14 Small and Inexpensive Items That Could Save Your Camping Trip (RV)

welcome back friends hey today's video

is about

small inexpensive items that some of

them can save your whole camping trip

i can't express how important it is to

have some of these items on the rig

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okay friends before we get started what

i need from you after you watch the


go down in the comments section and

comment what you like to keep on the rig

that is small

and inexpensive we'll say less than 15

bucks less than 10 bucks it's got to be


that's going to be as valuable if not

more valuable than this video i can only

cover so many things i've only got so

many ideas a lot of you guys are a lot

smarter than i

am i'm just a hillbilly with a youtube

channel so i'm going to go through my

list but more importantly go down the

comment section

and give us your list and if you're

watching this video for information

hey check out the comment section our

comment sections are generally gold when

it comes to these type of things

so give them a look let's get started on

uh small inexpensive things that can

that could maybe save your camping trip

okay a lot of what i'm going to show you

it comes in kits and you don't need to

bring the whole kit with you on the rig

you just need to bring one two three

of some of the things i'm showing you

and eventually at the end of the video

i'll show you how

most of what we're talking about today

will fit in this little ziploc bag

so let's go ahead and get started i'm

going to run through these fairly

quickly because they're mostly common


the first one o-rings for your hose

all right when you're spigot out there

at the campsite these things get wore

out people are hooking up hoses and

unhooking hoses

day after day after day month after

month year after year and there's a lot

of times they're wore out

if you don't have a good one of these on

your hose a lot of times you're going to

have a leak

out there in the campsite it's going to

cause a big muddy mess

but more importantly our inlet for the

water hose

is inside our rig and i definitely don't

need any water leaking in there

so definitely have some of these on hand

i'm going to put a couple of these

in the ziploc bag and we'll cut we'll

start to build our little kit

next up on the list this doesn't need

any explanation but some electrical tape

is always good to have you probably

already got some around the house let's

chunk that in the bag

next on the list we have some of our

water heater plugs so if you've got

these little nylon plugs make sure to

know which size you have

but uh this little this actually comes

in a little kit from camco

and we've got two plugs and a small roll

of teflon tape and it even they even

give you a little

a wrench if you've got a socket you

probably rather use that but uh yeah i'm

not going to put the wrench in because

i've got a socket

but yeah let's put these and the in the

teflon tape in our little bag

next on the list is something a lot of

people don't think about and that is

cotter pins so let me get a couple outs

and get a better

view of them your cotter pins are going

to be

there you go your cotter pins are going

to be a lot of times around your hitch

around your safety chains

it's definitely good to have a couple of

extra ones if your safety chains were to

uh the the part with the chain hooks to

the hook

is gonna be secured and anchored with

one of these

that will have a pin through it and then

this will be securing the pin but yeah

let's throw a couple of these in the bag

next up every hillbilly's go-to when it

comes to fixing stuff which was duct


zip ties self-explanatory here these

could really come in handy

i definitely don't need this many but

i'll take six or eight

and put them in the bag another one most

people don't think about but this is

the one thing that got me started on

brainstorming this video

your marker covers yep i lost one going

down the road they just pop on which

means sometimes they'll pop off

and yeah get a couple of reds a couple

of oranges i've got a couple oranges on

the way

but i'm gonna put this red one and i'll

put another orange one in our bag as


and you can see we're starting to build

our little kit here

next up and hugely important most people

know to carry these on the rig but this

is just a friendly reminder

fuses right and heavens knows i don't

need this many if i needed this minute i

have a major problem on my hands

but i'm gonna put a couple of each amp

in the bag that way

we'll have at least two of each amp size

whether you have the many other standard

size make sure to figure it out

obviously this kit comes with both but i

should only need one or two of each amp

all right next up i'm going to talk

about two separate items that kind of

that are very related

pinch clamps for your pecs most of your

pecs water lines will be connected

with these type of pinch clamps and

going along with that

elbows that you may need one of these

may blow out from time to time

especially if you're just now coming out

of the winter you may have a problem in

one of these if some water got stuck in

there but i'm only gonna put four of


and one of these in the bag now here's

there's a big asterix on this one

for the pinch clamps you need one of

these tools and these are not

inexpensive this is like 35 bucks so

this is a specific tool just for using

those pinch clamps so

kind of an asterisk with that one but

once you got this one you'll never need

another one

be nice to have but yeah some pinch

clamps and some of those elbows

all right if you don't want to deal with

the pinch clamps another alternative is


sharp bite and i got a couple of these

here these are

these aren't inexpensive um actually

but they're not terribly expensive they

could save your camping trip for sure

this one is an end piece here i've got

one that's a straight through just in

case a line

bursts but yeah i'm going to put a

couple of these

an end piece and a straight piece in the

bag as well

so as we're talking about the water line

stuff the stuff that could save your

butt when it comes to the water line

make sure you know what size water line

you have

we have half inch and that goes to this

now obviously this is not going to fit

in the ziploc bag

but it won't take much room when it's

stuck in a corner i've got this is

terribly cheap i think about 50 cents

per foot for this pex line

blue and red obviously if i if a hot

water burst or had a problem i'd want to

replace it with red and vice versa

but this is really cheap i got this as a

local rv shop

um again it's like 50 cents a foot it's

worth having on board

okay back into the electrical aspect of

things for the rig

and some wire connectors let's see if i

can get it to zoom in on that or at


there you go it's kind of you can see

those there i'm just gonna put two of

each size in there

in the little baggie and we should be

good to go

but yeah this could save your rear end

and then also

some wear nuts small

inexpensive these these bags of nuts

don't cost anything

and uh yeah could really help you out on

your trip

let's put these in the bag last but

certainly not

least the pin to secure your hitch pin

so your hitch pin obviously

secures your hitch but this pin secures

this pin and

one of these could really come in handy

i've actually had situations where

somehow they've disappeared i don't know

if someone took them or

that they just bounced out which would

be hard to do on this one because this


really tight which is a good thing i

like to use a locking pin i use a

locking pin now

but if you use one of these having an

extra one on board is a great idea

all right guys so let's take a look

everything we just talked about

is in this ziploc bag now obviously i


just a couple from each kit but that's

all you need

you don't need to bring all the kits

along you can of course but you don't

need to now i'm a little bit more anal

than just putting it onto the ziploc bag

not that there's anything wrong with


i'm probably going to look for a nice

little plastic plano

uh toolbox or like tackle box that i can

fit all of these in i think that would

be more appropriate that would just

relieve some of my stress level but uh

yeah you can put it in just a little

ziploc bag

and this little bag could save your

whole camping trip

and of course we got pieces of pex line

over here but those stay over in the


but yeah guys i hope this was a useful

video if it was please consider sharing

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