7 Days Andaman Nicobar Tour - Andaman Nicobar Tour Budget, Itinerary - Havelock, Neil, Port Blair

Hey guys, I'm Savvy.

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So this time I'm back with a very very, very interesting video.

Guess what, I just came back from my third trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

And if you have 5 to 7 days time,

You can plan your own trip to Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Islands in Andamans.

And in this video I'm going to share all the details.

How you can reach Andamans?

What to do?

What places to visit?

Where to eat?

Where to book the accommodations?

And what to expect from this beautiful beautiful islands.

And most importantly, a detailed budget break up in the end.

So you can consider this your Online Travel Guide.

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So the first thing first, where is it located in the map?

So Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a group of Indian Islands.

Yes guys, it's in India.

And its located in Bay of Bengal.

It comprises of more than 500 islands.

Of which only 38 are inhabited.

But not all are open for tourism.

So now that you know where it is located in the map,

the next question comes, what is the best time to travel to Andamans?

So Andamans, is a year round destination.

You can plan your trip anytime during the year.

But the best months are from Mid-October to Mid-May.

And Andamans is famous for scuba diving also, remember that.

For scuba diving the best timings are from Mid-January to Mid-May.

Now the question comes, how to reach Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

So Andaman and Nicobar Islands has its airport in Port Blair which is also the capital city of Andamans.

So we have direct flights from Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Vishakapatnam, Bengaluru to reach Port Blair.

Let me share with you, quickly, a detailed itinerary over here.

So Day 1,

do a city tour in Port Blair.

Day 2,

Leave for Havelock Island and spend two days in Havelock Island.

So day 2 and day 3, you are spending in Havelock Island.

And then, on day 4 reach Neil Island.

Stay there for one night and on day 5,

you reach back to Port Blair and stay a day or two

depending on your choices and then its time to leave Andamans.

So in Andaman and Nicobar Islands to reach from one island to another

inter island ferries are available.

And in this inter island ferries, there are both private options as well as government options.

So in Port Blair,

the Phoenix Bay Jetty is the main jetty.

So from Port Blair airport to Port Blair Phoenix Bay Jetty its around 4 kilometers.

Not a long distance, right?

In private ferries, you can book in advance.

Those are luxury ones.

However, there might be some restrictions that means you cannot go to the open deck area etc.

The Government ferries can only be booked 4 days in advance.

Either you can book it after reaching Andamans or your agent or the local people over there can book it for you.

So the first preference is given to the locals for obvious reasons because this is the only mode of transport from one island to another.

And the Government ferry prices are less.

Its around Rs.400 to Rs.600.

There are speed boats and there are normal boats.

The speed boats take around 2.5 hours from Port Blair to Havelock Island

and normal boats take around 4 hours

and if you are going via Neil Island then it will take one hour more.

The Government ferry itself is quite an adventurous idea

and we really loved travelling in Government ferry also because you fit in with the locals.

There are some foreigners.

You can sit anywhere

and the deck area and you can interact with the people over there.

And the most adventurous part was the ticket booking.

because we had to be in the queue from 4 a.m. in the morning, can you imagine?

Okay, so the first is Havelock Island

Havelock is probably the most popular island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

and it is known for its pristine beaches, crystal clear water,

the fun and relax vibe.

You'll find lots of people, their cafes and restaurants.

And most importantly it is famous for scuba diving and other water activities like snorkeling, kayaking etc.

Havelock Island is named after a British general, Sir Henry Havelock, who served in India.

In December 2018, our Prime Minister, Modi visited Andamans

and renamed these islands as Swaraj Dweep as a tribute to Subash Chandra Bose

who named these islands as Swaraj Dweep during World War II.

After reaching Havelock Island,

when you come out of jetty area you'll find lots of auto rickshaw available there.

You can take one for your drop to the accommodation

and while on the way you will find lots of shops to rent scooty

or you can ask your accommodation to get you one.

They usually charge Rs.400 to Rs.500 for 24 hours.

Now on the way from your jetty to the accommodation you will also cross the main market area.

