Matt: Lawrence ground, Bonanza 367HP with Sierra, looking for an IFR to Columbia County

Flying about 5,000 miles this week, uh tonight we're just going to Rochester, New York, gonna stop in

Columbia County for some cheap fuel, then on to South Dakota tomorrow

another stop in South Dakota on Wednesday, Thursday we're heading down to Sun n' Fun

then Friday after Sun n' Fun we're heading to the Bahamas for a couple days

so it's gonna be an action packed adventure here

ATC: Attention all aircraft, wind shear alert uh 20 knots gained for Runway 22 arrival on the runway?

Matt: Yeah this has been pretty interesting, uh they're super busy for 11 pm and uh the wind er the

weather's been crazy, wind's switching directions, we've had to switch approaches *altitude alert*

and they're just shuffling everybody around and right now the surface winds are 130 at 7 knots

and 1,500 feet in the air the winds are 145 at 50 knots

ATC: Bonanza 367HP, Rochester Tower, wind 260 at 26 gust 44 Runway 25 cleared for takeoff

Matt: 25 cleared for takeoff, 367HP

Seatbelt tight?

Rachel: Always

ATC: Bonanza 7HP contact Departure

Matt: 7HP over to Departure, good day

So yeah it's not too bumpy up here but the wind's still, still got a 53 knot headwind right now

so we're only going 60 knots over the ground as we climb

So we've got a little bit of weather here just around Rochester that was making the wind pretty crazy,

gusting to 44 knots during takeoff but uh I think it should be pretty much a clear shot the rest of the way

got a little bit more uh just over Michigan, but we'll probably just go around that and then uh

over in South Dakota there's just a little bit but I don't think that's gonna turn into much

So other than the wind when we took off the weather's just perfect for flying today

Got these beautiful views out here

So yeah let's take out a snack


So now that we're all set up here in cruise, got some good snacks

great day to go flying uh just wanted to uh explain a little bit about what we're actually doing this week

and uh also I get a lot of questions about why I have a plane and how I afford to go flying

so first for those of you who don't know, a few years ago

in 2014 I flew this plane around the world, set the world record as the youngest person to fly solo around the world

so that's sort of how I ended up with the plane in the first place

um I currently lease the plane, that's how I started it, basically I came across this idea to go fly solo

around the world and I needed a plane to use

So I needed to find someone who would lease me a plane and so that was a pretty tough sell

to find somebody who was actually willing to lease a 19 year old with 500 hours a plane to go fly

solo around the world. So I finally found this guy out in San Diego, that's where I got the plane

for the trip I raised money uh had enough, a bunch of different sponsors

so that's how I paid for the trip, since then I've been doing a lot of speaking engagements and so I go around

talking to different businesses and groups and whatever telling the story of how I flew around the world and

kind of all the you know business and life challenges involved in doing something like

flying around the world. So there's enough that I'm able to do because I have the Bonanza

that it covers a huge portion of the actual fixed cost of continuing to have the Bonanza

a lot of my trips uh you know end up traveling somewhere with friends so we split the cost

so it generally keeps the cost pretty low

there's a lot of different ways you can make flying very affordable

uh particularly if you already travel a lot, so you know if you travel a lot you can probably save some

money and just have a lot more fun flying yourself in your own plane

but you know if you need to travel a lot for business you can also save money, save a lot of time,

be able to do more which is essentially what I'm doing, you know I'm able to do more speaking engagements

to the point where it pays for you know the cost of the plane

that's essentially how I make this affordable and uh so I hope that makes sense,

if you guys have any questions you know hit me up in the comments below.

I think I like Triscuits a lot more than I thought I liked Triscuits.

Rachel: Yeah?

Matt: Yeah

I like how salty they are.

