Landing at 9,070 ft - Telluride, Crazy Weather in the Mountains

(upbeat electronic music)

- It's raining pretty nice right now.

I think we're gonna get out of here

before the next cell hits.

We're trying to head from Albuquerque, New Mexico

up to Telluride, Colorado but the weather's

being a little tricky.

It's hailing a little bit right now, raining a little bit,

kinda windy, and there's another big cell on the way.

(upbeat electronic music)

[Matt] Albuquerque Ground, Bonanza 7HP

[Albuquerque Ground] alright Bonanza 367HP thanks, out of Cutter, join Kilo, Golf, short of Charlie

- Okay, so we got rain in all directions,

but it's clear over the airport.

So, we're gonna get out, get beyond Albuquerque,

and then we will figure out our next moves from there.

We got about five or six hours of gas, so we can do a lot

of figuring out here. - Cool.

- [Matt] We're gonna hold short for Southwest.

- attention all aircraft Albuquerque Tower Information Kilo is now current

- Geez, that's three ATISes (chuckles)

- Yeah. - Since we started up.

- [Matt] And I guess, if we get in the air,

and it looks like it's just clearer to stay under that way,

- Yeah. - Might be the better option.

- I see holds everywhere down there, too.

- Right.

We'll just see what happens here.

- Yeah

[Tower] Bonanza 367HP Albuquerque Tower, wind calm turn left heading 260

Runway 3 and Foxtrot 3 cleared for takeoff

(engine whirring)

- [Matt] Okay, we got 79% horsepower here at 5400 feet.

- [Owen] Alright.

(engine whirring) (upbeat electronic music)

- [Matt] We'll go ahead and make this turn.

[Tower] Skywest 5890, Albuquerque Tower, wind calm Runway 3, clear to land

[Skywest 5890] Cleared to land, Runway 3, 5890

[Tower] Bonanza 7HP contact Departure

[Matt] 7HP over to Departure, good day

- So, I'm thinking let's just go straight

towards that hole kinda straight ahead there.

- [Owen] Yeah, I see it.

- [Matt] And then let's see what we see on top.

- [Owen] We're like in a bowl right now.

- Yeah, we might do to be having fun right now.

- [Owen] Pretty much.

- I guess this would be a good opportunity

to introduce Owen, so this is Owen.

*Altitude Alert*

- Oh god, that's loud.

- So, this is Owen. You might know him from Instagram

as "sjcspotter", but he's not spotter.

- Not a spotter anymore.

Those were the good ol' days.

- Just a pilot.

- I'm an 18-year-old pilot

and then I'm a fellow Bonanza driver.

I'm from San Jose, California and I flew out

to hang out with Matt for a couple days.

We're gonna have some pretty epic adventures,

so I look forward to sharing that with you guys.

- Okay, let's try 13 and see what that looks like.

- Sure.

- Obviously, we're not going to stay there all day, but

the other option is we could just go way south.

That's all showing VFR right now.

It's just a really long ways out of the way.

The highest portions should be about like this stuff

because that's where the intense precip is.

Let's see what it looks like

when we kinda get around this corner here.

How you doin'? How you feelin'?

- [Owen] Good. You?

- [Matt] Yeah, good. Got some snow down there.

- [Owen] Yeah, it's pretty.

I don't know. We're reaching a dead end (chuckles).

- [Matt] Yeah, that didn't really pan out.

- [Owen] Not quite (chuckles).

- [Matt] We're so close.

- [Owen] I know, right?

(radio chatter) - Aw.

(engine whirring)

It'd be really nice if the Apple watch

could do oxygen in addition to pulse.

Let's just keep going this way for a little bit

and let's see what happens. - Sure.

- [Matt] Because we're not 15 minutes into this stuff,

so we can always back out.

Yeah, I think we'll make a 180 here.

- [Owen] roger.

- Then we'll be 150 miles south, then everything's VFR,

and then we just go around it.

- Wow, terrain's pretty high up here.

- Okay, so we were a little defeated.

We were looking great. We made it.

We had like 50 miles to go on top,

and then we'd have been out beyond the clouds,

but cloud height, cloud tops just kept increasing.

It just wasn't working out, so we're gonna

go back this way, and just go about 3 hours,

take the long way to Telluride.

