An Honest Review Of TULUM - Worth The Hype?!

Now before you booked your ticket and board your flight heading to Tulum Mexico, I highly recommend that you watch this entire video

It's a critical real and raw review of Tulum

It shows you the pros the cons and all the things that a single Instagram post cannot so without further ado

Let's start the video guys. Welcome to beautiful. Beautiful Tulum in Mexico

It is my first time here and I could not be more excited to go and explore. I gotta say we arrived yesterday

It's been a bit of a bumpy start

I need to give it a fair chance now to get started this right here is our room

That is Kathy wanna pull my stuff. Oh

My I'm very hungry right now, this is our room it's a hundred and twenty dollars a night definitely not in Southeast Asia

It's very very expensive here in Tulum. But this is actually really good value considering how expensive it is in this area

We've got a/c we've got a fan. I'm pretty sure electricity runs through most of the day

I think there might be a slight off period you're kind of expected not to be in your room all day

Which is very understandable. So just outside here. You can see we have the ocean. It's so so beautiful

The beach is literally picture-perfect, but there is one catch

This is what you've got

Do you see that water? There's a certain plankton and algae that it's currently going crazy and it's turned the water red

So what should be a beautiful blue white sand beach has become not as beautiful this time of the year

I was talking to a security guard he was saying typically it's about one month of the year that they see it happen maybe even

As little as two weeks this time around it's been seven months and they have no idea why it's still going on

But maybe it's like a sign of global warming. I don't know either way. It's been really bad for tourists

It's been really bad for businesses here. Nobody wants to see red murky water

And unfortunately, that's what we've got. The place we're staying at is called cocoa limited

We're paying for it ourselves so it can be as brutally honest as we need to be. Yeah, I'd like pretty mixed reviews

But so far, I'm happy with it. The only thing is

Wi-Fi Wi-Fi has been really tough throughout all of Tulum

We got our phones set up with telcel which is like the best reception in Mexico, and it's just constant dead zones

Now to get around Mexico there's different ways you can do it it's not exactly the world's most accessible place

So we've decided to rent a car at $40 a day. It's a standard four-door gonna live

Yeah, so just off the main road here. We've entered into a random little cenote

I don't know if it's a good one or what but we've just found it. It was a hundred pesos to get in

Were you ever a gymnast?

I swear. Oh, wow. They know they grew here. It's a wild cerveza

Here we go

She can see it but the water is so clear. It's got like an emerald green to it Essaouira de salta and this

Disorder disorde are uh, Nelson

Cathy just considering going in I'm gonna give her a bit of a help

Now here's the thing if you plan to walk around Tulum

You're gonna be on the very same street that all the cars are going down the motorbikes the cyclists to be honest

It's a little bit unsettling. There's a lot of traffic coming through here on these narrow roads

Now you do have another option and that is to rent a bicycle

You do see a lot of people doing that they have they're very cool laid-back custom pastel colored bike

But the thing is they're on the exact same roads as the cars

What do you think you had to walk to the market last night?

I had to go to the market and I was walking it was completely dark. I couldn't see there is no Street

so I decided to rent a bike and it was even scarier because I was

Traveling he's peddling penguin, and I couldn't see where I was going

So I literally had to stop and wait for cards to pass by so I can see where I was going

Yes, Kerry

We just left us a note a and we said, okay

Let's take a drive to see what we can find around most of the time

There is no signal at all and we're helpless. I really don't know where we're going

We don't know what time things open or close that you know, nothing. No, maybe bring up print map

It will be more useful way more use

So right now it's actually July which is the offseason here in Tulum, but still even though it's the offseason

It feels like a ghost town a very beautiful trendy ghost town, but there's no life right now

And that's the disappointing thing to it

You know, you can have all the beautiful restaurants shops in the world

But if there's no life behind it, it's like there's no real point. It just feels superficial

I would be curious to see what it's like during November December when all the north Americans are trying to run away from the cold

But okay

I need to stop this video right here because Here I am editing this video one month later thinking to myself

Is this my own evil lost twin?