Rachel: Yeah

Matt: So a little bit about what we're actually doing this week, last night I started in Boston, stopped in

Columbia County, New York, uh Hudson, New York I guess

to get some cheap gas. I met a guy uh Chris who came out and said hi to me, helped me fuel the plane up

uh showed me his new Travel Air that he just got. One of the great things about aviation is just how

friendly uh the whole aviation community is

ATC: N367HP descend and maintain 2,300, report Niles in sight, 12 o'clock, 10 miles


Matt: 2,300, 7HP

Now today we are flying from Rochester to...I don't actually know where we're going right now,

right now we're going to uh

Rachel: Somewhere in Michigan

Matt: Niles, Michigan

uh to get some more cheap gas and then we're continuing on to Rapid City, South Dakota

I got to speak there a couple times tomorrow

uh then we're flying home to Aberdeen

so we're just gonna uh spend the overnight there, then Thursday we might meet up with another friend

then we're gonna fly down to uh Lincoln, Nebraska to meet some other friends

uh just to see them for a little bit, then we're gonna fly down to probably somewhere around Memphis

to get gas, gonna fly to Bartow uh just outside, next to Lakeland, Florida go check out Sun n' Fun

Friday morning, speak there, just take in the show for a little bit

then we're gonna fly down to uh somewhere in the Palm Beach area, we're gonna meet up with a couple

other friends, couple pilot buddies down there, they're flying down on JetBlue

then the four of us are gonna go fly around the Bahamas for a couple days and then uh fly back to

you know essentially Rochester and then Boston

and this stuff is really just made possible by the fact that a plane is just an incredible business tool

and uh so you know you can use it in so many different ways you know really just adding

Sun n' Fun and the Bahamas stuff is only a few hundred dollars because that's all the extra it is compared

to just flying from Boston to uh South Dakota and back like I would have had to for the speaking engagements

and I see now we're kind of in and out of the clouds and the air temperature is 0 Celsius

a minute ago it was -1 so we'll have to keep an eye out for icing and maybe go just a little bit lower today

Matt: Heading towards MAPPS then KELSI and then direct Rapid City

ATC: What takes you to Rapid City?

Matt: Uh I've got a little speaking engagement

ATC: Oh cool, I used to work Ellsworth Approach, I used to live there for a few years

Matt: Were you ever there when anybody uh accidentally landed at Ellsworth?

ATC: No, uh I think that there was one that happened last year and one about ten years ago

and I was in between those two

Matt: They point it out every time

ATC: Yep, every time and they still find a way to mess it up

Matt: Yeah


Matt: Approach, Bonanza 7HP has the airport

ATC: 367HP cleared for visual approach Runway 32

Matt: Cleared visual 32, 7HP

We'll dim that

ATC: 37HP left turn when able, you'll make a right on to Alpha, remain this frequency and taxi

to the GA ramp

Matt: Right on Alpha, this frequency 7HP

Announcer: Please welcome Matt Guthmiller


*audience laughing*

Matt: and if you just start to take on all those challenges every time you come to one

you start to develop this habit of just not accepting that something can be too hard


Matt: So just finished a fun day of speaking, spoke at this Day of Excellence event uh there were like

1,400 people, just a ton of energy, it was really fun, some other great speakers

uh including Judson Laipply the creator of The Evolution of Dance

so that was pretty cool, got to see that live and in person

uh just stuff like that, now we're heading home to Aberdeen for a the night and then tomorrow we're

heading to Sun n' Fun

Matt: Ellsworth Departure, Bonanza 367HP, 3,900 climbing 9,000

ATC: N367HP, Ellsworth Departure radar contact


Matt: doing good, how are you?

Shawn: good

Matt: Just had to stop in and say hi at Hangar 9 here in Aberdeen, the best FBO in the world

and now we're gonna go to Sun n' Fun

Ryan: Hey Matt, you copy?

Matt: Yeah

Ryan: Hey this is your cousin, Ryan I'm number two behind you in the Mooney

Matt: Oh hey how's it goin?

Ryan: Good man, didn't even know you were in town

Matt: Yeah just stopped for the night, headed down to Sun n' Fun today and then the Bahamas for a couple

days then back to Boston

Ryan: Man! I need to go with you!


Matt: What are you up to?

