How to get to your hotel in Zermatt, Switzerland 4K |

well first time visitors to cermets the

last part of the journey may be filled

with some uncertainty you may have heard

that ordinary cars are not allowed in

Summit that you have to take a train and

maybe the hotel will pick you up I'd sir

Matt train station but what about the

luggage what do you do with a car if you

came with one in this video we explain

the basics a simple version is that you

go as far as the neighboring village

tush with your own car you then have to

take the train from touch to so much

here you can go the rest of the way to

the hotel by a small electric taxi or

your hotels minibus if they have one if

you arrive by car there's a large and

modern parking garage connected to the

train station the matterhorn terminal in

- this is where you leave your car the

garage has a 2100 covered parking spaces

and feels very safe you can pick up a

trolley if you have a lot of luggage

it's possible to bring the trolley with

you on the train where you place it in

designated area from the parking garage

you enter the modern and clean train

station remember to buy tickets for one

of the ticket counters preferably round

trips the train from Tosh takes 12

minutes and brings you the last five

kilometers up to cermets leaves every 20

minutes we arrive at Van Hoff class

thermit the taxis are parked just

outside the same other hotel pause all

our electric mini buses we use these get

to your final destination

if you want your hotel to pick you up

you have to arrange this upfront it may

be easier to just grab a taxi

there were also over a thousand extra

parking spaces in - offered by private

parties such as taxi companies hotels

and stick colleges pushing clean your

car while your way if you're parked by

them transportation - so much is

included to bring you to the entrance to

the village from here you have to go to

your end destination by electric taxis

which is not included it may be slightly

more convenient but also more expensive

you can also reach summit by train from

the airport in Geneva or swish the last

train brings you directly to burn half

plus summit where you take an electric

taxi to your hotel

a third alternative is survived by

helicopter a so Matt avoids the helipad

in summit which is located in the lower

part of the village from here you have

to take one of the electric taxes or

minibuses s a lot of ways so all the

major Swiss airports and also as

in C on down the valley from summit

maybe not the most common way to arrive

but very spectacular thank you for

watching a tips video for more videos

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