Sequoia National Park Travel Guide | Things to do & see on a weekend


it's 10 a.m. and we just made it inside

the park ready to do some hikes and

check out other Vista points in the park

so it should be a lot of fun look how

tiny Tokai looks in comparison so the

first activity today will be to climb

more rock we are now walking on the

little trail towards it it's paved and

very smooth and flat supposed to have

one of the best views of the whole park

so the theory goes


we were just discussing how dangerous it

might be when one of these massive trees

fall and this tree behind us basically

did exactly that there's a sign saying

that it fell like 60 years ago without

any warning and it was around for like

2,000 years we made a little detour to

come and check out this famous Tunnel

log and cars can go through it even

though it looks very tiny compared to

all the giant trees around it we finally

starting our climb up to mara Rock




mara Rock definitely a muscly here in

Sequoia yes

standing views and one thing I would

note is that we read that the hike is

considered strainers but it was actually

quite easy and it's very well paved and

safe to climb up so definitely give it a

go I swear in the Grand tree trail which

is in Kings Canyon National Park which

is next door to Sequoia Park and we're

just gonna go and see another victory




all right we made it to Hume leg or

whatever it's called but whatever it's

called it's awesome and we're having a

bit of a picnic here with a apple and

yeah second button there that's all

we're eating we cover the ground I look

around there it's just unbelievable


look at that


this is our room quite cozy this is the

common area that we're showing with

another guest staying in that room over

there it's very nice we were just

driving past a town called wood lake and

we realized like a lot of forest

plantations are owned by Tropicana

so we just felt obliged to come and

steal a few oranges

very juicy super-sweet


our first stop today in the park is

going to be General Sherman tree which

is the largest tree in the world and

it's a little trail is about half a mile

and yeah we can't wait


finally made it I'm so elated we finally

made it to the General Sherman tree I've

been looking forward to seeing this

absolutely humongous tree and it's the

biggest tree on the planet it's like 275

feet high and it's been growing for like

three thousand years so it's also one of

the oldest trees on the planet this is

quite interesting it says this tree is

not the tallest or the widest but the

overall volume of his trunk it makes it

the biggest tree on earth