Ryan: Headed up to North Dakota to get our Air Tractors ready for the season

Matt: Nice

Aberdeen Traffic, Bonanza 7HP is departing Runway 13 Aberdeen

Ok window is shut, you're buckled, I'm buckled, that's shut

Alert: Traffic, 11 o'clock, same altitude, 0 miles

Matt: Aberdeen traffic Bonanza 7HP is off of 13 departing straight out, Aberdeen


ATC: Bonanza 7HP use caution for parallel runway misalignment, if not familiar, advise

Matt: 7HP

ATC: Bonanza 7HP keep your turn to final inside of four miles, cleared visual approach, Runway 35

Matt: turn inside 4 miles, cleared visual 35, 7HP

ATC: 7HP thanks for your help, contact tower 118.5

Matt: Tower 18-5, 7HP good day

Matt: Lincoln Tower, Bonanza 367HP visual 35

ATC: Bonanza 367HP Lincoln Tower, good afternoon, Runway 35 cleared to land

wind 340 at 10, gusts 16, traffic Citation mile final

Matt: 35 cleared to land, looking for traffic, 7HP

ATC: Bonanza 7HP, Citation traffic no factor

Matt: 7HP

Ok gear's down, got three green, prop's forward enough for the moment for final here

bleed off some airspeed, we'll be just right on

ATC: Bonanza 7HP make the right turn at Kilo ground .9 we'll see ya

Matt: right Kilo, ground .9, 7HP see ya

Ground, Bonanza 367HP, Kilo, going to Silver Hawk

ATC: 367HP, Lincoln Ground, tax taxiway Kilo, East Ramp

Matt: Kilo, 7HP

Matt: So one of the great things about flying yourself wherever you're going is that you can stop

anywhere along the way, like nothing is really out of the way so

we're just dropping in to Lincoln, Nebraska for a minute

That's way to far back

Rachel: *laughing*

to see a couple friends from high school, grab some ice cream or something with them and then

we'll get back in the air and head down to Sun n' Fun


ATC: Bonanza 7HP contact departure, good day

Matt: 7HP over to departure, good day

So yeah but on longer flights like this there's not a whole lot to do other than to just sit back, relax

drink some Coke to stay awake, keep an eye on the traffic, weather, and hopefully get the uh latest

vlog out on time this week

I think we're in Missouri right now

Matt: Memphis Center, Bonanza 367HP 11,000

ATC: Bonanza 367HP Memphis Center, roger, *unintelligible* altimeter 3012

Matt: 3012

You can tell we're getting to the south

45 minutes out from Memphis, I suppose it would be appropriate to crank some Elvis

*Viva Las Vegas*

ATC: 7HP Runway 22 cleared to land, wind's 2905

Matt: 22 cleared to land, 7HP


ATC: Bonanza 7HP contact Memphis Departure 124.15 thanks for coming by, we'll see ya

Matt: over to Departure, thanks for the help, 7HP, goodnight

ATC: Attention all aircraft hazardous weather information air AIRMET for Louisiana, Mississippi,

Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and the

Coastal Waters on HIWAS, Flight Service frequencies

ATC: 7HP contact Jacksonville Center on 135.8 if no joy on that frequency reattempt Jacksonville

on 134.3

Matt: Ok we'll try 135.8 or 134.3, 7HP goonight

ATC: goodnight

Matt: Ok, we made it, we're in Bartow, Florida, it's 2:30am but we made it

Now we just have to figure out how to get out of here, find which car is ours and find the hotel

and then get up in like 6 hours to go speak, so it'll be fun

We have five minutes to find the Sporty's tent, get set up and be ready to speak, we might make it

There's a lot to be said about having a plan, flying the plan but you also have to be ready to completely

throw the plan out the window

Hi there, so do you have ice cream and strawberry shortcake? Or is it all one thing?

Vendor: No we have, well the strawberry shortcake is a dip of ice cream

Matt: How far down were we?

We have no idea where we parked

If you hold it up to your head do you get a better signal?

Rachel: I think