So buy anything that you need for your daily essentials and stay in the island from this market area.

Starting from coils, to toothpaste, to Cadbury whatever you require for your stay in the islands.

Now scooty is the best way to explore Havelock and it will take less than 3 hours to explore the whole island in a scooty.

Now there is a petrol pump

very nearby to the market area while on the way to the Radhanagar Beach.

And you take petrol for Rs.100 for 24 hours.

I think that should be enough.

While in Havelock Island the first thing first is the beautiful sun set beach,

that is the Radhanagar Beach.

Its pristine, white sand and beautiful green or blue water.

Its perfect for snorkeling.

Now in the main entrance area, there are lots of food stalls.

You can also have local lunch over there

or you can enjoy some coconut water, tea, coffee, snacks, fruits etc.

But this area is usually crowded.

However, you can walk along the beach

or within the forest area which runs along the beach

which is our favorite and then you can walk towards the right

and you will reach perfect areas which are not crowded at all

and enjoy your beautiful sun set over there.

Next to Radhanagar Beach is the Kalapathar Beach.

As the name suggests there are huge black colored rocks over there,

that's why the name is Kalapathar.

And it is also a beautiful sun rise beach where people gather for the sun rise.

In the main entrance to the beach area there are some

food stalls, there are some souvenirs shops, there are rest rooms and coast guards available.

Now guys if you are interested in doing some super fun water activities like

jet ski for which Elephant Beach is the option.

Its a beautiful beautiful beach and gorgeous blue water in the afternoon.

So there are two ways to reach Elephant Beach.


You can take a boat from Havelock jetty and it will charge you around Rs.950 per person

and the other one and the more popular option is to trek to Elephant Beach.

It takes around 40 minutes and is an easy trek.

The elderly people and the children also do it.

You cross the village area, then the forest area and then the mangrove forest and then you reach the beach finally.

Dress accordingly because you might get wet while doing the water activities over there.

I absolutely enjoyed jet skiing over there.

So there are lots of temporary food stalls over there.

You can enjoy some fruit chat after doing a great water activities.

The scuba diving is done in a beach very nearby the jetty.

That is called Beach Number 2

which is also called the Nemo Beach.

In Vijay nagar area, there is a resort called Dolphin Resort.

That is the main hub area where you will have lots of cafes and restaurants.

In Govind nagar and Vijay nagar, if you are not staying in a beach property it is very difficult to find a passage to the beach.

So in Andamans,

in Havelock Island and many of the other islands

the tide plays a very important role.

If you go to these beaches during the high tide, you will find turquoise green water.

But if you go during the low tide, then you will find the shore line moving really really far exposing the dead corals

and it won't be a great sight.

So manage your timing to enjoy the great vacation in Havelock Island.

Our tip or our most favorite you can say,

from Kalapathar Beach towards Vijay Nagar Beach there are many small small passages where water comes really close to the road

and you'll find your secret passage to the beaches and that beach is all yours.

So be careful with the rocky areas and enjoy a great vacation in Andamans.

Now coming to the topic, where to eat in Havelock Island?

Now there are lots of cafes and restaurants.

Let us share our favorites.

We absolutely loved Anju Coco

for its barbeque dishes.

Then we loved Full Moon cafe.

We also enjoyed Venom bar for the nightlife.

And if you really want to enjoy some local sea food at affordable price then Squid restaurant in the market area is very good.

However, Radhanagar beach might be also very good choice to try out some local lunch

at some very affordable price.

Now its time to leave Havelock Island and for that we will reach the jetty once again.

Now remember this thing, if you want a window seat in your makruzz or private ferries

then you will have to reach 2 hours earlier and be first in the queue and ask for a window seat.

We did that and we enjoyed a good ride from Havelock to Neil Island.

Okay guys, after Havelock Island comes Neil Island or Shaheed Dweep.

It is much more smaller in size than Havelock Island.

So its widest part would be 5 kilometers in length.

Yes it's that small.

It is much more relaxed, peaceful and laid back vibe than Havelock Island.

