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hi friends so this is your friend arun

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so today we're going to have a look at a

video which concerns to everyone who

wants to fly

out of germany or who wants to fly into

germany so from

or to germany so this video will cover a

plan this was proposed by the german

ministry for airlines and the government

on how to restart the airports and what

will be the measures

that will be put in place in order to

protect the people

who will travel and also the airline

passengers and personnel

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so let's go on to the content so the

first thing is this is a 20 point plan

drafted by the uh german aviation


so according to the estimate already

there will be a loss of

55 percent in terms of revenue in


and worldwide almost 230 billion dollars

of loss

so they are also looking uh on the other

aspect like how to protectively start it


they are initially faced for uh i mean

planned for three

uh three to six weeks so finally it was

decided six weeks of time

for this phase where it will be

completely back to normal

so for this six weeks they have put this

20 point plan

so what are these 20 points or what are

the key points let's

see so first thing is with online


so maybe when you book it online as soon

as the lockdown goes down you will find

a new caller asking you to give a self


whether you have fever or some kind of

illness first point

and even at the airport you might be

asked to fill some kind of

form further so this is on your booking


and what happens to the at the airport


first thing is we normally are asked to

come to an airport before three hours or

sometimes two hours

depending on domestic or international

so now this time

could be extended up to five to six

hours for the complete

procedure to be completed so they are

planning on to add a buffer so polar

is traveling even on a repatriation

flight back to germany please do keep

this very clear in mind so you might


a lot of time so this is one thing they

have said

the next step is how and what will be

practiced in the airports yeah this is

next point so in the airport you are

obliged to wear a mask at all the time

so this is very compulsory

and next all the queues will have a

particular safety distance

might be more than the normal shopping


shops you are going for and apart from


there will be more transport buses so

say there will be normally two transport

buses where they all

go in and kind of like very close to

each other

but they will plan to put more buses so

that there is no condition and people

have safe distances between them

so this is one of the key measures which

they want to implement

for the passengers and also your bags uh

the dropping of bags and so on this

could take a lot of time

because there will be a lot of checking

and one more thing that will happen in

the airport is

at least german airport will be a

temperature screening so they are

planned to put

screening for your temperatures but they

are not

towards the plan of introducing this

rapid test kits

like eminence has proposed or had or


that they have already made a flight of

passengers to take this rapid test

german government has not yet given a

yes for this but they are

planning to do only the temperature

screening at the airport so if your

parents is traveling

back to india or any other country from

germany please tell them all these

instructions if they are

traveling back themselves so the next

step or next

point is so what happens in the flight

so in flights there is something

regarding uh

and masks so first thing is mask so

masks you are obliged to wear the mask

all the time throughout the flight

duration this is very important

so it doesn't matter if you are

traveling with domestic

or international or intercontinental

even if the flight is say 11 hours 12

hours straight

you will still be made to wear this mask

or ask to wear this mask

please do carry your mask and keep it

safe with you so this is very important

so the next question comes is what i

have to do when i'm feeling hungry i

have to eat anyway

so there are brief exemptions will be


so already in the uh reparation flights

that was arranged by germany

they had put the food in packets before

you packages so that only water was


so this might be included as a plan for

the airlines

in the next six weeks as soon as it

starts uh the operation

and the other thing is the seat numbers

cannot be chosen it will be kind of fix

it so there will be no

option for you to choose the seats when

you make the booking so this is one

information i

read another information or suggestion

from the government is

leave the middle row so this is not from

the government this was made by one

provider called as uh easy check if i'm


another lufthansa order also made this

client but the government has said

we are not sure if this will really uh

protect the people

first of all and we don't know like how

many number of people are really


in an airplane uh for sure so they are

like also

one other reason is if this is done the

airlines will lose almost one third of

its seating capacity

which will again has to be compensated

somewhere by the other passengers which

increases the price of

these seeds as well so there are a lot

of other calculations so they want to

keep it simple as much as possible

so this particular plan will be put into

discussion at the german parliament and

the european parliament

in the next weeks and we will know for

sure what are the other things

they will do so thanks for watching the

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