Secrets to find cheap flights (how to book cheap tickets)


did you ever dream of traveling the

world but do not think it's possible

perhaps because it is hard to save money

to travel to your dream destination

what if i tell you that you can actually

travel for much cheaper

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the idea here is that if you can spend

less money on certain areas

when you're traveling you can end up

going on more trips or stay longer at

your destination

you can end up going to very cool

destinations and stay for several weeks

if not months hopping from one

destination to the next

all the information you need to save

money on your trips is divided into

three topics

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in this video i will deep dive into


we will first start talking about how

you're actually getting to your


so let's start by first talking about

one of the first things you do when

starting your journey

and that is finding a flight my advice

is genuinely about how to actually

get cheap flights and you can do this if

you follow this video

as i will share with you all the hacks

you need to get cheap flights

and a super tip that few people do and

can help you get the best prices


so let's get started shall we tip no one

use price comparison sites such as


air what do you need to do to get cheap


using a service that is really going to

get you the best prices

you can go online and use price

comparison sites depending on your


my personal preference is cheapo air i

am going to leave a link for you in the

description below

because i find the cheapest prices on

this site

but there are a few other things that

are really important and that you need

to take into consideration to get cheap


this brings me to my next tip

tip number two book a one-way ticket

instead of booking round trip

book a one-way ticket instead of booking

round trip because that way in some

cases it can be cheaper to fly to

different cities and schedule different

layovers on your own

rather than just kind of relying on

these flight checkers to do it for you

let's take a trip to italy as an example

book a one-way flight from la to rome

rather than a return flight to and from


you might want to spend a couple of

weeks traveling around italy with so

much to see and do

italy certainly does have much to offer

spectacular cities

ancient ruins wonderful museums soaring


great beaches and beautiful natural


one of the great joys of traveling

through italy is discovering first hand

that it is

indeed a dream destination the top three

cities are rome

venice and florence i travel to italy on

regular basis and although i love rome

and think that venice is amazing

i still find the charm of florence

irresistible and can never stop going

back the city of renaissance

florence is loaded with wonderful art

architecture and some of the finest

museums in the world

via pizzi and the gallery adele academia

florence truly is one of the most

beautiful cities in the world


why am i saying this because if you fly

from far away and plan to visit florence

just for a day

you will realize that you made a mistake

and if you want to thoroughly explore

italy booking one-way flights to

different cities might be something you

want to consider to make the most of

your trip

at the end of your trip you will have a

one-way flight booked from milan instead

of rome and you could plan your


from rome to milan with stops in between

to explore this amazing country

check out my channel for tips and ideas

where to visit and to discover all the

must-see places in tuscany and italy in


tip number three carefully selecting the

right airports

carefully select the airports you travel

to and travel from

a great tip is to try to find an airport

around you that is pretty big

say that you have two airports both

equally distant from where you living

right now

one of them is a major international

airport and the other one is a smaller


you're generally going to find cheaper

flights at the bigger airports

say i live close to london but there is

a smaller airport closer to my house

i'm better off traveling to london

heathrow because i'm more likely to find

cheaper flights from the bigger airport

i think this is pretty straightforward

right because at bigger airports you are

more likely to find more flights and the

chances of finding cheaper flights



tip number four be flexible on your

travel dates

okay so say you want to leave to great

adventure soon

if you have a fixed date you're gonna

have to take whatever is available and

in general end up spending more

if you are restricted to a particular

date the likelihood is that you are

going to end up spending more money

but on the other hand if you're flexible

and can pick a day when the flight is


you can get a better deal for your

outbound flight being flexible will

allow you to fly at ridiculously cheap


tip number five be flexible on your

destination to get real bargain flights

being flexible on your travel dates is

going to save you some money but if you

combine this with being flexible on your

destination will grant you a sure deal

enter the departure city you wish to fly

from set the airport near you that has

the largest range of available routes

both international and domestic

in the destination box mark to type in



you can rest assured that you will bag

yourself a bargain if you follow these


search flights to anywhere in the app

tip number six be open to opportunities

explore the destinations listed in the

page result

be open to different destinations just

look at the results and be open to


sometimes you can end up in places that

you never would have otherwise thought

you would go

for example you might have the idea of

leaving on a flight to rome but you come

across a very cheap flight to naples

hop on the cheapest flight and start

exploring the area surrounding that

cheap flight destination


this is how you get to visit amazing

destinations at a pretty cheap price


tip number seven don't wait to book

if you know when and where you're going

do not wait to book

rarely ever do airline tickets get

cheaper as your departure date


especially if you need to fly on a

certain date

budget airlines typically offer low

rates as a baseline price

and as these tickets sell the remaining

ones increase in cost

this is very typical especially in


if you know when and where you are going

to travel to do not wait

more often than not your biggest savings

come from booking far ahead

tip number eight avoid traveling on


so another thing you can do to hop on

that cheap flight apart from being

flexible about your date and destination

is to be flexible when it comes to the

days on which you will be traveling

in general traveling on a weekday would

give you a far cheaper flight than

traveling on the weekend

so say leaving on wednesday might land

you on a cheaper ticket than if you had

to travel on a friday night when most

people would choose to travel for their

weekend breaks

tip number nine avoid traveling around

popular holidays say right before new

year for instance

when many people will be traveling and

flights will be more expensive

find the times when less people are

traveling the break time like the fall

october or november

would be pretty cheap as compared to the

holiday period

and because you're watching this video

till the end i am going to give you my

super tip

top tip number 10 keep your searches



you're not crazy for thinking that a

flight price has changed after searching

it a few times in your web browser

based on the cookies in your browser

flight prices do increase when a

particular route is repeatedly searched

as the site wants to scare you into

booking the flight quickly before prices

get even higher

always search for flights in incognito

or private browsing mode to see the

lowest prices

in google chrome or safari incognito is

enabled by hitting command

or control if using pc shift n for

mozilla firefox or internet explorer

hit command or control it using a pc


key this will open a new browser window

where your information is not tracked

thus not inflating prices as you search

your cookies are reset

each time you reopen an incognito window

so if you want to start with a clean

slate for each flight search

so your previous searches aren't

remembered potentially inflating costs

close all your incognito windows open a

new one and then perform your flight


you are welcome i just saved you some


this the end of part one travel tips for

cheaper traveling


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