LEARN TO FLY RC PLANES: Sport Cub S beginner's guide

Hi there RC girl here. So today my video is about how to get into RC flight

So if you've seen my channel before, you know that there's cars everywhere

I've spent a lot of my time on the ground, jumping into the air is a little bit scary. Where do you start?

I really didn't know where to start in getting into flight

So horizon hobby sent me some cool stuff to try out for a beginner

I don't have a ton of experience in the air

So I have a little mini drone and I've spent a little time flying around a foamy plane. So I'm pretty beginner level

It's a fine-tuned fly super easy supposedly so it can get you into planes really quickly and easily. So let's test it out

I'll show you all the gear that I have and hopefully you too can take to the skies

So, where do you start I would suggest getting a simulator you can get one for your iPad or tablet

That's super cheap and these simulators translate really well to out in the field

So once you get a good handle of flying taking off landing the plane in a simulator

You're gonna set yourself up really nicely for your first flight another thing

I suggest is that I watched the beginner series on flight test YouTube

I'll put a link to their channels

So their beginner series was sponsored by horizon hobby and it really breaks down every step from the very very beginning

To selecting your first plane. What all the channels do

What about lipo's everything about different types of batteries since they've already done the series on getting into flight?

This is gonna be more about my journey and what it takes to get a V dinner person

Off the ground and into the air

they also have a video about this sport cup s which I'll talk about in a second and one box it and

It's a great great beginner plane. It's a four channel plane planes nowadays have a lot of cool technology

So this has the safe technology where it has beginner intermediate and advanced mode on the plane

You could switch it between the three and it also has a panic button

so in the beginner mode

It's gonna have a gyro that self

Stabilizes the plane the intermediate kind of cuts down the gyro a bit and the advanced has no gyro

so you can work your way up from the beginner which basically

supposedly flies itself

This comes in the bind and fly so you can bind it to a nicer radio or it comes in the ready to fly version

So I have the binding fly and horizon sent me the DX six

Radio and this thing has way more controls and you're gonna need but if you're thinking about staying and growing in the hobby

You're gonna want to have something that you can have one really nice radio that you can use in program all your planes in

And really get to know it horizon also sent me the blade 120. Heli

This is a little bit more in the realm of drone flight

I had a blade 120 a long time ago before they had the gyro technology in it

It was really hard to fly. So supposedly with the safe technology. These are a lot more stable and easier to fly

So I'll have to make a video on in the future. So stay tuned for that

So as I mentioned, I don't have a ton of experience in flight

but this was the first plane that I ever flew and

It is a foamy build yourself. If you can see it's like coming apart. I crashed it a bunch of times

So this is from flight test. This is called the ft flyer and you basically spend one or two dollars in foam board and

Popsicle sticks and hot glue and some tape and you can build it yourself

I definitely crashed it like maybe 20 or 30 times before it was unflyable and you can just basically take it back to your house

tape it back up use some more hot glue and

Learn it again in crash this many times as you want and you're not going to feel bad

Because you didn't spend that much money on it

So if you just want to get into a hobby quickly and don't want to build something yourself

This is gonna be a great great option

So horizon sent me this really cool little charger that you can plug in for different one-cell lipos in it

And you can also take it out in the field because it has its own internal

Battery so you can charge while you're out flying your plane will unbox this in a second

Alright, so let's go over the sport cub s from Horizon Hobby

I'll share a little bit about what I've learned actually did take this up in the air once because I wanted to

Give it a test flight to make sure I actually could

fly the plane and

Spoiler alert, it was pretty simple to fly having very little experience

So we have our instructions packet and maybe with RC cars you can toss this aside

But with RC planes, this is going to have all the instructions about how to program your radio, which is super important

Each plane is very very different. So definitely read this. I read it cover-to-cover the first night. I got this plane


So here we go. It's pretty small. It might not look like much and actually the box

I feel like it has more styrofoam in it than that plane does


It's freaking cute

So as I mentioned before this is a 4-channel plane, and it has four different controls on the plane

So the first one is your throttle, which is your propeller your motor

The next one is your ailerons, and this is going to control kind of your side to side when you're turning and banking

The next one is your elevator. So that's gonna be your up and down when you're giving lift to the plane and

Changing your elevation and then the last one is your rudder

This is one of the more advanced controls so I didn't play around too much with it

I know in the beginner mode that it mixes the rudder and the elevator for you this plane

You can get replaceable parts for it, which is great

There's a couple different wing types that you're gonna find in RC planes. The high ring is gonna be one of the more

stabilizing intro-level planes

so another thing is that the wing is

dihedral, which means that it is kind of a v-shaped which is going to be very

Stabilizing and then your battery goes down here

It connects with a little piece of velcro as you get more advanced

You can also add floats to this and fly this on the water

I wouldn't recommend doing that your first flight but definitely compatible and it's also fpv compatible as well

So you can fly it with those goggly things

This is the charger that it comes with a little tiny charger USB

Plug it into a wall charger or your computer. It also comes with the 1s lipo and it will show you that now

And since the plane is a little fragile this also serves as a little carry case

So I use this when I take it out in the fields and it carries your plane all our supplies

These are 1s lipos and if you come from the RC car world you're gonna think that these are freaking tiny because they are

So, this is a 45

c1s lipo

plugs directly into the bottom of the plane

You're going to want to make sure that you balance it as well

So you can find the balance point in the plane and it's very important that your plane is balanced when you're flying it