(engine whirring)

- [Matt] We'll stay on this heading

for about another 10 or 15 miles

and then the terrain should be no more than about six.

- So, have you already explained what we're doing this week?

- Kind of. We're basically flying

all around the American southwest,

checking out some of basically the most unique,

interesting airports in the country,

and today we're headed to really the first one of those,

which is Telluride.

It's this pretty famous ski resort in Colorado.

The airport elevation's like 9000 feet,

kinda nestled in between a bunch of mountains,

so it's a pretty unique, scenic approach.

Little bit of a challenge,

but we'll talk about that when we get there.

Right now, the big challenge is

just getting there. (chuckling) getting there

- Heading in that direction. - Heading in that direction.

We're in New Mexico and we're going south

to get to Colorado.

- We've got 15 miles on everything

that we're painting out here.

It looks like rain. It sounds like hail.

So, a one-hour flight turned into a five-hour flight fast.

[Albuquerque Center] N367HP say your type of aircraft and destination again

[Matt] We're BE36 slant golf and we're actually going to KSOW

but we're routing via Silver City, Bonanza 7HP

[Albuquerque Center] 7HP Roger, so you're going to Show Low via direct down over Silver City

before you head back to the west?

- That's affirmative.

[Albuquerque Center] Ok

Yeah, so basically there's weather

all up in here below ceiling,

so this is where all the VFR stuff is,

so we're gonna go down here

over Silver City and probably stop in,

what is it? Show Low.

- [Owen] Show Low.

- [Matt] For gas and a bite to eat, something like that,

and we'll go from there up to Telluride.

Just avoiding little scattered showers here and there,

but for the most part, it's just nice, clear desert.

Something out of an old West movie.

Or else like when the first European explorers

arrived here a few hundred years ago,

this is exactly what this looked like.

It's just crazy to think about.

It's also crazy to think about

traversing this on foot and horseback.

- [Owen] I know.

- [Matt] But when we're going 140 knots,

it still feels slow. - Yeah.

- [Matt] It's just so expansive.

- So what are you thinking?

You gonna go around this mountain, then turn?

- I think so, because we're gettin' into,

there's like lots of precip in there,

so I don't know that shootin' that gap's

gonna be a great idea. - No.

- [Matt] Plus, it's gonna put us in

higher terrain with low ceilings.

I think the easy option at this point is just go this way.

I think we tried our one shortcut for today.

- I agree. So, when you're on your around the world flight,

did you encounter weather like that, where you were like,

I gotta turn around and figure something else out?

- Oh, yeah. Flying out over the ocean

because you have no information about what's out there,

so there's a big line of thunderstorms,

and it's like, well, it looks like that's blue behind that,

so you'll try it and you might get a hundred miles,

and it's like, nope, that's not working.

Turn around and fly a hundred miles back

and go another way to get around the weather.

- What if you keep going back and forth,

and then eventually you don't have enough fuel to make it?

- [Matt] You have to constantly be watching that.

- [Owen] Right.

- Or know where else you can land.

Your flight controls.

- My controls.

- [Matt] Your flight controls.

- [Owen] Yeah, it looks like the weather's improving

like one o'clock. - Right.

- We should be able to cut over soon,

just like we planned here. - Yeah.

- Show Low's literally directly that way,

but maybe we should go,

you think you wanna still go around, out and around?

- [Matt] The question is just what is it gonna be like

over there, you know? - Yeah.

- [Matt] Because the terrain's a little higher, too.

- [Owen] It is, yeah.

- I'm thinking this is probably our best bet.

- [Owen] Okay.

- [Matt] That's pretty cool.

- [Owen] That's pretty deep.

Just look at the different colors on the layers.

- [Matt] Right.

- [Owen] That's incredible.

- [Matt] We won't hit any terrain for the next 20 minutes.

- [Owen] Okay.

- [Matt] Right now, we're 3300 above the ground.

- [Owen] Looks like we're probably

going to hit a dead end up here.

- Yeah, so I think let's get through this,

and we'll probably, - Deke around.

- Yeah, probably route towards that way.

We've got options in every direction right now.

- [Owen] Right.

- [Matt] This turned into a pretty challenging flight.

- [Owen] I was not expecting this.