Because all I can hear from myself is negativity and criticism

But the truth is this video was meant to share with you the feelings

We felt the experiences we experienced but the great thing was there was amazing things about this trip, too

So it is now time to focus on the amazing things that Tulum has to offer starting right here

With such a beautiful beautiful Beach, you need to enjoy some romantic nights by it

So Kathy and I have come to a restaurant by the name of Mia and we're gonna have their assortment of tastings tonight

This is a Portobello confit. It's basically like the Wagyu steak of mushrooms

It is looking really delicious. The fig salad was like one of the best salads I've ever had. So this will be very good

This is ridiculously good

Every single dish has being a piece of heaven in my mouth like really really good. This is amazing masterpiece

creme brulee. Yes. Oh my

This is amazing one of my top 5 meals of my entire life

Everything all five courses were like ten of the tens. You have to come to Mia if you're coming at tulum

Definitely not a cheap meal, but overall worth every dollar. It's just so so good

All right guys, 30 minutes outside of Tulum. We have arrived here at muy at the lagoon

Oh my gosh, it's expensive, but we've done it

Anyways, it is seven hundred pesos per passenger to get a one-and-a-half hour excursion on these motor boats

But it looked really cool when the guys showed us the photo so I think it's worth it

We got to do something exciting here. And I think this is one of the best ways to do it

There's like no one else here, which is definitely great. This is our friend here Lana

Now the really great thing is because it's a lagoon. It is not affected by the sort of gas

So in the ocean, so right now the water is like that beautiful crystal

pastel blue

The water is amazing, oh we're going through the mangroves

Mission Impossible is pretty cool. Wow, this is so beautiful. Are there crocodiles in here?

We had a quick little stop here along the way before we get into the river wait, so what is it

is used to

Control the commerce that they used to make so as you can see Mayans were in that whole I definitely know where your ancestry from

You don't even need to take a DNA test very this explains it all. Oh no, I like that

They wanted people to make a reverence

Well, they wanted you to bow before getting it

Okay, it's a little taller in here

Okay, cool. Yeah history now

We are entering into the Little River area where we're gonna be floating for 40 minutes

This is actually what sold me on paying seven hundred pesos per person to come here. It looked really beautiful in the photos

Alright guys, this is how you get the shot. It's also a really hot. Look this season

It's called a double life Jack flotation device. Now. I can use the camera in the river. Let's go

Her portable change room goes wherever she needs. She looks like she lives in the highlands of Peru. Oh

And she's transformed into a bikini model


Wow the currents strong I'm going see you later everyone

Everyone's looking at me like is that waterproof?

And I'm like no and they're like, well, you better keep it up of water for a long time

I think we have about 40 minutes in here. Look at your camera. Hey, Emma jealous

It's super easy to see here you really need nothing and even if the water is super clear you can't see really well

What's below you so it's a little bit scary

Considering that Kristen told me that he saw a picture with a crocodile. Yeah

It is so peaceful. So quiet in here, and there's no one else

Definitely was worth the money didn't they gotta say that actually?

I'm very glad we were so close to walking away turned out turned out real nice

Three days later and we've made it huzza. Can we go around again?

Alright guys, that was absolutely awesome and that right

There is the power of taking the word of a local so, you know

You may be watching this video and I'm glad I can share a bit of information with you

But don't hesitate to talk to local people store owners. They always have the best insight no matter where you are so far

This is one of the high


So there is an absurd line right now we've just arrived at the Mayan ruin which is located like right on the ocean

But we've just found out that this line is actually just for local people

I guess they get in for free, but they have to wait in that crazy line if you pay you can skip it

Well, it was about three and a half dollars to completely. Skip a 3045 minute line


so I had to leave the drone and

My entire bag with the desk if I was gonna come in here, so Kathy's just waiting outside with the bag

I respect that to some extent but at a certain point we left the drone and he's like no

I want your whole bag. You can't bring your lenses which are totally allowed in here. So

not impressed with the

Experience. What the heck is that? That's just inside here

there's this I think it's called the svet just like this raccoon put on a diet and

Here we are part of the ruins red leaf fusion spots

I'm gonna quickly run over because I know Cassie's waiting for me at the front

We're not gonna spend much time here, but it's very very beautiful

I don't know if you can see this guys, but the two iguanas are like communicating with like this head-banging motion

