The BEST Scottsdale Arizona travel guide | things to do, restaurants, & more

hi everyone it is Sara and this week I

am in Scottsdale Arizona this sunny and

desert city is known for its upscale

resorts spas and golfing it is located

in the heart of the golden Sonoran

Desert which is a beautiful spot to

watch the Sun Rise or Wildlife today I'm

going to show you some of the best

things to do here from hitting tiki bars

to kayaking in the desert this is one

place that you would need to add to your

bucket list


with more than 300 days of sunshine a

year Scottsdale's the perfect place to

get outside and explore kayaking and

hiking in the Sonoran Desert is a great

way to see the flora fauna and wildlife

in its natural environment today we're

gonna be hiking the lower salt river

with Saguaro Lake guest ranch the river

winds through the Tonto National Forest

which is known for its thousand foot

cliffs and majestic Saguaro

this is good for people of all ages and

abilities because it is a sit on top

kayak that is very stable and easy to

maneuver if you have the chance to see

wild horses deer great blue herons

Osprey bald eagles and other native

wildlife we just finished and it was an

amazing experience we saw so many wild

horses that were running through the

water it was so majestic I highly

recommend doing this but make sure you

do it early in the morning because the

river can get very crowded midday

another fantastic way to experience

Scottsdale's natural beauty is by hiking

the McDowell Sonoran preserve this

protected area consists of the McDowell

mountains and the Sonoran Desert here

you'll see saguaro cacti and maybe even

roadrunner there are hikes of all

different difficulty levels and soon

there will even be a trail that is

wheelchair accessible so this is another

wonderful option for any type of

traveler today we're hiking Tom's Thumb

trail this is a four mile heavily

traffic out and back trail now this is

one of their more difficult trails so I

really only recommend this one if you're

physically fit along the trail you're

gonna see beautiful views of the

southern McDowell mountains wildlife and

wildflowers it is stunningly gorgeous


Scottsdale has over 800 restaurants and

bars which is ideal because everyone can

find something that they love there are

many wonderful places to choose from but

here are some of my favorite I'm here at

Kraft 64 this spot is known for their

wood fire pizzas but they also have 30

craft beers on tap eight of which they

make here in-house they source all of

their produce dairy and meats from

Arizona and they make their mozzarella

here at fresh daily and their dough

which is really cool this spot was rated

the number 3 top restaurant in

Scottsdale by Zagat I got the ahi pizza

which is mozzarella parmigiano-reggiano

fennel sausage sauteed onions for Kota

spinach and spicy ahi jalapeno sauce I

also got the Pico pizza which has

mozzarella parmigiano-reggiano ricotta

arugula truffle oil and fig sauce all

right let's give it a try

this one's the Figo look how beautiful

that looks with the arugula and the

delicious cheese on top I can just see

like this is like the perfect dough

consistency it's like crunchy yeah a

little bit soft that is so good the

arugula adds a nice bitterness which

really complements the other flavors as

a New Yorker they give this pizza thumbs

up you know what they're doing here but

it's great because you can actually see

the wood fire pizza oven right in the

back as you're eating your pizza

if you're a craft beer lover you must

come here to Goldwater brewery this

family-owned and operated business has

30-plus years of history knowledge and


goldwater's industrial and contemporary

style - Ephram has 15 of their very own

craft beers including specialty one-off

fruit that they come up with on a whim

all served directly from their bright

Pink's and tap system when you come here

I recommend trying this unique beer it's

called Desert Rose it's crisp it has a

little bit of sweetness it's made from

prickly pear which is something very

special to Arizona so you really can't

get him here more Arizona than this one

right here what the pool cuz it's pink

how often do you see that right martini

is a great dinner spot it is a urban

twist on the classic tiki restaurant or

bar from the 50s the menu is extensive

and is a fusion of Polynesian and

American flavors all right what I got

here is the pulled pork plate this is

staying true to that Polynesian theme

you have some slow-roasted pulled pork

with a soy glaze cold slaw and rice on

the side mixing these together is just

how you get this done but I'm just gonna

have a bite right like this


listen I've been to Hawaii 18 times I'm

not and this is right and target with

the flavors that you get a real luau so

they really know what they're doing here

highly recommend this dish


if you're visiting Scottsdale during the

summer it's smart to plan indoor

activities during the heat of the day

which is from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. I have a

whole video on how to do summer in

Scottsdale because in many ways it is

the best time of years to come here to

learn more about that click on the video

that is linked below some of the best

things to do indoors is visit the many

local art galleries or wineries head to

the Smithsonian's Museum of the west or

shop at Fashion Square another great

option is to head here to wonder spaces

this interactive Instagram friendly

series of installations is called point

of be you inside 13 hours explore how

new perspectives expand our concept of

the world through their art they play

with the definition of perspective flip

its rules and prevent abstract and

literal forms though the methods and

media are all different each artwork

opens us up to the views of others

here's my secrets and can you find it

somewhere in this wall huh good luck it

is the ideal spot if you're looking for

that perfect Instagram photo


there are many lodging options to choose

from but two in particular that I love

here at the Fairmount Scottsdale

princess they provide alfresco living in

the blooming of Sonoran Desert as with

the Native American tradition you'll

live in harmony with nature through vast

open spaces lushly landscaped grounds

regal saguaro cacti and a burning orange

Sun sinking behind the majestic

mountains every evening they have five

restaurants superb boutiques two golf

courses five outdoor pools two water

slides five tennis courts and Arizona's

only white sand beach

another fantastic option is to stay at

the Westin qilin Resort & Spa this

luxury resort brings out the essence of

Arizona it has 10 dining venues a

full-service spa upscale shopping and a

world-class golf course they also have

adventure water park which is home to a

110 foot waterslide 90-foot lazy river

and the Cure limb flow rider board

sports simulator

this hotel is intuitively designed to

bring out arizona's rich history and



no drifter Scottsdale will be complete

without some sort of extravagant

pampering after all there are more spas

per capita here than anywhere else in

the country there are two in particular

that I recommend at the Fairmont

Scottsdale princess they have a

rejuvenating sanctuary on property that

has a comprehensive program of services

treatments activities and retreats in a

luxurious and tranquil setting my number

one that tip for getting a treatment

here is to spend at least 45 minutes

before and after your treatment enjoying

their facilities they have a eucalyptus

inhalation room a Swedish dry sauna a

hot therapeutic whirlpool a rooftop pool

with private cabanas a grotto waterfall

and much more when I visited I did their

desert botanical facial


at the westin Cheerilee Resort & Spa

you'll find a wide variety of services

that showcase desert inspired treatments

and traditional therapies all of their

treatments are influenced by traditional

practices handed down through many of

Arizona's native cultures while I was

there I got the body contouring

treatment this is an herbal cellulite

firming treatment that uses a

microcurrent technology combined with

their invigorating almond paprika and IV

body scrub the treatment left me feeling

toned taut and energized


Scottsdale Arizona is a city of

contrasts as vast as the Sonoran Desert

landscape from hiking along foothills of

the redrock mountains to enjoying a day

at the lavish spa everyone can find

something it's got field that they will

love thanks for watching if you like

this video remember to subscribe follow

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watch my other travel videos I have tons

of them I'll see you next time