot of great places

down there - they're down there right on

the river yeah yeah Table five one

ten minutes snow were miles credible

Jackson sinner Delta 2041 with you

passing 8.7%

debe 2041 five in nineteen by the hope

that'll be your final head welcome Delta

2041 climbed a two to zero for a final

one of my Instagram viewers messaged me

this morning and said that he used to

work for Gulf Stream hello said we're

gonna love the to our man

so we're burning 770 pounds of fuel

aside doc come down here took my

performance fuel management and so 1534

sign so that's about 225 gallons an hour

the part is it good Tilly sit

well pretty Jets aren't very

fuel-efficient yeah mike papac's oh now

we're starters down those two tunnels

for the top and descent yep ground in

the Yaak light baths start down we'll

get a little arc that's gonna come into

this picture there it is okay

yeah and that indicates where we are

gonna where where we gonna get where we

going where we are going to hit our

select and help okay so that should

eventually settle on lots okay so that's

where we want to hit 11,000 feet


planetary formation dromio some 15.3

silhouette observation with one nine

zero at wonder of the ability of wonder

a glass up to 5000 some church to ladder

the point one three out twitter three

zero one three

hello Jenna special approaches are going

to exactly one underneath this whole

short operations in effect bird advisors

in effect those women sexually turning

clothes piece especially Charlie to

advice it into contact information Romeo

devil 2041 convicted Elena's Center 18.1

get Anthony so 41 one Scituate 41 hey

wait Delta two four zero trick please


Sena maintains bottle of two zero zero

Delta 2 0 0 del chromaticity so golf

tests that must be a Gulfstream yeah out

doing some testing obviously

I would imagine their facilities pretty

big down here I would I would think that

it's yeah yeah

pretty massive see all the Gulf Stream

is lined up from there okay I don't know

what it is a finalist simply planned

right I've got a test facility pretty


I've heard before I don't know if this

is true but I've heard that they have

like working contents of everything that

they build and they can troubleshoot

anything if you know if somebody gets

into a bad thing it might go button by

button through it yeah that's what I've

heard as well yeah pretty incredible


that's what 60 million gets ya yes it is

at a backlog

thousand feet to go

ducks se you can enter next please yo yo

yo Derek please please now one

one-thousand two men out till another

three zero one three let's correct the

pattern these eleven thousand three

thorough in every three zero one three

take offense taken I got it all that

11,000 it please and it was his verify 3

0 1 1 4 7 5 13 13 13

Roger thanks going to city picture 713

thumping what's yourself Java 1350

jeddak lot of 18th lot of up to 3 0

level of juicers drones up 13 every 300

he'll go on fight context of an approach

1 to 5 point 325 fries I got my good day

tell Joe 353 turn right - right - small

spin I approach for beard 3 minutes are

golf Mike Eve 11,000 foot Romeo the

Chimera 390 Revell Mike's a lot

ProCharger expect efficient approach on

ye late fly heading zero-niner-zero

runway 2 8 and 0 nines are on the

headings are got my prime here's your

golf Mike to set the maintain five oh

not the 5000 sir got my

okay run yq8 actually works out okay cuz

we'll roll out right by the FBI okay

let's give you a few more minutes flying

time yeah yeah so I can enter any visual

approach to runway to eight at the FMS

and it will give me if I think you have

the airport site ten o'clock a letter

proton oh it's very helpful for us are

cleared this approach only one minor

context - our one-one-niner point one

today the original j19 such a tower when

I kill my mama dog one zero fight TURN

RIGHT pretty amazing how quickly good

condition - here's your call sign on the

radio oh yeah you know yep absolutely

testify Bravo kilo the term must hitting

at u-70 the gosh if you're following is

11 o'clock and four miles at 2900 drama

killer okay go go yeah I can do step up

350 325 miles up there still yeah

Airport yeah and to get higher up so far

up will kill oh here the airport in

sight 11 o'clock 11 o'clock a 1-0 mom

Bravo kilo we have the airport to

testify Bravo Aquila Roger the

Gulfstream shouldn't be any factors four

miles ahead of you caution wake

turbulence make straight inter only one

matter Johnson Wagner was played at one

property line still just 353 contact

Expo Center on one 32.9 or two good day

those are the 353 good day skyline Creek

in the whiskey TURN RIGHT heading on one

four zero

Duff 1-0 flight shirt right on course

insert doubled reflect your quite so

direct that's the vein on zero for gay

ten to seven no we'll pick them up my

plan on there okay thought once your

plate pushes us or both top up your

flight scout Lane treat kilo whiskey so

that approach

thank online 63-kilo whiskey Savannah

verse 63 the airport is out there market

not one o'clock okay kind of difficult

ways out there I Trini Luis

sweet eight one seven approach Rogers to

an altimeter three zero one to pick a