- Yeah, I did not think that Albuquerque

was going to be the place that was--

- Right?

- That's not looking great straight ahead,

but I think this direction-ish.

- [Owen] What about two o'clock?

- [Matt] Two o'clock? I just don't see anything beyond that.

- [Owen] I see some terrain way out there.

- [Matt] But that's right where all the snow is

and where those 200 foot ceiling is

Anyway, you gotta go further this way,

it's just a question of how far.

- Okay.

- And do we go this way or do we go back

the way we came and then around?

- Right.

- Yeah, normally figuring it out as you go

isn't the best option, but here the weather's

just changing so much and there's so little information

that we're just making sure that at any point in time,

we know what our options are, but we're gonna press onward

and see if we can make this work.

Got some nice little-- - Pretty smooth.

- [Matt] Rain showers, snow flurries,

something like that, off to the left here.

What do you think of that?

- [Owen] I see what you're lookin' at.

Yeah, I like it.

- My girlfriend wants to FaceTime.

Let's see what happens (chuckling).

- No, Owen's flying.

She says, "Hi." - Hi.

- I thought we were an hour away like an hour ago.

- I know. This is epic.

- Okay, we're live. We're buzzin' around,

I think we're in Arizona now.

Kinda just dodging some precipitation

and clouds all over the place.

- I'm gonna go this way instead of this.

This is closing out.

- I think stay with this. - You think so?

- [Matt] because this is just rain. This isn't a cloud.

- Okay.

- [Matt] We've still got the visibility here.

Gettin' some nice rain right here,

but that's cloud over there,

so we're staying out of the clouds,

and just gettin' some nice rain on the windshield.

- [Owen] I think it's snow. Look at this.

- [Matt] It might be, I think it's just...

It might be slightly like sleet or something,

but it's nothin' too crazy.

That might be a little bit of hail.

There's some blue skies in the distance over there,

but I think once we get past this next little,

these rain showers right here, we're gonna be just golden.

We're flying along at 7700,

making sure we always have a backup option,

and figuring out how to make this work,

how to get to Telluride tonight.

Gonna check out this awesome hotel there,

but we're just VFR right now

because out here the terrain is too high,

the clouds are too high, the temperature's too low,

so we can't really go IFR because of icing.

Right now, we've still got about three hours of fuel.

We got all this precip off to the right here,

so we're just trying to circumnavigate that.

Yeah, so good that Show Low's gonna be great,

we just have to get around this precip.

- And it looks like 15 minutes, we should be.

- Basically, exactly what we thought, and we're starting

to see a little bit of a clearing out there now.

[Owen] (to female ATC) Center how's it goin? Bonanza 367HP is 7,000 truckin along

Albuquerque Center: 367HP Albuquerque Center, roger, good afternoon it looks like

your heading is pretty good uhh probably about 25 miles, 30 miles or so before it looks clear

on my depiction for Show Low after that point

- Good afternoon, we see a gap just off to one o'clock.

We're gonna shoot for it.

We got the weather for Show Low,

and it's looking pretty good, so we'll keep you updated.

- This guy. (chuckling)

- [Owen] This scenery is just gorgeous.

- Yeah, this is just epic out here.

We're figuring it out as we go

because we're very limited on weather information out here,

so we just know, we've got as much info as we can.

We always make sure that we have a backup

and don't back ourselves into a corner.

Always have to have a Plan B

and know what your Plan B is, but--

- You want me to shoot this gap, right toward the airport?

- No, let's go this way because we got

a little lower terrain there, so that'll be a little better.

- Roger. - Yeah.

- And we got some cool canyons up here.

- Aw, these canyons, holy cow.

- Oh my god, this is crazy.

And for those of you watching this on the vlog later,

if you don't follow me on Instagram, check it out.

You get to watch this stuff live

instead of a couple weeks later in much better quality,

but it's still really cool to watch it live,

so follow me on Instagram @mattguthmiller.

- [Owen] We totally weren't expecting a whole process.

- [Matt] We weren't expecting to be in Arizona, period.

- [Owen] That's true.

- [Matt] But here we are.

That's the cool part about flying.

You end up in places that you would just never expect

and would never see any other way

and would never end up there.

I have no idea what this canyon is.

We'll probably figure it out later.

