A Flight Around Lake Tahoe- Private Jet Flight into Truckee

all right so shine wide open for if

you'll stop

I'm a former Air Force pilot with over

1,000 hours in the f-16 jet today I run

a medical equipment business and fly my

private jet all around the country

visiting customers are traveling with my

family and friends i video some of these

flights and share them here my name is

Greg and this is my youtube channel

premier onedrive


ching ching ching ching ching

nice end of the break



is that right


and then you start and even have

grand premiere three times ago my credit

taxi with bell pepper let me get my

graduate wind is zero one zero a 23 was

like three hundred three ones fine sir

come through the alpha 3 1 V alpha 3 10


man it is windy you can just see it look

at that wind sock out there oh wow

pretty much sure that's right which way

which way is north here north is that

kind of that way you can see we had our

pretty much our tail to the start we

were right yeah I see why I was so

problematic van tower from here 3/9

servo Mike will be ready at the end of

the front by three one three nine zero

Mike runway everyone to win three five

zero at one runway three one clear for

takeoff three nine zero off my mind you

have Butte Montana where there there's a

cemetery right at the end of the run

c-130s over there yeah some piglets

here's your go like contact or daughter

departure sir go flank attack

Shanta furniture for me here three nine

zero golf mike 6800 commander an answer

goes my exciter parts writer

don't make her to contact you mother for

sure Roger that sir come

he showed off my graphic 12 to one

o'clock one here mild he's drawing out

Jack eight nine thousand seven sir cup

micro look you're about my boy Kyle

course heading home it is two six zero

my major about my credit here in left on

course left turn on for circuit

here goes my contract everything I want

to 5.9 here - oh honey my mind's our cup

a good day

that burger here 3:9 thrown off mic at

12,000 defragment meant to be a trick

departure at the probable Alfa Romeo

Golf Romeo then direct the golf lima

lima brick booga recognized use of

mountains yeah really is

Fisher get the right to barter Bravo

Alfa Romeo Golf Romeo there we go

Denver from here three that jerk-off

Mike at 12,000 familiar three then I do

golf Mike damn if they're trying to give

up the big girl

I thought we'll see six are circling for

500 Romeo can to kind of approach one

through four point five five get a

little bit over that Hani mourra 55 he's

gonna fly right over the top of salt

like a city water down into Lake Tahoe

so well if you figure definitely won't

get to Lake Tahoe they'll be no traffic

and the weather be nice we can do a lap

around the lake

Oh that'd be fun that'd be cool think we

did that last time leaving didn't wait

yeah we're good yeah yeah yeah that was

cool pretty bumpy I should have done it

the day before

yeah boy left it was more bumpy too

won't we lay into the air alright

through 18,000 feet get my checks done

clarkey 469 contact ever Center 1 3 3 PI

1 733-7000

there's no called my contact numbers

there one 28.3 to get in 2030 2:05 good


Deborah Center for mayor 390 are going

level two five zero climbing fly level

two six zero remember three Niner zero

golf like everything if I maintain all

the three four zero like job my Bella

treat for sirs are coming

okay so there's a Laramie Wyoming right

off here right there six here 668

contact Denver Center one through six

point five via 16.5 much cheers yeah

good so it's good weather at Truckee

it's clear okay we should get our should

get our lap around the lake get awesome

or good alright so we are we see route

of flight let's review it they company

to Bonneville must be the Bonneville

Salt Flats writer that we go over the

top of Salt Lake City then into Lovelock

yeah Lovelock you are and then down and

that basically keeps us away a bunch of

keeps us between a bunch of military

airspace so see here there we are just

south of Laramie come over the top of

Salt Lake City you go over to Bonneville

so yeah that's certainly the salt flats

there Lovelock

that down and to Truckee which is on the

north end of Lake Tahoe there will pull

up the VFR sectional there's like we'll

do a lap around Lake Tahoe then come in

Atlanta Truckee a 1201 contact ever

thinner one free three points like a

good one Kevin 3317 today there's also a

whole bunch of noise abatement arrival

procedures it can pick or keyword they

don't want you to come in all

willy-nilly big thing and fly wherever

the heck you want the residences around

it yeah so they've got quite a few

different routes for coming in depending

on which direction you're coming from

and what runway you're landing on though

I've been reviewing this for the last