And Neil Island is also called Vegetable Bowl of Andamans

because it has relatively flat terrain and fruits and vegetables are easily grown in Neil Island.

Same like Havelock Island, once you come out of the jetty area in the Neil Island also you will find the auto rickshaw stand by over there.

You can take one and get yourself dropped in your accommodation.

Now similar to Havelock, once again, Neil is best explore in a scooty.

So you can ask your accommodation to rent a scooty

and one day would be enough for you.

And as we mentioned in Havelock Island, Rs.100 petrol should be enough to explore Neil Island.

And for one day they would charge around Rs.400 to Rs.500 for 24 hours.

While in Neil Island, the first one is to witness a beautiful sun set in Lakshmanpur, Beach Number 1.

Fortunately, our accommodation was also in Lakshmanpur,

Beach Number 1 which is Pearl Park Resort.

So we could witness this beautiful sunset from our resort.

From our resort to the beach

for the sun set, it was 5 minutes walking distance.

And people do gather over here during the sun set time. It becomes little crowded.

Lakshmanpur Beach Number 1 is a beautiful beach of white sands and blue water.

But it is not at all suitable for swimming because of the dead corals.

And during the sunset time when crowds gather over there, the food stalls reopen every day during that time.

So you will find lots of eateries as well.

The next famous destination in Neil Island is natural bridge.

Huge bridge like structure is formed naturally

by the waves, by he dissolution of the rocks many many many years ago.

So you park your scooty or vehicle,

then before reaching the beach or the coral area you will cross through a market area

where you will find souvenir shops as well as food stalls.

When you reach the beach line you have to walk across the dead corals to reach the natural bridge.

When you cross the first natural bridge there is a second natural bridge as well.

You will find lots of dead corals.

The path is risky, its little slippery and partially filled with water

And you will find too many people so

have some patience and watch your step till you reach the natural bridge.

There is also natural aquarium formed by the rocks over there which is beautiful and we saw some living corals as well.

So its definitely a must visit destination in Neil Island.

Neil Island is also famous for its beautiful sun rise, that is, the sun rise beach or Sitapur Beach.

You can reach over there before the sun rise time to witness one of the most beautiful sun rises in Andamans.

Just after watching a beautiful sunrise, the beach becomes completely empty.

The tea stalls also close by then.

And if you reach the beach during this time, its a perfect time to walk along the beach.

Do not try to swim in the water, a dip or two is fine.

Because Sitapur Beach is known to have high currents and the tide might get high anytime, really unpredictable.

But, have a relaxing walk along the beach and enjoy its beauty.

Now very close to Sitapur Beach, there is also another sun set beach which is not that famous,

that is called the Ramnagar Beach.

Along this beach line, there are many accommodations and local style restaurants.

You can find very cheap accommodations starting from Rs.400 to Rs.500 with no attached toilets.

And it goes up to Rs.1,500 to Rs.2,000 depending on the type of accommodations provided by the locals.

Remember, these are not available online and you have to go there and book it yourself.

Neil Island is also famous for its beautiful beautiful beach that is Bharatpur Beach.

It is very close to the jetty.

Now Bharatpur Beach is again a beautiful beach because of the white sand and beautiful color of water

and its coral reefs as well.

And water activities are also famous in Bharatpur Beach.

People do come over here. You will find it crowded.

The best time is come during the morning or afternoon.

There are rest rooms,

changing rooms,

food stalls,

souvenir shops.

So you can have a fun time in Bharatpur Beach before leaving Neil Island.

Now coming to the point, where to eat in Neil Island?

So now Neil Island is not like Havelock Island and you might not find that many number of cafes and restaurants all through the island.

And people usually have their dinner or lunch in their accommodation itself.

However, our favorite would be Dugong restaurant. It is in

It is in SeaShell Resort.

It is a very nice resort.

And the next one is a secret but a must visit place

while in Neil Island, that is, Blue Sea restaurant in Ramnagar Beach.

There is a skeleton kept over there

and this skeleton is of head of a whale.

