Fear of Flying Solo - MzeroA Flight Training

hey everyone Jason Schappert here of m0a

dot-com and just this week we had four

people write in to us either via our

live chat call the office or submit a

support ticket with the same problem it

was a fear of flying solo they'd work so

hard they had their written tests done

they had soloed but it comes time to

solo cross countries and they were

apprehensive about leaving the traffic

pattern and flying solo so much is some

have even stopped flying in or of the

mindset of well if I want to fly I'm

just gonna go fly with my flight

instructor but I guarantee it's just not

those four individuals there's plenty

others who probably haven't said so why

do we have a fear of flying solo and

what can we do about it I'm dealt with

this before personally myself I've dealt

with this some my confidence was on the

lower scale coming up to my cross

country time law you guys know my story

and I've certainly dealt with a lot of

students who have this fear of solo

across countries and here's how I work

it with my students what we'll do is I

recreate the solo flight for example for

us it's from the Ocala airport to the

Cross City airports the perfect cross

country it's 51 nautical miles couldn't

be any more perfect right and we'll go

and we'll do it duel and that's our duel

cross country and then if they're still

not confident about it we can do it

again where I'm still there but I'm

totally quiet which my wife will tell

you is very hard for me to do but I can

do it I sit in the right seat simply

passively and let you fly the airplane

down and back to help you build

confidence before that so let's recreate

it and make it as realistic as possible

perhaps even so that doesn't work we'll

start smaller how can I get you to go to

an airport just ten nautical miles away

20 nautical miles away we'll do it

together and then you'll go do it solo

and start small with that I've even

heard of CF ice Larry world famous uncle

Larry being one of them Larry has

followed students up in another aircraft

they were going to do their their solo


Larry takes off behind them there are

the same frequency just to make the

student feel better talk about starting

small talk about a CFI going above and

beyond for his or her students right

it's normal to have a fear of those solo

across countries it's actually great

that you have that fear because aviation

is humbling to you if you have that fear

but at the same time we need to have

confidence in our skills and our

abilities confidence in the foundation

of knowledge that you've built as we

pursue those further ratings and just

start with simple cross countries start

small and make sure your CFI is not only

aware but totally on board with starting

small and helping you work up to your

solo across countries I can't wait to

hear your story leave me a comment down

underneath this video on mza comm

YouTube Facebook wherever you're

watching this you know I'll read it

you'll get a response from myself or the

great team here at MSR Wacom I can't

wait to hear your solo or solo

cross-country stories enjoy the rest of

your day and most importantly remember

but a good pilot is always learning how

great day guys see ya