few days everyone familiar dead we're

now one three two point eight five a

digit memory call full-scale contact

number Center one three five point one

two you have a good day three five one

to a table though alright well come off

the cameras for a while

crystals are breaking remember zero golf

Mike if I get to flight level four zero

zero how long till you out of level


remember falling 24:35 we'll see is

there go fight some like Center for your

unit Sarnoff like level fours there's

our mystery diners about Mike for a

military space do you have a out of here

divisor to go serve up mike hanna like

after Victor Lee much better direct

Bravo alpha Mike directive Lima Lima

Charlie arrest Everett engine okay after

ppl to Bam and then LLC's


so we're gonna do about my contact like

header 19.95


likes I never had three nights are don't

like my level 4 0 camara three Niner

zero Val - la gente right okay they're

gone flake down there killed one two

there one three four point four five

today 34 45s are coming today one Center

for mayor three nine zero three eight





number two zero zero turn 15 degrees to

the right be a vector for charging


Oakland Center for mayor three nine zero

like thirty two point five two cynic my

level freezer

I'm a 3-0 Gulf Iacocca Thunder defense a

public hero but little too servicers are


it's getting closer

we are about

just 80 miles north of Lake Tahoe


pretty clear - should be a good landing

oh man you can see it clear as day

I'm down on the GoPros but so we're

gonna try to get our link to her so

we'll see what happens here

last time we were here one ballot at

32.3 fine at its South Lake

a southpaw what is it what was it called

wheel and

a31 fighting through it outside yeah

sounds like why we ended Lake Tahoe

Airport on the south side of the

outside of the airport it's a beautiful

day but I it was an f-18 doing a lap

around the lake so I

there's no 57 85 I'll let go that gave

him priority oh the next day we took off

little cloudy I remember I forgot to

here at PVD hook up the audio for that

camera that's right so I missed that we

got the they got the heck bounced out of

the skorca could have one two thousand

four five and really rough

so we got kind of a lap around the lake

but it

looking at a better one yeah I

appreciate that a little bit to be


43.0 golf mic plan up to the visual pros

for runway 39 and if I have husband had

the weather also use caution there's a

high amount of Collider activity north

of Reno and truck B might be about 15

target there may be other extending from

mount north of Reno who are about 43220

marketing okay Roger that sir go fine

yeah we're all set up for the vigil to

time it may be a good idea to appreciate

over model bank and then director Kido

Dickie Dee's doubt the most the gliders

that I can see on my radar

otherwise you're gonna be done a lot of

them okay how about Mustang and that

that delay D that Delta Lima alpha

November India

I don't have Delaney but the next

control will know where that is for now

corrected month bang and then direct to


okay directs a bus tag now the trick

shark eats our dough

and that's a lot of gliders to be

working around so really instead of us

coming in from the north he wants it's

kind of come around the side and enter

in which actually works out better for

us because this point that I want to go

to this Delaney point which is for the

runway two-niner land is that over the

middle of lake anyway okay so I can't

dive we come in this way it's gonna work

out a lot

with wood gliders operated another yeah

they can be up pretty high yeah put that

back about your DS whatever guerrillas

you have a pretty good throw that is a

team of immense allot of gliders to


birth your dad to a golf my contact

NorCal whoa another point to 1992 I got

my good day

okay I'm here three nights Eric off like

26 9 to sending v lo2 0 down pretty good

you wanted to maintain up or down down

to 14,000 21 freezer of to one circle

let's reason one that coyote chicken up

yes surpass 9200 for 2030 something


CalPERS identities your to 115 114 or

north of the Edmonton Airport and other

adopted to 3 0 t 1 3 0 to 1 because I

shut 3 0 1 tablet for 47 47 accomplished

expect the visual approach to runway one

takes ranked no.1 6 y7 3447 Jeffery's

you don't want fighting so please

elevate your glider traffic sure trees

are up lose actor Jack centuries are one

okay so with that burrito

by 0 1 July and maintain flight level 1

9 0 1 9 0 now her church f30 did 3 their

1 traffic ago factor

Roger I'm Peter they'll call Mike didn't

have the maintain of one that 2012

thousand circa 5

that's right from the black glare she'll

never do golf I can take that whatever

one to have a 2.95 party seven Thank You

fighters are got Mike a day


