Flying into Denpasar Bali - What to do

what the hell do you do when you get

into Bali and you're like crap I didn't

get a visa well you got a free visit 30

days but you want an extension visa

you've gotta go and pay for everything

this place if I questioned 35 US and

then you can extend it for a whole month

again I only take cash so they prepared

I can't thank you bring you the US AUD

enough they take Euro Pound give it a

crack but they'll give you change in

idea 35 us and it costs 98 Australia at

age 40

that's 44 verse 44 ABS this is just the

beginning of the visa extension to Fargo

if you want to stay longer we'll cover

that later no bags to wait for so we're

just pumped through customs

we haven't beat Rococo beat so whatever

in so you know walk out these front

doors and it's gonna be you chaos if you

need money to exchange money the money

exchanger there

and then there's an ATM just there

if you see to my left right you'll see a

ton of people there now when you go out

everyone's going to say taxi taxi you

want taxi you say no they are going to

charge four times the price to get

anywhere so let me show you how and

where to get a grab it's like uber to

slash anything but those guys you want

to load up grab go jack or a bar and

there's free Airport Wi-Fi here so you

can order it on the Wi-Fi and I'll show

you where to minute so you walk out and

bang it hard left and then walk straight

for a while

there'll be a few people that come up

beside you taxi taxi you can ask how

much but how much too much too much it's

okay too much too much too much too much

it's okay so when we when we shake this

guy loose which is not shake it loose

shook it loose I just head down and

power on keep walking you'll walk

through a car park walk across the road

keep walking

where you end up is at the domestic

airport okay now if you want a phone

plan the domestic airports down there

you can get a sim card down there but it

will cost four times more than if you

just go somewhere else but if you need

data you can go down there and get it so

we're going to turn right again and go

across into the car park where we're

gonna meet our driver there's signs that

say b c e g so you can tell your driver

i'm at domestic car park parking c c

guys and you'll see the number plate and

that's where you get picked up by a car

now Brooke and I only bring carry-on

most places we go and we want to get

back to Changu quick so the quickest way

is on a motorbike Spooner so you can get

a go Jack motorbike it costs half the

price but once a paper to marginally

cheaper more uncomfortable but way

quicker because a lot of barley is just

one lane roads and the cars can Bank up

peeps with scooters will cut right

through so that's what we are going to

do so if you keep walking through the

car park and you come out this way you

might be able to what's up

yeah we can take two for for th480

together AG 1414

normal price standard price normal I

can't okay thank you

most guys hanging around here awaiting

for a big golden fish to catch on their

hook these these fish ain't so golden

yeah so we're gonna go find some grass

and go jacks


the end of the day it's only the

walkaway that gets you the price that

you want so we're paying 50 each which

is actually pretty good because if I

were to go Jack and go Jack on a bike

would be 37 to 40 but I like to overpay

him a bit because I don't pay much and

yeah you don't walk away you don't get

the price

made it back to our villa safe and sound

so hopefully this video helps you deal

with the overwhelming feeling of what

the hell do I do when I rock into

dentists I airport now you know enjoy