How To Prepare and Launch Sky Lanterns | Chinese Sky Lantern

all right so I ordered the sky lanterns

this is what they cut like wish you've

never opened them up inside there in the

little fire cake this is what's actually

the fuel source for the lantern so open

that up and all of the fuel has a hole

drilled in the middle or somewhere in it

so there's a little hole there's no

instructions that you can really make

sense of so lest I make this video so

open it up carefully


all the parks ready I give it a little

shake make sure it's a fave and you see

a wire that's looped so just put this

wire on the upside and then I give it a

little squeeze make it narrower so it

will go through this hole

a little more simply so once you put it

through the hole then you can send it go

through the back side see the wires here

then just open them up

flatten them out on the other side of

the cake that secures the fire cake to

the wire you see that side okay just

open up the wires alright so once it's

secure best way to light these is with

the torch tried matches a little fire

sticks but they don't work so good so I

just hold it upside down for now start

my torch

hit the edge of it so it doesn't burn

the paper

starts to burn the paper

once it's ignited I'll just turn it over

and hold it by the top I guess until it

super heats the air inside it'll lift


see the underside

video of it burning up in there that's

how that fire break just sits on the

wire the wire supports it

and you just kind of wait until it feels

like it wants to leave your hands

getting close

I ordered these from Amazon again a

dozen at a time or 10 or whatever you

get them in different colors as well

lots of different options out there

this is ready to go I think I'm gonna

let go there it goes