300 to park here for officer 43230


so you see the airport over there

oh yeah got it

the only flat area over there then yeah

for three awfully mechanical ascender

one to one point two five

and Oh Ferdy need a stylist 390 I got

Mike giving us at 14,000 remember hear

about Mike does it make anyone free down

below thank you run to that that's one

3000 circle

but looks smooth as glass out there that

sure does yeah

to 84 and maintain one six thousand each

come on the off-camera three throws


what's it sounds like this 24 518

contact Oakland Center one 100 575 for

her higher 1975 1935 flex hit 518

kidding and we're existed to 80% of

Altair was three years or eight the

Columbia Center freezers are eight the

nice pond on the desk go up senator hold

on the stealth seminar is 200 out of

three recycler

why is that pretty

great colors in it

now there's the place we stayed last

time a year poor down there - yeah

Center self-assess estate bubble to eat

you supple 715 Oakland Center to Center

maintains eye level to 3 here 750

20:38 14.5 194 2398 Oakland Center climb

and maintain flight level yeah do it

help us today Oh cleanser gut microbiota

to head back to the airport ok get up

like right

why is that pretty

look at 284 categorical approach 1 2 3

point 7 23 7% is 3/4 long

there's an airplane if you saw that yeah

let's pick that up too

there goes my traffic one o'clock ones

your mouth South County eastbound a

glider VFR 1 2007 okay Roger that we're

looking at sir got my oh my boy

what came forward up for example is 440

first off with 440 categorical approach

one through five point four

Oh guy Roger that sir cough I forgot my

clear vision for only 290 trippy contact

rookie car sir cup like today

look at our from here three nights ago

Micah's with you just coming up on


come here 391 g20 6 that's where three

zero three three and Bella North Delaney

oh yeah okay very good you can report

blood kenneth for they love face or four

two nine will report get out the for the

left face tonight certify he won do you

write the drunky alright

oh we got the campus rolling to so you

know you just became famous oh sweet

well welcome to the fabulous terrific

Ella find a beautiful Frankie Tahoe


it's looking good I'll tell you that now

you got that right

killings 42 get shot after premiere just

found a left face here about made out

for the airport and all chordates pretty


yeah you can change my tower frequency

you want to 0.57 for yelling kiss

fortune okay gently clerk is with

downtown okay great

is that a colder citation

2005 copy that said of course it's a

baby an airplane here

it's a heck of an approach here

I gently 42 other premiere insights have

your release also ROI two Niner clear

for takeoff when two and zero seven

clear for takeoff two Niner tell Excel


where's our golf Mike Trotter citations

on the roller my tune on to clear land

win two one zero to run white dude I'm

clear plan for an answer go fine


John 42 contact open Sara of a good

place telling 14 with you

oh yeah very interested yeah I didn't

know which boat for 1,000

sink rate sink rate it's a

I don't hurry to don't you

epple I'm glad I wasn't carrying Allah

any extra speed


five hundred

be a long landing hair

sink rate sink rate

it worked out very nice

whereas rigueur like turn left ahead

turn left down to alpha and she called

for parking yet I did not call for

parking forgot my paint no problem

turn left there an alpha and call unicom

122.8 XE and they will get you to park

Neil get your circle I just don't how

long you be here

okay front of that I think they know

we're coming so we'll switch on over

there and contact me through my website

I want to send you something pretty near

one driver comm hit the contact page

sent me a message okay when I run down

there and over if you're gonna stick


Jay could do that too we'll do it a

little bit approaching the Truckee Tahoe

Airport from the east on this beautiful

Bluebird day on the visual approaches

premiere three nine zero golf mic

premiere one driver aka p1d now on short

final two-hour 7,000 foot runway

5900 feet above sea level just north of

Lake Tahoe in the route out and the

flare just about to touch down executing

a flawless landing now on rollout to our

Mountain gem of an airport from

everybody here at Truckee Tower and of

course the Truckee Tahoe Airport

welcome to Truckee I hope you enjoy your


can you get a comprehend as there a golf


go Mike I wanted a without staying with

you tell Thursday copy that see you on

our West ramp here you can exit at Delta

while marshal meet you have over the

peas and the fish with luggage and

there's a Phoebe

Roger that we should have a rental car

as well yep copy that list with the

Marshall know we could get you right

over to the rental car