So you can go there and check it out.

It is famous for local food

and we tried lobster over there.

If you are looking for budget or cheaper option, then Neil Kendra

that is the main market area would be good to find some good options.

So finally, its time to reach Neil jetty once again and take the ferry back to Port Blair.

And its time to explore Port Blair.

So the must visit place in Port Blair is the Cellular Jail which is a national memorial.

The British built this prison to exile our freedom fighters to the remote archipelago.

They were tortured, they were used as laborers and very less food was provided.

So this punishment was often called Kala Paani.

So that's why Cellular Jail is also known as kala Panni sometimes.

Although the prison complex was built between 1896 to 1906,

but they were sending people for Kala Paani punishment long before that also.

The complex was built in a way that the complex has 7 wings

and they were radiating from a central tower.

So now you won't find 7 wings.

Only 3 are left which are kept as national memorial.

So each wing has 3 storeys.

And there were total 696 small cells for the prisoners.

So that is the reason it is called Cellular Jail.

So while entering Cellular Jail, you have to take the tickets.

There are also maps available.

You can opt for guide as well after entering.

So after entering, there is the main gallery area and the museum also where you will find all the history of Cellular Jail.

Light and sound is also famous in the time.

It is available in both Hindi and English options.

Its a perfect blend of information and entertainment.

The other popular must visit place, while in Port Blair, is Ross Island and North Bay.

To reach these places, you have to reach Aberdeen Jetty.

You will find many agent shops and you can book your ticket from there.

The Ross Island used to be the British administrative capital of Andamans during that time.

So now you won't find anything, but the ruins of British buildings over there.

There are trees which have grown inside.

Their roots completely

taken over.

So it gives you a feeling of a lost town

and you live in a different time when you visit Ross Island.

Now Ross Island is now named as Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Island by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

During World War II,

the Japanese converted the site into POW Camps

and built war installations.

The remnants of which can still be seen in Ross Island.

There is a huge Japanese bunker kept in the entrance where you can go inside and check it out.

And then when you are done in Ross Island, the same boat will take you to North Bay

where you will find lot of options for water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, glass bottom.

So you can choose yours.

So there are lockers, changing rooms, toilets, market areas, food stalls so its a lively place.

And also in Port Blair, there are few view point which are not to miss at all.

The first is the Joggers park.

You can have a great great view of the airport runway from there.

and also there are some other view points from where you can have

the city of Port Blair and Ross Island, North Bay from up above.

That is also nice.

In Port Blair there is also another popular beach.

The name is Corbyn's Cove Beach.

It is very very popular and its very crowded.

The water activities are also available.

But I must say it is a lively place.

The next is the beautiful sunset destination in Port Blair.

That is Chidiya Tapu.

It is one of my favorites in Port Blair.

As the name suggests,

Chidiya means birds and

Tapu means island.

So it is in Port Blair itself.

So you go there for bird watching obviously

but it is also famous for its trekking trails

as well as gorgeous sunset views.

So I particularly loved the drive to Chidiya tapu.

And lastly if you are in Port Blair, do not miss the Wandoor side of Port Blair.

It is a beautiful beach and one of my most favorites in Andamans

because the view itself its beautiful again white sand and crystal clear water.

But crocodiles have been spotted in this beach.

So there is a crocodile sanctuary.

Board is over there.

So you cannot go for swimming in Wandoor Beach, but you can go to Wandoor Beach.

You can go for a relaxing walk.

Relax by the beach

and also there are properties which you can book in Wandoor Beach which is really really peaceful.

From Wandoor jetty, you can also take a ferry to Jolly Boy Island.

Now coming to the most important section, that is the budget discussion part in the video

and let us see how much you need to spend to make a trip to Port Blair, Havelock, and Neil Island for 6 to 7 days.

So the first thing is the flight fare.

So it will be around Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,000

one way per person to reach Port Blair.

There are direct flights from Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam, Bengaluru and New Delhi.

After flight coming to inter island ferry options, so from Port Blair to Havelock the private ferry per person would be Rs.1,300 to Rs.1,400.