Wow, this is so cool, okay.

We can probably head back to the right now.

We got this canyon over here,

and we're gonna head on over to Show Low.

- [Owen] I'm gonna go around this.

- [Matt] Yeah, let's go around that.

- [Owen] Left or right? I'd say right.

- [Matt] Yeah, I think right.

Yeah, we got a little bit more precip right here.

We're gonna go to the right around that

and then head on over into Show Low.

Yeah, we're gettin' some snow right here.

Temperature's positive 5, so we're good on icing.

Is that snow or is that stuff a little bit--

- [Owen] I don't know. It's hard to tell.

- [Matt] That's maybe a little bit of hail, wet sleet.

Maybe I can get a little more on the--

[Albuquerque Center] 7HP radar contact lost say your altitude

[Matt] 7HP we're at 7,500

[Albuquerque Center] 7HP roger, probably won't pick up before Show Low there

I do not observe any other aircraft, radar services are terminated,

squawk 1200 we'll talk to you next time

[Matt] 7HP thanks

- Yeah, that's the awesome thing about

flying with this panel, ForeFlight.

There's so much information at your fingertips all the time,

but you can do something like this.

Not really have a good idea

of what the weather's gonna be like

because that information just doesn't exist,

but be able to have the flexibility

to just pick your options as you go,

and explore some awesome, awesome places like this.

Was it Show Low, right?

- [Owen] Yeah.

- [Matt] It's such a, it sounds like something

like a rapper or something. (chuckling)

Show Low Traffic, Bonanza 7HP is 18 to the Southwest gonna be straight in Runway 3, Show Low

- [Matt] There's so much epic-ness right here.

This is just insane. (chuckling)

- Epic-ness is a good word.

- [Matt] This is nice. I just got an alert from ForeFlight

that your flight plan is still active

and will be considered overdue for arrival

within 10 minutes.

Please amend, close, or contact flight services.

We'll be on the ground in about two and a half,

so we'll close it as soon as we land.

There you go. One notch of flaps, gears three, green.

Mixture's gonna be good for now, not gonna touch that.

We'll bring the prop full forward when we get closer.

Last notch of flaps, burn the power out.

No hands, it just flies the approach pretty well on its own.

Little nose up trim as we slow.

(engine whirring)

- [Owen] Money.

- [Matt] Now, where are the fuel pumps?

Turn this off, flaps (mumbles), turn this off for takeoff.

Okay, so we'll get some fuel and head off to Telluride.

(engine sputters and stops)

(upbeat electronic music)

(engine starts up)

- [Matt] A little light snow here in Show Low.

Let's go to Telluride.

- [Owen] Let's do it, baby.

- [Matt] Find some more snow that's already on the ground.

[Matt] Show Low Traffic, Bonanza 7HP departing Runway 6, Show Low

- A little left cross-wind.

Fly right into that snow there

off the end of the runway and take a left turn

towards clear skies towards Telluride.

(engine whirring)

- [Matt] There's a thousand feet.

Just I rotated a little late there,

but being just over a thousand feet right here

it makes 6400 pretty much standard conditions.

Now, we'll turn away from the snow.

[Matt] Show Low Traffic, Bonanza 7HP is departing to the North, Show Low

- [Matt] Nice big bushes in the desert,

and we're off and running to Telluride.

- [Owen] Awesome.

Wow, it is deteriorating behind us.

- [Matt] Yeah, we got outta there just in time.

- [Owen] Yeah.

- [Matt] How long did that flight end up being,

like three and a half hours?

- [Owen] Yeah, just over three and a half.

- And now we're the same distance

from Telluride as we started.

- Pretty much.

- It's the same, but sometimes

that's just the way it is with weather.

Usually, there's a way you can make it work.

If there's not, then you just sit on the ground somewhere.

- So far, we've figured out how to make it work.

- Yeah, we made it work.

We got beautiful weather now that we got past

all of the other weather. - Oh, I know.

[Albuquerque Center] N367HP contact Denver Center 118.5 have a good day

[Matt] Denver 118.5, Bonanza 7HP, good day

- It's so nice to finally be away from Albuquerque

just in every sense. - Yeah (chuckles).

- [Matt] We went almost down to the Mexican border.

- Dude, that was insane.