There's a little charger doohickey

plug these in

So I got eneloop D batteries and they're rechargeable and puts in the back and then you can take this out into the field

so you have a constant supply of

Batteries before we put in our battery. You're gonna want to make sure that it's bound to the radio

There's no really on and off switch. It's once you connect the battery

The plane is on so you want to make sure that your radio is turned on and the plane is bound

Let's take a look at the radio

All right the dxx

Spectrum this is one of the nicer end radios, which is super cool, and you learned a lot about it so far

It's not super hard to program, but you're just gonna have to spend some time with it

And it's going to be a little bit of a learning curve

So I spent a lot of time reading this and googling what the heck everything meant, all right here we got it the DX six

What the heck do all these things do

Way different from RC car. You'll start to learn about each of these controls and what they do on the plane

So the six means that it can control up to six channels, which is six different functions on your plane

we only have four so we're only going to be using for the features here and

We can program one of them to be the panic button

Which I definitely want to make sure that I have

You can also program a switch to be a throttle kill. So when you're messing around hanging around

transporting it and you have your plane on you can make sure that if you

Accidentally hit the throttle that it's not going to power up another cool feature that you want to make sure you program in

It also talks to you

You got to have the nerd lanyard as well. You want to at least look like you know what you're doing out there

so I'm not gonna go into a ton of details about setting up the DX six with the sport cup s I'll

Post a link to horizon hobbies video about binding this and setting it up specifically for this plane

So it took a little while but once you get it, you can select your model

Flight mode one. Okay, so we're going to connect the battery to the plane

And when you set the plane down on a flat surface it should bind and stabilize itself

So basically they're safe technology

Has it self-correcting gyro?

So when you're in the air, it's gonna want to self stabilize and it's gonna be really easy to fly as a beginner

So a few things you're gonna want to be aware of when going out for your first flight is selecting a location. That is

Flight friendly so a big park a big field

somewhere where there's not a ton of trees not a ton of power lines and also pick a really calm day because any wind with

A small light plane is gonna blow it all over the place

It doesn't have a super powerful motor, which is great for learning but also is not going to be able to

Fight the wind very well

So pick a calm day usually mornings here are really good and then don't do it where there's around a ton of people

Where if it does crash you're not gonna fly into a ton of people or a crowd? I think we're ready to go

Got our batteries got our remote programs. We've got our plane set up pack it up and let's do our first flight

Alright I'm out in the field and I'm at sky park which is an old airport and now it's turned into a open space

So this is a great area to do my first flight

No, one around nice soft landing. If I do end up crashing the plane. No one really around

The only thing is that it's freakin windy. So I've been here for about 15 minutes waiting for everyone to die

Another thing. I did want to mention about the DX 6. It has buddy Box capabilities

So if you have a friend that is an experienced flyer

you can hook this up to their spectrum D s6 or any other spectrum models it that has the buddy box capabilities and they can

Switch and take over controls. If you have a panic situation where we're gonna - so they can take over for you

Well don't have a buddy right now that has better flying skills of me

So I'm just gonna take it out for the first flight

And what I want to do is take off into the wind before I take off

I'm also gonna want to check all my channels. So make sure that everything's functioning we got rudder

elevators working we got our ailerons working and then let's test our

Alright, everything seems to be functioning. Just gotta wait for the wind to die

Gotta turn off my throttle kill

So when you go around and you're starting to go with the wind

I noticed that it kind of puts you on one of those people movers when you're at the airport

It's going to kick you around because you're going with the wind

So you're gonna go a lot faster than you would think so I cut down the throttle a little bit

Then I want to bring it around again

And then you're gonna need to settle up when you're going into the wind it kind of wants to fly up a little bit

now this thing

Yeah, it's pretty good you crash it yet

Okay, let's see if I can take it around for my first landing

And again with your landing you're gonna want to fly into the wind or land into the wind


People mover bottle it down a little bit bring it around again

Turning down this bottle a little bit

Bring it down slowly

Basically hovering at this point. There we go


Pretty good. My first bite well technically first flight, but I took it around for a practice flight earlier and I

Seriously do not have that much experience. I did have some time on the flight simulator

So it a pretty good grasp of the controls with your throttle and your turning and baking

Overall pretty good plane

Take it around again so bottle up

All right, so I'm gonna try and do a loop in the other direction this time flips, I'm getting a little bit over my head

Doing a reverse loop clockwise now bring it around

So yeah this thing pretty much flies itself

Bottle up a little bit

It's bringing in front of landing


What's cars driving

I just go a little bit further out now. It's a lot more time to land more space

And bottle down

Basically gliding at this point

a second successful landing

That's pretty much it I would say that this is a great trainer plane lots of stabilization

I haven't ventured into the intermediate and advanced modes yet

Felt like I still need a little bit more experience and beginner mode before I switch into the intermediate and advanced modes

But overall super easy to fly

I never thought I would be flying RC planes

And I was able to I had a lot of fun learning how to fly I want to thank horizon hobby for sending me this

trainer plane and all the stuff to get started super easy to get started in RC flight if I can do it, so

Can you thank you for tuning in? Hopefully you guys like this kind of video

So make sure to LIKE and subscribe for more hoping to bring you guys more stuff in the future. I see you later

It was so funny, so I was finishing up this video and

Cleanest me Superbowl

He's a lot better than me but you know

I'll start somewhere

All right, so my plane is dying

I'm gonna bring it in

There's no wind right now, so I'm just gonna land it here


Wow, what do I do?

Yeah disaster averted