They're like punk rockers. These guys are so metals

Guys as a baby svet look how tiny he is. I came back and she's doing a meet-and-greet over here boy your fans

I thought it was beautiful, but it's all roped off so you can go into the ruins

You can't really even get that close to them interested in the history


I mean it's sad but it's a nobody Fiona to go there and have like a beautiful view and just being by yourself

And take nice pictures. It's not the spa. That's place

But I did see little savants. So I'm happy. That's all I needed. Oh

no signal

Alright guys, so I've already had a taco and I have to say these are some of the best I've ever had now

This is habanero sauce and Kathy's been daring me to try for the longest time. It's the black stuff

I just want to prove to you guys that I'm a real man. It's not the real

You get more spicy more hot sauces you're saying a little hotter

And it wouldn't be a real dinner out without a cocktail Kathy got herself the Pina Colada and I got jungle fever

Which is also a mezcal base cocktail here, but with jalapeno peppers. It's like a six out of ten on the spicy scale

I love it

Well guys if you want to experience what I consider to be the best taco I've had get the beef brisket taco here

It's about 13 US dollars, you know, everything here is quite expensive as all of Tulum

But I do think this is a restaurant that can back up the price. I absolutely love my food

I think we made a mistake either so

Get away from mine you Bob digging up for you

All right, it is our last night here and we're back at the hotel room early in the morning

We're gonna take you to one of the most famous cenotes in this area

And I'm very excited about that because it should be one of the highlights of Tulum

Is one of the main attractions to Tulum and it is a

Official cenote the one we went to just off the street and saloon was like yeah, who is okay?

It was a little watering hole

This is a true cenote as I would picture it that beautiful blue water

Underground feeling this one here is called two eyes or Dos Passos those oils

I'll get back to you with my translator. This is the credible Blues that you get out of it

It's so beautiful

To come here was 350 pesos per person and there's actually like a multitude of difference to notice in this area

We came here just to kind of see the biggest and the best and this is the one here

There's many many more outside of Tulum. But this one here was only about a 20-minute drive away

So it's pretty cool right at the end of the day. There's barely anybody here. This is absolutely incredible. It's

260 kilometers roughly of underground rivers and this is just a small fragment of it that you're seeing here

The water is some of the clearest you'll ever see and when the light hits it it turns just into that

Perfect blue ass water my favorite color and I got to wrap up this trip because it's been a polarizing one

It's got some good sides

it's got some very negative sides and I want to give a well-rounded review unto them because

Ultimately, I know it's your hard-earned dollars that are deciding whether you come vacation here or go somewhere else

Now the positives have definitely been that it's absolutely beautiful the landscape

I can picture the beach with the blue water the perfect white sand the cenotes the trendy coffee shops and acai bowls

It's very very picturesque. And that is something that I really greatly appreciate another

One of the positives is the food we had some amazing food and the people the people have been really good to us the Mexican

people are truly incredible now the downsides as you've seen throughout this video poor Wi-Fi - no Wi-Fi

certain limitations to the hotel's

Incredibly expensive whether you're staying in Tulum or going on a boat trip

Everything is just cachinga ching ditching and it gets so expensive so quickly that for me is a big negative

Another negative is that you're probably gonna need to rent a car

If you don't you're gonna be spending a lot of energy getting around on bicycles

Because it's just so hot during the day. I found that things for the most part weren't very accessible, which is unfortunate

Everything is along one Street on a perpendicular line

There's no real hub where you can go shopping hang out have like five or six

Seven restaurants that are all like right across from each other

everything is just spread out and I really didn't like that part and now the last thing and I really hate kicking businesses while they're

Down ultimately, I want to support local businesses, but you guys come first the travelers

I want to make sure that you have the educated decision when you come traveling and with the sargasso right now

It's truly making the beach

Unusable, it's not beautiful. It's completely unstable. You wouldn't really want to spend your time or your money near that Beach now

I really hope for the locals here for the businesses that that clears up sometime soon

but in the meantime

It is in a rough state and the thing is it's been here for seven months and they don't know when it's going to stop

so make sure you've researched whether it's Sur Gossow has

eliminated and for how long

Because there is a chance that you could book your tickets and it could be back next week or the week after

See if it's been gone for a long period of time

Hopefully that will help you make your decision guys

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