When is the best time to visit Torres del Paine? | The Complete Guide

I am team life from eaglecam Patagonia

interested by a national park if you

watching this video I guess you want to

come and visit this insane white place

in southern Chile and I bet you praying

so you can see it's famous spires and

others and shine with some epic

reflections of the mountains in the

lakes and good conditions to spot plenty

of Pumas while wearing a t-shirt well

I'm sorry if i disappoint you but

patagonia as beautiful as it is is not

always what we people are used to seeing

on Instagram you may get four seasons in

the day with the best sunrise you've

ever seen in the morning and storm you

never forget for lunch time but I'm here

to help you and good news is that there

are trends so you'll be able to enjoy

that Iona's finest National Park

depending on what you're looking for

okay let's start with the basics high

season goes from December to early March

and includes part of spring and summer

it's great for the hours of daylight up

to 17 in December it's less good for the

crowds and the wind which can happen at

any time of the year but the strongest

wind gusts usually happen it's summer

and you can expect wind gusts of up to

150 kilometer per hour

if that happens thermal sensation

quickly decreases and you will regret to

only wear t-shirt now season goes from

April to October but the quaintest time

of the year really goes from April to

September less people more white life

yes more autos are closed in the park in

winter but the main trails are open and

you can even hide the W track with a


shoulder with only eight hours of

daylight in June less wind

more precipitations but here's the thing

these can happen in summertime and these

can happen in wintertime there are no

permanent rules in Patagonia so forget

about stereotypes each season has its

advantages and drawbacks so now let's

get into the days spring goes from mid

September to December it's a great time

for spring bloom that starts in October

and the peaks are still covered with

snow in September the average

temperature is as low as 3 degrees

Celsius and as high as 14 to 18 degrees

it can get chilly at night snow and ice

are still a possibility and there is of

course more rain than in summer but also

a high probability of sunshine there is

lots of wildlife action going on with

the mating season of the guanacos

starting in November and a pretty good

probability of sync Pumas at the end of

winter in September

summer is started the Pennines busiest

time of the year it goes from December

to early March prices are also higher

that's great if you want to socialize on

the trail store and it's true days tend

to be drier and warmer average

temperature is as low as 6 degrees

Celsius and as high as 17 to 20 degrees

the landscape is in full green with less

snow on the peaks it's a good time for

wildlife but the large crowds may drive

some species such as Pumas away into

more secluded areas of the park summer

is the best time to avoid the rain but

not the wind as I told you that is alone

so yes if you want to spot sunrise you

will want to sacrifice a bit of your


for is just beautiful if that snake

March and ends in May the leg actually

is a real orange red there's such

incredible contrasts it also has the

highest probability of reflections in

lates like the way so you may get the

postcard of your dreams also less crowds

mean more white line so if you're

looking for Pumas where look for the

card you can get temperatures as low as

zero degrees and as high as 5 to 13

degrees the weather is also more stable

in autumn so you may have one season a

day instead of four there is a

probability of snow especially in places

such as a tower space and its usual to

experience foggy mornings especially in

Maine winter intercept Piney is the

definition of wilderness from June to

early September the trays look empty and

it feels like traveling back in time

when total painting was something no one

knew of the average low is zero degrees

Celsius and highs in the low spy to

eight degrees such like Alaska you

shouldn't experience a hardcore minus

forty degrees but some use cocoa than

others and I personally remember an

exotic minus 15 degrees in July but

believe me there is nothing terrible

with the weather in winter and most of

the time the snowfall does not exceed

the 30 sentinels now which means you

would be lucky not to experience any

precipitation at all but it adds to the

adventure and makes a hiking trip

something absolutely epic you should you

not have to use crampons on some trains

especially in French Foley

and the tower space see there is no good

answer to the question when is the best

time to visit torres del paine the

answer is another question what are you

looking for every month is unique here

is a quick example looking for flowers

October to December mushrooms hit rock

stars autumn and winter beauty anytime

Torres the pine is always beautiful so

what are you looking for