So from Havelock to Neil Island Rs.1,100 approximately.

So from Neil Island to Port Blair, it will be around Rs.1,300 per person.

Now the price of boat from Aberdeen Jetty to Ross Island and North bay is Rs.750 per person.

And in Havelock Island, if you are taking boat to reach Elephant Beach it will cost you around Rs.950 per person.

So coming to the accommodation,

so our accommodation in Havelock, is the Flying Elephant Resort.

The cost is Rs.5,100 per two people per night.

The accommodation in Neil Island is Pearl Park Beach Resort

and the price for two is Rs.6,000.

So in Port Blair we stayed in two separate accommodations,

Dutta's Residency. It was around Rs.1,800 per night for two people.

and the Oceanus Resort in Chidiya Tapu which costed us around Rs.4,000 per night.

And then the taxi charges.

For 2 to 3 days, it might cost you somewhere between Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,000.

So let me give you a break up for your idea.

So one way pick up and drop inside the city

from airport, hotel to jetty it will cost you around Rs.250.

Now if you want pick and drop both

like going to Cellular Jail, going to Aberdeen Jetty pick up and drop then they would charge you around Rs.500.

If you are doing a 5 hours city tour, they will charge you somewhere around Rs.1,200 for 5 hours.

So if you are visiting Wandoor Beach or Chidiya Tapu,

they will charge individually somewhere between Rs.1,200 to Rs.1,500.

So in Neil Island and Havelock Island the scooty would cost you somewhere between Rs.400 to Rs.500.

And the petrol per day, Rs.100 should be enough.

Now coming to the food, its around Rs.2,000 to Rs.3,000 per day for 2 people.

The food prices vary a lot because if you go to a very good restaurant for sea food

then for two people it will cost you somewhere between Rs.3,500 to Rs.4,500

whereas in budget restaurant you can have a good meal below Rs.1,000.

So in the Andamans, the water activities would be somewhere between Rs.600 to Rs.800 per person.

For scuba diving, if you are going directly without agent it will be around Rs.2,500 per person.

For scuba diving, the price ranges vary a lot.

It might be Rs.6,500 and higher

or might be as low as Rs.2,000 and less.

It completely depends on the company you are diving with,

your experience, their experience and some other factors as well.


so keeping all those expenditures in mind

Rs.1,00,000 for a couple would be good enough for 7 days trip to Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island.

So now, let me share some tips from my personal experience,

before you plan your trip to Andaman.

Please do all the bookings before hand, that is, the flight, accommodation, ferry.

Please book everything because the prices will go up and as well as the good accommodation will be gone.

Though there is ATM available in Havelock Island as well as Neil Island,

but before leaving the main land, that is, Port Blair you should have at least Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 cash in hand with you.

It is always recommended that if you are visiting Andaman keep 1 or 2 days extra in hand because

if the weather conditions gets worse the ferry might get cancelled or there might be other issues as well.

So at least keep one day in Port Blair in the beginning and one day extra in Port Blair in the end

so that nothing can spoil your trip.

Do read all the information from Andaman Tourism site.

It is a very good site where all the information about the ferry,

accommodation, place to visit, everything is given in details and many other information.

necessary to visit the island.

Last but not the least,

you know while visiting Andamans paper maps are very good options.

You can collect these maps in the airport in Port Blair.

Also, you can find these in Cellular Jail.

However, if you go to Andaman Tourism site you can download the soft copies as well.

Now we are coming to the end of the video.

I am sure all this information will be really helpful for you to plan your trips to Andamans.

Guys Andamans is our favorite travel destination.

You can guess it because we visited it the third time.

We have visited some beautiful beaches in India as well as all over the world.

But Andaman still remains our favorite.

We have a detailed vlog from Andaman

from Havelock Island as well as Neil Island and Port Blair.

So we are providing the link here, do check it out also.

So if you want to experience Andamans please get all these information and do plan a trip real soon.

And if you enjoyed watching this video and if you think this video is useful

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