- And over to Arizona. That's crazy.

(engine whirring)

- [Matt] Wow, check out those mountains.

We're gonna go just past that mountain, and then--

- [Owen] I believe so.

- [Matt] Yeah, so that mountain there is Lone Cone.

- [Owen] Okay.

- [Matt] It's 12,600 feet.

- [Owen] Insane.

- [Matt] We'll go just around that and then it's basically

like a straight shot into Telluride.

The preferred approach in here is runway nine

because that takes you in toward these mountains.

We were thinking we were gonna have to cut in close

and come in two seven, just because of the wind,

but it looks like the wind's died down a bit,

so if it stays like that, we'll just land Runway 9.

If we don't like that, we can always just

go around a little bit and land Runway 27.

[Matt] Telluride Traffic, Bonanza 7HP is about 15 miles West

gonna be straight in Runway 9, Telluride

- Okay, right now we're at 11,500 feet.

The airport's at 9,000 feet.

Obviously, a couple things.

We're landing at 9,000 feet. That's pretty high.

Full power is probably in the neighborhood of like 70%.

We're at full throttle right now,

so we need to go a few hundred more RPM.

The thing is to keep in mind, especially with a go-around,

oh, I see the runway there.

Straight ahead. - Yup.

- Wow, this is so cool.

Especially like with a go-around,

usually you think of flaps as helping

you climb better or something, and up here,

what they really do is they add a lot of drag

so you don't have as much excess power available.

You might not want to use full flaps, for instance,

or in a go-around, it's really important

that you get the flaps up right away and clear up that drag

because you really don't have a lot of excess thrust

or excess power right now.

I'm gonna go ahead, throw the gear down.

There we go, three green.

Wow, this is just spectacular.

And, of course, the other thing is you may wanna,

you probably don't wanna go full mixture,

full rich mixture either.

Wow, these mountains over here.

It is all just so spectacular.

Yeah, I'm gonna stick with approach flaps for this.

Of course, it's up on a plateau,

so we gotta be careful for any wind shear,

updrafts, downdrafts, that kind of thing.

Right now, the wind's straight off our left at 14 knots,

but I think this should work really nicely.

Go ahead and put the prop full forward

so we're ready if we did go around

or get some gusts here going over this plateau.

Pretty stable here on power and speed.

- [Owen] Oh, you're looking great.

- Just a tiny bit fast, but we got a lot of runway here.


(engine whirring)

- [Owen] Very nice.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- We made it to Telluride.

It was quite the day.

It was supposed to be about a two-hour flight up here.

Instead it was a three and a half hour flight

and then a two-hour flight,

but these views were spectacular.

I don't know that I've ever seen it quite like this

in my entire life and it's just incredible.

Now, we're gonna check out the Mountain Lodge Telluride,

an epic hotel, and explore the area,

find some good food because we haven't eaten all day.

It's epic. It's amazing.

I don't even know what to say.

(jazz music)

- This thing's so cool.

It's like a rollercoaster in the mountains.

Epic view.

Now, we're at the top of the mountain

we came from I think it's Mountain Village up to the top of the mountain,

and now we're heading down 2,000 feet

into the actual city of Telluride.

(jazz music)

(doors click shut)

(jazz music)

- Staying here, at the Mountain Lodge Telluride,

it's been fantastic so far.

We're getting a bite to eat for breakfast.

We're gonna check out the hot tub,

explore a little bit around the area.

They've been nice enough to host us

and it's just been fantastic.

We're gonna ride the gondola again in the daytime,

go check out more of Mountain Village, Telluride,

see everything, and then take off and head to Las Vegas.

(rock music)

- We're heading down the mountain into Telluride proper.

Gonna check that out a bit.

It's a pretty incredible place.

It's one of the top ski resorts in the country.

It's where Butch Cassidy robbed his first bank.

It's the first city in the world to have AC power,

and we're gonna go check it out and explore a bit.

(rock music)

- Okay, so we just had an awesome time in Telluride.

It's this awesome, world famous ski resort.

We had a great time at the Mountain Lodge.

The room was fantastic.

The food was great. People were awesome.

We got to explore the town a little bit.

There's tons of history here.

I would love to come back and just spend a week,

but now, we're off to Vegas.

(uplifting electronic music)