21 Hours of Flying... | B A L I


going to the airport look at that rain I

Los Angeles you're calling about

international travel okay

travel plans

oh my god


oh my god

where do we go


this feels super international okay guys

so we just arrived at LAX and we're in

the International Terminal because we

are going to Bali Indonesia so we're

gonna check in and get through security

and I'll talk to you guys soon

the passport

okay so plot this we can't figure out

the kiosk so we're going straight to the

people to figure it out because we

really don't know what we're doing here

I have one in Shiite too

here are your boarding Sun 1110 57 60

AMD thank you okay so we got our

boarding pass as we checked our all of

our luggage and now we're on our way to

TSA to you know go through security and


we need to get some food once we get

through security because we don't want

to be on this 16-hour flight starve it

um you should we just get a small I'm

gonna get something super small I don't

know we're gonna have to do a little

research before I get me get on the

flight because I don't want to get on

the flight and then be hungry and then I

have food so we're just have to like

figure it out here's just a little look

at security


okay guys so we just we just ate and now

we're walking to our gate it is 11 like

11:15 I'm so exhausted so tired I'm

gonna get on the plane and immediately

fall asleep hopefully I have like 2

hours if I want to like start getting

myself on a their timezone but I don't

know we're gonna have to wait and see

okay so we have officially gotten to our

gate and now we're just waiting for the

plane to start boarding they're running

a little bit late so me and Isaac are

downloading some photos well he's paying

us rent right now oh my gosh I'm so

exhausted and I know I feel like I

should be standing right now because

we're gonna sit down for the next 15

hours but yeah I really don't feel like

standing I'm really really tired so here

we go boarding our 15 hour and 50-minute


Hong Kong



officialy landed in Hong Kong


okay guys landed in Hong Kong I'm

looking a tad bit rough right now

because I just got off a 16-hour flight

alright now we're gonna go find some

food I'm starving I couldn't eat

anything on the plane because my

allergies so I'm so so hungry but we're

officially in Hong Kong and I can't read

any of the signs


okay guys so we have been trying to find

a food place for the past like 20

minutes and we finally found a little

food court I didn't measure you what

Isaac at shrimp one time

it looks so good and I got a cup of

water and they instantly give you it hot

so we just finished eating you know wait

no I showed my food open oh I didn't

show my food actually just got Burger

King and I took off the buns so I could

eat it so I basically just ate a bunch

of ground beef which was you know not my

favorite meal but I have to eat

something and I hadn't eaten since we

took off in LA besides like a bunch of

snacks that I had packed so we finished

eating and we just kind of like set up

our stuff along this wall there's like

seats down in the gate but I don't know

I really like this view and I just like

to sit up close and I got some cool

little pictures she has a view which is

so crazy I'm sure I like touched on it

and a montage but those mountains are

just like insane and you can tell like

there's like fog above them and there's

clouds and then these buildings in front

are staggered so symmetrically it's

ridiculous but yeah this is this is

where we're at right now

Isaak is rolling out


yeah so our flight doesn't take off

until 12:30 so we start boarding at

11:55 what time is it it's uh yeah it's

1008 so I have actually an I have

t-mobile which is the International and

data plan so I don't have to pay any

additional amount for International fuse

which is really really nice it gives me

and Isaac in contacting families and you

know like stay in touch with the outside

world I'm sure there's gonna be times

where I turn off my phone but it's nice

and instances like this where you can

like text your family and let them know

that you landed safely after a 16-hour

flight but as of right now we're just

kind of chillin you have two more hours

so I'll touch back a little bit later so

we're in line for our flight

finally I'm smacking some vitamin C

sighs like is making these anyways I

feel so gross and muggy because it's 75

degrees here and the humidity is like a

hundred percent and I just feel still

like sticky and gross I know when we

touch down in Bali it's gonna be even

worse but this plate isn't as bad it's

only five I think it's four hours four

hours and 50 minutes and we land at like

5:30 and then we have a car taking us to

our hotel which is like an hour like 45

minutes away so yeah this plate isn't

gonna be as bad as in the earlier flight

which was 16 hours let me just remind

you 16 how you feeling about this flight

so like a Bentley

we're hoping that we get an aisle seat

this time because we had a window seat

and there was a guy who like didn't get

up that often so he kind of felt bad

like asking him to get up every so often

but you know hopefully they've been I'll

see it's not we're gonna be struggling

more so Isaac because he is it

what 6-3 6-4 boy give my heart 6 - okay

so I'm all up to you guys later

thank you

ready for it stay ready

bye hon good night



okay guys we have officially landed in

Bali and now we're just gonna try and

find our hack feet which we like hooked

up with our travel agent so we're just

you know to try and find the taxi now




okay guys

so we are finally at our hotel in ubud

and it's not even that late but we just

ordered room service and we're about to

start winding down since we've been

traveling for the past you know 26 hours

so we're just gonna eat and go to sleep

and then wake up tomorrow and start

exploring it Bali from what we have seen

so far we are already in love and this

hotel is amazing so I've inserted a

little snippet of our hotel just to give

you guys a little taste of what you're

gonna see more tomorrow but I will

upload like a full route like a full

what's it called

I will upload a full tour of the resort

well not really be in tears or but like

the room and just kind of like our view

and whatnot oh my gosh it is so so

frickin pretty and I'm so excited to be

here but I'm really exhausted so I'm

gonna go to sleep so I will talk to you

guys in my next vlog bye