Flight to The Algarve Portugal & Landing at Faro Airport

okay so I'm sat in the office I started

thinking what can I do for my next video

that will keep my current subscribers

happy and at the same time attract new

to the drivers and I thought I know I

will do a pizza I'll review a pizza I've

done that before what about a huge

burger now the only thing that that is

gonna gain is a few more pounds

what about get on a plane and go and see

my mate in Portugal for the day

yeah let's go


about to leave

okay so it's 5:00 a.m. I'm at Birmingham

Airport parked a car up flights eight

and we're gonna go and meet Q in

Portugal that's around about 20 okay so

one short coach transferred to the

terminal so we're at Birmingham Airport

now we're gonna head off and go into the

first-class lounge because I've got a

priority pass thing so we can get into

there and see what they've got to offer

okay so looking for the 8 o'clock flight

to Faro so literally just got my

passport and a change of underwear and a

toothbrush and that is it so we're at

departures let's get through okay

through security now to the first-class


this is my lady





oh okay so yeah little menu to choose

from we can have poached egg in avocado

muffin plastic sausage sub which I've

gone for and the toast and preserves and

some cornflakes and apple juice and the



now they're getting back on the freeway

okay so that was the number one

first-class lounge at Birmingham Airport

I don't think it was the best one I've

been in especially as the bathrooms if

you wanted to use them yet to come out

and use them outside which is odd anyway

to the gate this is my way


okay here we are gate three



okay mate it




and we are here 15 minutes ahead of


okay well the weather's a lot better

than it was back in the UK I have to say

and what a beautiful landing that was

very very picturesque landing okay

through immigration let's go find cue


okay so we're gonna go meet Q then I

need to get my shorts on because they're

in my backpack and get this coat off

because it is absolutely boiling


but honey how it's warm oh okay so we

just waiting for Q now he's in a white

sea at and then I can get this jacket

off I'm melting it's so warm I can't

even wait I'm taking my jacket off


I'm not gonna do the British thing and

say it's too hot because it's never too

hot but it's too hot

okay cue you

we got him

first you see new here I was getting the

wrong side


okay so we're off to Faro Island now

we're adding there it's about two three

minutes from the airport literally

playing going up there two three minutes

from the end


okay so I'm doing a quick change into my

shorts I know this is not rather

appropriate but I'm sure nobody of mine

got my underwear on there we go this is

how we roll when you travel light rolled

up Shores ready to go there we go

probably come people off the team now oh

that's cool all right already

I'm gonna pull my socks down so I don't

look like a British tourist okay so that

is the end of today's vlog

join me in the next one because we're

gonna go to farro Island now we're gonna

take a look around there so remember

like subscribe and I will see you in the

next one in there there's a jack - take

it off