Long island flying Eagles. (L.I.F.E) Sunken Meadow RC Airplane Show September 8, 2019







they didn't have the technology to make

them small they had a lot of wires and

which it handed to their drag to make

them slower this airplane was probably

the ultimate German airplane


the one thing I won't say about

supplying World War 2 era aircraft is

they are fun to watch because it go to

tattle 97 if you got cable vision and

once in a while you see bail with the

airplane actual film

all right

we have cleared to take off is spike

sank second flying a raven represents

the liars

Long Island heir to that era model radio

control society flying flies out of the

Bellport this is an extra expound sorry

it's cool the Raven

so an airplane is not on fire that's the

folks that we put on to enhance the

flight demonstration


like the client for 15 years the wingtip

weighs approximately 40 pounds



with all the new warm introduced



both is simply a matter of oil being

introduced into the muffler and creates

sort of a partial burning and provides

the smoke trail as you can tell it

dissipates right fairly rapidly one of

the characteristics of these aircraft is

the range of speeds they can fly

simply fast most aircraft can be

anywhere is a full-size or bottle size

vision cannot lift the entire weight of

the airplane if they clean the engine

overconfidence equate and the drag but

it will not lift the airplane straight

up these aircraft aircraft the engine

can actually carry the entire weight of

the airplane what and then some



just make sure I just make sure it's the

number one





I kind of remember what they call today


the airline you out there




okay to the flightline

is Chuck horn representing the wing nuts

and the liars he's flying a radio

control model of full-scale of a bottle

of the full-scale got 54 aerobatic

airplane once again if you're in Istria

take a look at the size of the movable

parts of the airplane wing rattling