lane three kilo whiskey advise we have

some an airport and safe one o'clock and

one one mold inside skyline 3 kilowatts

get Roger make straightener all my

one-niner contacts about us our

one-one-niner point one today dog one

zero play contact Beaufort approach on

one two three point seven

dog 1-0 play contact befit approach one

sheet 3.7 tickets on that one - 3.7 4.1

girl I still have one zero played

affirmative Beaufort approach one two

three point seven I know but if I push

my three point seven four

here's your golf Mike Sesenta maintain

shoes um mm certify rate for five Brahma


looks like we're all the great into one

night what a what night that's f5r

overkill Oh Roger a context about a

shower one-one-niner point 191 one of

the two great lights meet so I've got

the auto ignition turned on so that now

we're on the approach phase if there was

ever to be a pickup in the engines they

would automatically relight okay but

they're pretty unlikely

Savannah departure Airport is truly down

okay yeah it's around right one nine or

less amount of the Parcher radar contact

I'm gonna maintain 1-0 tenth of I'm in

10,000 one early sequencing only smother

traffic premier zero golf mike turn

right heading on one four zero right

turn one four zero sir combine

Saran approach you can happen in golf

test eating with you this information

Romeo with request stuff that say they

eight eight seven approach which every

close mister we need is sent down to

like three thousand feet for

approximately 15 minutes and then pick

up a flight plan and then go back to the

same look at issue are at that's a

dataset of maintained on earth of down

to nine thousand eighty six three

whiskey dances on approach good

afternoon fly person heading vector for

the original approach away one butter to

set of maintained on earth oh hey nine

thousand heading fix vectors for runway

one Niner 6-3 Lipsky Delta don't cut

your cheese or a turn right direct

smalls writer calls the country Joey

okay call test a day you see you needed

to sender the 3000 and then you want to

what my plan did you want to pick up we

have another flight plan with you surfer

next generation and we need 15 the parks

p3000 okay I got it now

I got that state Senate maintain 3000

down to three thousand thanks contest 18

but it's the airport over there now yeah

still at 3 o'clock we've kind of been

circling around around it yeah we're

gonna kind of on a little bit of a write

base okay

premiers are evolved mic turn right

heading all one six-year-old what's

sexier on headings are gone we do have

the children sir hey guys fermez you're

both my cleared mr. pearl might you in

if you could destroy the base to follow

for chopping blending rumbling one


okay cleared the could to a temple

square the main sponsor got money

autopilot off a half blocks really don't

know just how they maintain four

thousand four thousand a week you don't

this the tough the bad skills that's

right like a few of the viewers don't

think I can actually hand fly there

there you go

come here cheer about my contact our

one-one-niner point one sir got my good

day spent at their prepared through the

intercom I just turning final runway

Savannah salary number two for the field

run the way to a win four Niner zero at

four clear the land they're playing

runway to eight sir coupling

and I work on Thursday the short it's

great really what you want 3771 imagine

also to run way too late that one more


seven more 63-kilo whiskey a parking

but the myristic particular whiskey

Roger returned next actually in the Alfa

for contact ground pointer 1009 here

welcoming every day

five hundred

and it's our never shutting up them and

ever they read for it

Wisconsin 3771 runway to Atlanta

paneling I'm the one I was good with

yeah yeah

sir got my cash out there turn off my

crew you can turn left on outside people

contact ground point nine left on alpha

then we'll go to ground sir cup my

and then around me around you're only

one niner today's the Bravo intersection

taxi a Bravo hold further away I will

attack you Bravo will hold short turn an

immune crap prepare three times our Gulf

Michael's clear an alpha to shelter

Brethren desert ago Mike's gonna grant

taxi to ramp the straight ahead turn

around either straight ahead j5 sir got

my soo thank ready for departure

Oh marks first white spray on a private


38 minutes well 212 nautical miles 880


to short one it was so I don't know if

you can see all the gulfstream you lined

up along here oh yeah okay yeah are all

over the point where now those I wonder

if they're finished late or they

actually hit right I know those are if

that's maintenance going on all right

you don't look like they might be not

new knotted yeah

there's a green one there there's some

new stuff there too yeah that green is

that I was what about you that's just

primer yeah that's a primer

does Gulfstream make a plane that would

be single pilot certifying over they

down or everything everything is a pilot


that's all we got boys does a blast

well how about you

take your time get that overhead strap

too if you want to grab it you can do

that we get this yeah you got it