Top 15 things to do in St Augustine Florida (Travel Guide)


welcome to AMA travelling my name is

Raoul and in this video we're gonna take

you to st. Augustine Florida

disclosure this video was recorded a

month prior to Cova 19 so you're gonna

notice a lot of people not wearing a

mask it's because of that but not to

worry you're still gonna see the same

recites and fun activities just be

prepared to wear a mask


if you haven't planned out your date

just yet I highly recommend you make

your way over to a visitor center not

only will you be able to map out your

date but you'll also be able to know

what time things are happening and the

price and such as and then firing in the

canons of the Castillo de San Marcos st.

Augustine it's easily a walkable city

but if you'd like to take a break from

all the walking especially in the summer

and learn about the history either take

the red train trolley or the Old Town

Trolley the st. George in the price is

very based on if you get a balcony view

of st. George Street or interior

terraces but whichever route you go you

won't be disappointed we opted in for

the balcony view of st. George Street

the rooms themselves were cozy not

moderate out but that's the purpose to

give you a small-town feel all right

guys so we're here in historic sonali

see now we went to the room at the st.

George in we're about to show you the

tour of the room and the views



these are the original city games let's

take a walk down st. George Street where

you'll find traffic shops restaurants

ice-cream stands and more ice cream

stands which I don't mind close to the

st. George Inn is where you'll find the

oldest wooden schoolhouse in the United





the school itself was built sometime

before 1763 during the first Spanish

period very good Johnny the school is

built of cypress and cedar with handmade

nails and wooden pegs this is the oldest

wooden structure in Saint Augustine and

it has never been reconstructed and our

clothing is of that beauty

we was dressed this way in 1939 by

graduates but the class of 1864 during

the clash really that's right Johnny

they also decorated this little school

the way they remembered it when they

were here as a matter of fact on the

back wall there were some photographs of

the class taken at that reunion and the

class role sometimes the children are

unruly in class then they must spend

time under the stairway there until they

decide to behave we call it the dungeon

for graduates of the oldest

right now we're walking down st. George

Street in the heart of San Augustine

where you'll find a lot of little shops

and restaurants right now we just got

done touring the oldest wooden

schoolhouse in the United States and

we're gonna go check out the pirate

museum Athena and I went to run some

errands and I stumble upon this lady my

grandmother hi all right she has no idea

what's going on she thinks this is a

family video it's all good we're about

to check out pizza time which is ranked

the number 2 best pizza in the United

States so let's see exactly if it's true

or not


that's a wound up teasing me more notice

anymore so don't worry

that's it when I make one in the cotton

you know save on the second best piece

in United States let's see about that

so get insulted she pretty much said she

spilled and she loved it

okay Dave dionyza Rika yeah she agrees

she stopped and she load the pizza she

can't even walk now so now no puede

davao huh yeah I just saw that we're

gonna get some ice cream

I don't think she likes that idea sure

she's not down for ice cream but I will

see ya wanna get tacos she don't want to

get tacos either I'm gonna get ice cream

she's gonna get ice cream sure just

watch me where we gonna go fries and

let's see we're hearing kill winds and I

wish you guys could smell this it smells

delicious you've tried some kill winds

ice cream I mean she got the pistachio

she loves it and this is a key lime and

toasted coconut

very good very good

here in San Agustin all you got to do is

grab a bench some ice cream and relax

enjoy the scenery the people walking and

just people watch


so we just enter the Fountain of Youth

the first thing you see is gonna see

this ponce de leon and then me right the



but yeah how many pounds in weight

that's a little over six pounds six

pounds about half the weight of the

chocolate you can also come here and

check out this archaeological dig site

where you can find gold coins silver

coins shark teeth so let's see if we

find any gold coins or silver coins here

that's really what I care about right

now got a shark teeth I'll take it


Vica as you walk the grounds of the

Fountain of Youth you're gonna see a

whole bunch of little peacocks right

there there's a white one I've never

seen a white one before beautiful right

behind me they've definitely come out to

play because they weren't here earlier

so I don't know if they've released them

or they were just hanging out somewhere

else but look at that beautiful take it

this guy our girl sure

I know mine is pretty cool

all this for 16 15 dollars whatever it

cost to come here it's not a bad deal



welcome to cut the UNICEF Marcos the

most recognizable landmark here in st.

Augustine and your first look at what

life was like here centuries ago


I could be from any country in Europe

I'm wearing one thing that says I'm

Spanish what do you think that is

without that I could be English French

German anything nope the armband very

good we're color coded take my right

foots my best foot is forward to you I

take my hand a lot perfect

I'll see a thank you so I'm standing

between two four motels a former

panceliss Hotel which is now Flagler

College and the former Alcazar Hotel

which is now City Hall and the lining

Museum Flagler College built in 1888 as

a luxurious hotel and now stands as a

private liberal arts college


line your Museum

what was once known as hotel for the

wealthy with a steam room

massage parlor sulphur baths gymnasium a

three-story Ballroom and the world's

largest indoor swimming pool is now home

to a collection of rare antiques

till this day people still rent out the

lining Museum to hold their weddings

I've personally catered and planned a

few of them myself

the Cathedral Basilica ceiling scene

this place holds a special place in our

hearts not only was it America's first

parish and the first Catholic Church in

st. Augustine but it was where my wife

and I got married at back in 2015 and

lastly the Sinhala scene i house 219

steps to the top but trust me the views

are worth it definitely a must when

visiting st. Augustine alright so we're

about to start the lighthouse and going

219 steps up to the top



non-stop that took my breath out man

look at that


and that's a wrap from st. Augustine we

stayed at the st. George in walks in

George Street toward the Fountain of

Youth and the Paramecium went to Mass at

the Basilica at San Augustine explore

the Castillo San Marcos ate at America's

number two pizza spot pizza time had ice


two times went to a flag in college and

the lining Museum all in awe it's been

an amazing past couple of days spent in

sensing the nation's oldest city

hopefully this video was helpful to you


dumain hair hair like and smash that

penguin and also don't forget to wear

that mask